Ding Lei, Founder of Human Horizons, debuts HiPhi 1, Targeting the Growing Global High Technology Luxury Market

Human Horizons launches a premium all-electric smart brand, HiPhi, with the vision to change human mobility and define a new breed of vehicles. In addition, the first production-ready prototype vehicle, HiPhi 1, is revealed to the world and positioned as a premium supercar-inspired electric SUV which is targeted at the growing global high technology luxury market.

During Human Horizons' launch event, CEO and founder Ding Lei said, "The all-new HiPhi 1 is a premium, technologically advanced, supercar-inspired EV. It features an expressive design, maximized cabin and cargo space, with the latest connectivity, advanced autonomous driving features and state-of-the-art battery technology for maximum range."

Beyond being an EV with a lightweight hybrid-aluminum construction, HiPhi 1 adopts the use of vegan leather and other sustainable materials such as natural fibers, recycled polyester, ocean waste yarns and recycled suede fabrics, to further enhance the sustainable nature of Human Horizons' EV products.

HiPhi 1 is the first production car with a 5G-V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) enabled communication network, equipped with the latest V2X modules supporting LTE-Vehicle ("Long-term Evolution"-Vehicular, LTE-V is the application of vehicular connectivity over the existing operator mobile network infrastructure), and combined with 5G to realize the ultimate level of vehicle communication.

HiPhi 1 incorporates the world's first Human Oriented Architecture (HOA), featuring a software-developer-enabled platform within the electric and electrical (E/E) architecture, which allows functions to be created that are both adaptive and self-learning. Together these provide a new level of customer experience that can continuously evolve over time.

For more information, please visit our official website: www.human-horizons.com

SOURCE Human Horizons
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