How to Choose Between Android and iOS in 2019

Anyone looking to make the leap to a new smartphone OS in 2019 will find themselves with a familiar dearth of options. The two head honchos, Android and iOS, continue to dominate the market, capturing a total of 95% of market share in the final quarter of 2018.

While this may come as sad news to those who aren't the biggest fans of tech monopolies, it at least means that making a decision on which OS is right for you is easier than ever. Although iOS and Android are used by billions of people worldwide, they are two very different beasts.

Deciding which system is best for you will depend on how you use your smartphone, what you use it for, and what your needs are. Here's how to choose between Android and iOS in 2019. 

Ease of Use

Just a few short years ago, iOS was universally recognized as the more user-friendly system. Earlier versions of Android were rated as clunky, slow, and illogically-designed, while Apple's system won widespread praise for the simple, clean, and logical layout.

This has all changed remarkably in recent years. Both systems are now equally easy to use for all kinds of smartphone users, although lifelong Apple users might struggle with Android at first. Android also wins further points for being much more customizable than Apple, meaning you can set up your phone however you wish to use it. 

App Availability

If you have a wide-ranging array of app needs and preferences, this one is a no-brainer. Android offers much more comprehensive access to apps due partly to the fact that it is an open source system, meaning users can access all app stores rather than just one, as with the iOS Apple Store. That being said, Apple and iOS compatible apps are quickly becoming the norm, meaning that this may not matter as much in the future.

This is certainly the case with the most popular and in-demand apps in the world, such as the so-called "king of mobile" online casino app LeoVegas. You can always read more about how this popular casino has made efforts to be compatible on both systems in order to stay competitive, as it is a telling example of the recent drive within the app development world to ensure maximum accessibility to all smartphone users.

Security and Support

Rather than beating around the bush here we'll just come out and say that iOS is far superior to Android when it comes to security. Apple is much more thorough with security updates and as a result, the rate of successful attacks against iOS users is much lower than those against Android users. Malware is much more likely to be directed at Android systems simply because it is more likely to succeed.

Remember what we said earlier about the Apple Store? Well, Apple's pickiness when it comes to which apps it actually allows is also a good thing, as it prevents harmful and dangerous apps from making their way onto people's phones. Android's open-source approach means that any app whatsoever can be downloaded, which poses a major security risk for obvious reasons.

The Android vs iOS debate is timeless and endless. We may not see it settled in our lifetimes, but you can make the right choice for you by assessing the above factors and choosing based on what is most important for yourself and your needs.

Photo by Yura Fresh on Unsplash

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Do Your Business Need a Specialized Phone Service?

Are you considering a business phone service for your company? Today, every business needs useful tools for communication with internal and external stakeholders. In such a situation, you can select from cloud telecommunication services or go with the good old landline phones.

In cloud telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to Internet-based phone service. In this high-quality phone service, data, voice and video communications are transmitted over an internet network. Business VoIP has feature-rich services targeted towards micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Future Oriented Phone Solutions

Every business owner needs a reliable phone service. In the age of growing technology, it makes sense to invest in future-oriented solutions such as VoIP. The decision to choose this technology is propounded by its flexible cost structure, easy user interface, host of business-friendly functionalities delivered with high quality.

In fact, once a small company takes VoIP telephony, they can start functioning with a similar level of professionalism and efficiency of enterprise companies. They can make use of advanced features like desk-to-desk calling, hosted PBX capabilities, call routing, music-on-hold, call waiting, automated call attendant and many more.

Any firm can choose a business VoIP plan as per their budget, flexibility, and needs. The unified communication solutions can be suited to fit the needs and size of any business whether it has two employees or over 1,00,000.

Let’s review the pros and cons of cloud telephony services. Doing this exercise will help you understand the kind of business phone service and the features, you should opt for.

  • The bulky and space intensive landline phone systems and their hardware can be packed up. A VoIP service only needs a high-speed internet connection to function, instead of the copper wires required by traditional landlines.
  • Micro, small and mid-sized companies have a great competitive advantage, thanks to VoIP telephony. They can use expensive PBX hardware and associated features such as computer integration, voicemails to emails, call forwarding, call queues and automated attendants.
  • Location independence is a useful feature of VoIP phone connections. Remote employees can seamlessly access business phone system from their smartphones.
  • VoIP services are easy to configure and setup.
  • Minimum business downtime is assured when you choose VoIP over the landline system.
  • Web dashboard is a vital feature which lets you use your laptop to access your complete VoIP system. Mobile employees use VoIP to help them stay connected to their business numbers. They can even adjust their call forwards and call receive settings as per their location.

  • Variety of call features are available in the VoIP phone service ranging from call transfer, automated call attendant, call hunt, conference calling, and phone menus.
  • Cost efficiency is one of the best features of business VoIP. All businesses can save a considerable amount of money on setup, installation, domestic and international calling. There is no upfront payment if you choose VoIP hosting with the service provider.
  • In places with fluctuating or slow internet connection, VoIP will not work very well.
  • If any business is currently using traditional phone systems, installing VoIP can add up to the cost and be time-consuming.

The Last Word

Every business benefits from a unified business communication system which is strongly integrated with their business software’s. With time, they experience higher productivity, increased internal efficiency and stronger customer relationships.

If you have a small business and need a strong communication setup at an affordable price, VoIP service can be the perfect choice for you. It’s flexible system enables you to scale up as your business grows exponentially.

Research shows that ease of use and a simple platform is something your employees appreciate. Since they will be the ultimate users of the service, simplicity, and scalability are something you should look out for in a phone service.

One of the VoIP providers, RingCentral recently found more than 67 percent of employees agreeing that VoIP services helps them to be more productive at work.

In 2019, the trend of VoIP promises to expand exponentially providing immense value to its users. Businesses are increasingly adopting new age technologies to gain the coveted competitive edge and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Check out the Nextiva reviews, plans and pricing and much more.

LG Expands Roster Of Smart Kitchen Partnerships With Unique 'Tovala' Integration

LG Electronics USA is expanding its smart kitchen appliance partnerships with plans to integrate Tovala – the effortless cooking solution and meal service – into 2019 LG smart ovens and ranges this year.* LG smart cooking appliances will be the first in the industry to offer Tovala compatibility. By adding Tovala to LG's robust array of smart cooking platform integrations – including Innit®, SideChef and Drop demonstrated at this week's 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show – LG is spearheading the smart kitchen revolution.

Tovala, creators of a unique all-in-one appliance and gourmet meal service which work together to make home cooking effortless, will integrate their Tovala IQ™ technology with select LG smart ovens and ranges. Tovala Meals are prepared by professional chefs and delivered straight to customers' doorstep. To cook them, customers only need to complete one minute of final prep, then scan the meal's barcode with the Tovala mobile app, place their meal in their LG oven and press start on their app. From there, the LG smart range or oven automatically preheats and cycles through a variety of temperatures and cooking techniques specific to the meal to create perfect textures and flavors. In 20 minutes or less, customers enjoy a delicious, freshly cooked meal—without any of the prep work or cleanup. Tovala Meals are offered through a weekly meal subscription in flexible plans ranging from 3-12 meals per week available at

"By integrating Tovala's Tovala IQ™ technology into LG ovens and ranges, consumers can enjoy a smart cooking solution that enables them to effortlessly cook and enjoy delicious, fresh meals without any of the prepping or cleanup usually associated with home cooking," said David VanderWaal, senior vice president of marketing, LG Electronics USA. "With one of the largest lineups of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances available and an open platform strategy that enables us to partner with leading services, LG is providing home chefs the means to make daily meal preparation simple."

LG's agreement with Tovala adds to the company's smart kitchen platform partners, which also features Innit, SideChefand Drop. Users can select personalized meals tailored to their individual preferences from tens of thousands of recipes available via the apps and have precise cooking instructions sent automatically to their LG range or oven.

This year, Innit will also be integrating with LG's new Wi-Fi-enabled luxury kitchen appliance line, Signature Kitchen Suite. With "adaptive cooking" technology, LG and Signature Kitchen Suite appliances will work seamlessly with Innit's multi-step Expert Cooking Programs to automatically control oven temperature cycles and cooking modes ideal for each meal throughout the cooking process.

Another new smart kitchen innovation is Signature Kitchen Suite's True Sommelier™ app, which helps wine collectors manage their personal collections on the brand's new integrated wine column refrigerators. Powered by Wine Ring's patented machine learning, this is the first smart software that learns preferences and makes wine recommendations, including food and wine pairings, for individuals and groups based on the wines stored in the user's cellar.

LG's expansive smart home appliance portfolio features full kitchen suites, laundry appliances, air purifiers, air conditioners, vacuums and more. Users can control key features via a single smartphone app or with voice commands using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant on select models.**

To learn more about LG and Signature Kitchen Suite's industry-leading portfolio of personalized customer support innovations for Wi-Fi connected appliances, please visit the LG booth (#C6307) and Signature Kitchen Suite booth (#C5907) at the 2019 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas or and

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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Monday, February 18, 2019

PolarPro Changes the Way Photographers Protect Their Camera Lens

PolarPro's Defender is changing the way photographers protect their lenses. The innovative design is compatible with most entry-, mid- and pro-level lenses on the market; the use of a unique two-piece structure sets the Defender apart from traditional lens caps or covers. Designed to fully envelop the front of the glass element of any lens with soft sidewalls and a stiff plate covering reinforcing the front, the Defender can be trusted to keep out all unwanted elements. These sidewalls even hold another trick: the composition adds just the right amount of tack to keep the Defender on the lens so that searching for lens covers becomes a thing of the past.

The Defender Lineup

With five available sizes, there will be an option for most, if not all of the lenses in any photographer's assortment. These size offerings are mainly based off of a lens' filter thread size and are as follows: 55mm-62mm, 67mm-72mm, 77mm-82mm, 95mm and 114mm. Given that the Defender is sized to the filter ring of a lens, it will accommodate an installed filter to minimize the need to apply and remove the filter from lenses while shooting. Selecting the correct sizing option provides a custom fit to a specific lens to ensure safety and protection, unlike the one-size-fits-all options.

Founder and CEO Jeff Overall offered the following on why PolarPro was so keen to find a solution: "We all kept running into the same problem - finding our lens caps at the bottom of our bags. Which led us to look for a solution that would not come off, even during the most rugged travel. It also needed to be simple to install and, most importantly, offered the same protection as a traditional plastic lens cap."

From these frustrations and the revelation that there were no such products available on the market besides flimsy rubber sleeves, the PolarPro team was determined to fill the void. With this concept, the staff set to work creating a product not just for themselves but for every photographer and videographer that has encountered the same problem.

The Design Process

PolarPro found early in the process that the two-piece structure would be an integral part of a successful design. The first characteristic of the lens cover's structure is the soft, flexible sidewalls, created using a specific composition of polymers and elastomer. This combination provides a structure rigid enough to press the Defender onto the lens while remaining soft and durable.

The second structure characteristic of the Defender is the reinforced nylon plate protecting the glass element of lenses. This added plate is molded and fused to the sidewall for vital protection when storing or handling lenses in the field.

The tactile nature of the Defender, in tandem with the contoured tactical grip, adds feel and control when handling. All of these elements together in one package make for ultimate protection against dirt, dust and debris when on the go, while still preserving ease of use when applying and removing the cover.

PolarPro lead engineer Esteban Martinez took what seemed to be an easy concept in stride only to find out over the next eight months how intricate a high-quality lens protection solution really is.

"When we finally decided to move forward and tackle the Defender project, it was interesting to see what the market currently had to offer. The caps that we found and tested could not keep up with the environments we'd shoot in, whether that was because of a flimsy material or just not offering enough protection," said Martinez. "We went through many design variations and material changes until we finally achieved what we've found to be the most rugged lens cover out there."

The end result, the Defender, has since been rigorously tested in the elements to prove it would hold up to the highest expectations held by the PolarPro team and the end user.

The Defender is PolarPro's latest piece of gear to hit the market that provides an innovative solution to problems photographers and videographers face. To keep up with everything PolarPro, follow them on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter or visit

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More Details on the Defender

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California's Government Officials Support Cybersecurity Education

California's government provides services that millions of people across the state rely on. Imagine what would happen if those systems fell victim to a cybersecurity attack.

Government officials spend a lot of time thinking about that scenario and are committed to supporting programs and events that help train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

One such event, the California Mayors Cyber Cup(CMCC) receives critical support from the CaliforniaGovernor's Office of Business and Economic Development, (GO-Biz), California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and the California Department of Technology.

The California Mayors Cyber Cup (CMCC), a program of the California Cyberhub, utilizes cyber competitions to spread awareness about cybersecurity and the many career opportunities that exist within that field. CMCC brings Students, parents, teachers, government officials, business leaders, and other stakeholders together to create awareness of cybersecurity issues and reinforce the connection between community and our education institutions to highlight the many career and business support resources available in each community.

This annual cycle of activity culminates in a statewide competition with students located in 12 regions throughout California competing simultaneously, on behalf of their home city, for regional perpetual trophies that will be displayed in the winning team's city hall for the coming year.

At this year's CMCC on February 23, California Department of Technology Director Amy Tong will address students and community members in Sacramento at the event's closing ceremonies. Mario Garcia, Commander of the California Cybersecurity Integration Center, will kick off the event across the state in a video conference to more than 270 teams comprised of 1300 competitors and representing 150 cities, teachers, coaches and community members.

Garcia said events like the CMCC are critically important to build the pipeline of cybersecurity workers needed throughout California, across the U.S. and around the world.

"Cybersecurity is the number one threat nationwide: it impacts every government entity, business, educational institution, and each one of us personally. California Cyberhub is helping to unify California's efforts to fill over 35,000 open cybersecurity jobs by encouraging the development of cyber education and cyber competition opportunities," Garcia said.

He also had a message to the students themselves.

"Those opportunities are just waiting for you to get involved, get prepared, and graduate. Hurry up, we need you!"

Tong said the CMCC and other cyber events are important parts in the pathway from middle and high school through college and into the cybersecurity workforce.

"We are helping to create a recruitment pipeline that starts in K-12 and continues through community college and the university level," Tong said. "We want to help students see themselves as public servants."

Eileen Sanchez, chief defense industry cybersecurity resilience and innovation program manager for GO-Biz, said business support for events like the CMCC is critical as innovations continue to push the boundaries of technology and create new cybersecurity threats in the process.

"California businesses need next generation cybersecurity leaders and entrepreneurs to protect everything from our personal health data, to our defense and aerospace innovations, to the development of autonomous vehicles," Sanchez said. "The California Mayors Cyber Cup demonstrates California's commitment to educate and encourage young cyber professionals in order to fill 37,000 open cybersecurity positions."

CMCC this year will help add 1,000 cyber teams and develop supporting cyber education programs across the state, including more teams in rural and economically-depressed areas. Many CMCC events are held at community colleges and CSUs with the intention of highlighting cybersecurity degrees, certificates and cyber career resources offered at California's education institutions.

For more information about the California Mayors Cyber Cup, visit

SOURCE California Cyberhub

Oceanco Launches 90m/295ft (Y716) DreAMBoat

Oceanco's 90-meter DreAMBoat (Y716) is a first-time design collaboration between Espen Øino International and Terence Disdale Design.

At 2950GT, the volume allows for luxurious accommodation for up to 23 guests and a well thought- out crew's quarters for a maximum of 33 crew members. The generous overhangs from the superstructure and cut outs in the bulwarks lend a classic and strong appearance.

"The overall effect," says Øino, "is a yacht with clean uncluttered lines and a coherent design."

The design emphasis is on large windows that flood the interior with daylight and offer unspoiled views from the inside out. Outside spaces feature a large swimming pool on the main aft deck, an enormous partially enclosed sundeck with Jacuzzi and copious options for seating/ entertaining. There is also a private Jacuzzi on the Owner's deck. The interior design is sophisticated and serene with Disdale's inimitable attention to detail. Nearly everything onboard from furniture to lighting is custom made.

Following his philosophy not to gild the lily, Terence Disdale, has created an interior that incorporates bespoke surfaces, natural wood, limestone floors, semi-precious stone vanities, parchment, leather and mother of pearl. The effect is chic without being overdone.

State- of- the-art technology prevails from all aspects. For instance, this yacht includes a complex IP ship's computer operating system as well as full carbon canopy mast house and mast which forms an integral part of the overall design.

"It has been an intense project, but with some clear direction from the Owner, excellent collaboration between Espen Øino, Terence Disdale Design and Oceanco, we have achieved a great deal and are poised to deliver a stunning yacht," says Dan Jackson, the Owner's representative.

Roderick Gort, Project Director at Oceanco, adds, "Launching DreAMBoat is an important milestone in the construction process of delivering 'the Owners Perfect Yacht'. We are looking forward to delivering DreAMBoat after her sea trials this spring, and welcoming her to the Oceanco family"

DreAMBoat is currently being commissioned for impending sea trials and is on track for delivery before the summer season.

It is interesting to note that DreAMBoat is Oceanco's 33rd yacht in its 33 years of existence.

Technical Specifications

Builder: Oceanco

Type: Steel Hull and Aluminium Superstructure

Length: 90m / 295ft

Beam: 14.2m / 47ft

Engine type: 2 x MTU 4,828hp / 3,600kW MTU 20V 4000 M73L


Exterior Designer: Espen Øino

Interior Designer: Terence Disdale

Photography: Guillaume Plisson

SOURCE Oceanco

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Goodyear, Local Motors Join Forces on Autonomous Shuttles

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (NASDAQ: GT) is expanding its ongoing work with autonomous or driverless vehicles, which includes being named the exclusive tire supplier for a leading autonomous passenger shuttle.

Goodyear has teamed with Arizona-based Local Motors to conduct tire testing with an Olli, the brand name of an eight-passenger autonomous shuttle. Local Motors has also selected Goodyear tires for exclusive fitment on its Olli vehicles.

Adding the vehicle to its testing fleet allows Goodyear to use it for advanced mobility evaluation at various locations, including the University of Michigan's Mcity Test Facility, the public-private research and development site with about 16 acres of roads and traffic infrastructure.

"Our work on autonomous vehicle projects, such as the Olli, is another mile marker on our journey to future mobility solutions. We learn through pilot programs with leading startups, transferring advanced vehicle and ride-sharing data into truly usable and connected information to improve operating performance and benefit customers," said Chris Helsel, Goodyear's chief technology officer.

The test work with autonomous vehicles allows Goodyear to study the operation and maintenance areas that need to be addressed when there is no driver at the controls. This includes future tire technology options for such vehicles.

Additionally, in Luxembourg, where it operates one of its two global innovation centers, Goodyear is outfitting three autonomous shuttle buses. The vehicles, operated by bus company Sales-Lentz, will shuttle up to 14 passengers per ride on a variety of local routes.

On the three shuttles, Goodyear tires are equipped with sensors to collect operational data in the real-world application, which Goodyear engineers and data scientists can use to map predictive maintenance and other performance benefits.

Goodyear is one of the world's largest tire companies. It employs about 64,000 people and manufactures its products in 47 facilities in 21 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio, and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg, strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to

SOURCE The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
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Harley-Davidson to Redefine Riding with IBM Cloud

IBM Think -- Harley-Davidson Motor Company (NYSE: HOG) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled how cloud, IoT and AI technologies will reimagine the everyday experience of riding. The new experiences will arrive courtesy of the iconic American motorcycle manufacturer's first electric motorcycle, LiveWire™, and will transform the motorcycle industry over the coming decade.

Earlier this year, Harley-Davidson (H-D) announced its first all-electric motorcycle, called LiveWire™, part of its More Roads to Harley-Davidsonaccelerated plan for growth. The plan includes initiatives to deliver new products in additional motorcycle segments, broaden engagement with the brand, and strengthen the H-D dealer network. It also boldly proclaims that Harley-Davidson will lead the electrification of motorcycling.

Today H-D joined IBM to unveil how LiveWire's H-D™ Connect service (available in select markets), built on the IBM Cloud, will deliver new mobility and concierge services today and how the company is expanding the use of IBM artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and IoT to enhance and evolve the rider's experience of the vehicle. In order to capture the next generation of motorcycle riders, H-D is working with IBM to transform the everyday experience of riding through the latest technologies and features.

The LiveWire motorcycle is equipped with H-D™ Connect service, a technology that provides cellular connectivity and links a LiveWire owner with their motorcycle through their smartphone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ App. Built on IBM Cloud, this platform is the foundation on which Harley-Davidson will provide its riders with new services and insights via its first-ever production electric vehicle.

"LiveWire is a fully cellular-connected electric motorcycle, and we needed a partner that could deliver mobility solutions that would meet riders' changing expectations, as well as enhance security," said Marc McAllister, Harley-Davidson VP Product Planning and Portfolio. "With IBM we have struck the balance between using data to create both intelligent and personal experiences, while maintaining privacy and security."

H-D Connect is a technology that provides cellular connectivity and links a LiveWire owner to their motorcycle through their smartphone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson™ App. Built on IBM Cloud, this platform is the foundation on which Harley-Davidson will provide its riders with new services and insights via its first-ever production electric vehicle.

For now, IBM Cloud is enabling infrastructure and connected services to fundamentally change the way Harley-Davidson connects riders to their motorcycles and gain insights to power new user experiences such as:
Powering The Ride: LiveWire rider's will be able to check bike vitals at any time and from any location. Information available includes features such as range, battery health, and charge level. Motorcycle status features will also support the needs of the electric bike such as the location of charging stations. Also riders can see their motorcycle's current map location.
Powering Security: An alert will be sent to the owner's phone if the motorcycle has been bumped, tampered or moved. GPS-enabled stolen-vehicle assistance provides peace of mind that the motorcycle's location can be tracked. (Requires law enforcement assistance. Available in select markets).
Powering Convenience: Reminders about upcoming motorcycle service requirements and other care notifications will be provided to the rider. In addition, riders will receive automated service reminders as well as safety or recall notifications.

"The next generation of Harley-Davidson riders will demand a more engaged and personalized customer experience," said Venkatesh Iyer, Vice President, North America IoT and Connected Solutions, Global Business Services, IBM. "Introducing enhanced capabilities via the IBM Cloud will not only enable new services immediately, but will also provide a roadmap for the journey ahead."

At Think 2019, IBM will outline new offerings, client engagements, partnerships, technology breakthroughs and developer tools that underscore how IBM and partners are changing the way the world works. For more information, visit the IBM Think 2019 Newsroom: Follow the conference on Twitter at #think2019 and @ibmlive, and go to for the full schedule and live streaming agenda.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

G-SHOCK Women Unveils Latest S Series Models With Pink Gold Accent Series

Today, Casio G-SHOCK unveils the latest S Series collection of women's fitness and lifestyle watches, arriving with pink and gold accents just in time for spring. Inspired by the pastel colorways of the season, the four new timepieces offer a new take on two of the most popular S Series silhouettes, the GMAS120 and GMAS130.

Made for the modern, active woman, the new collection comes in updated case and band colors that are highlighted by the metallic accents of the watch faces. Boasting colors such as navy (GMAS120MF-2A2), grey (GMAS120MF-8A), black (GMAS130PA-1A), and pastel pink (GMAS130PA-4A), G-SHOCK's new models combine a feminine look with the brand's ethos of Absolute Toughness.

The GMAS130 models come equipped with G-SHOCK's fitness-inspired technology such as step tracking capabilities, an automatic step counter display, which provides an achievement indicator percentage, an activity graph of the last five hours, and a non-active alert, so users can easily assess their progress throughout the day.

The GMAS120 lifestyle models also boast top-line features including magnetic resistance and a speed indicator. All of the models come equipped with G-SHOCK technology that includes features such as:
200M water resistance and shock resistance
Auto LED light
4 Daily alarms
1/100th Sec. Stopwatch
Countdown Timer

The GMAS120MF-2A2, GMAS120MF-8A, GMAS130PA-1A, and GMAS130PA-4A, will retail for $130 each and will be available for purchase at G-SHOCK retailers including Macy's, the G-SHOCK Soho Store, and

For more information, visit

SOURCE Casio America, Inc.
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Beurer Introduces Cellulite Massager That Helps Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Beurer, the number one leading health care brand in Europe, lands in North America with a device meant to revolutionize how women tackle cellulite.

And it's here, at last! A product in the market that actually works towards reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Cellulite ReleaZer by Beurer uses targeted vibration to increase microcirculation in the tissue, as it encourages and accelerates blood flow, aiding in the reduction of fat molecules. A device designed with 2 programs and 3 intensity levels to trigger those hard areas where cellulite might be visible. This product is no match to any of the other cellulite reduction remedies in the market, the Cellulite ReleaZer has also been engineered to be water resistant (IPX5) so that it's convenient and easy to use anywhere in your bathroom-even in the shower!

To achieve better results, Beurer recommends using the Cellulite ReleaZer every two days, covering all 4 treatment surfaces the device offers. If you are not convinced yet, just know that 88% of women said their skin appeared sleek and silky after usage and 94% thought their skin felt firmer**

Numbers don't lie, and neither does your skin. We highly suggest everyone should get a head start this summer by incorporating the Cellulite ReleaZer into your daily skincare routine.

Cellulite ReleaZer by Beurer launches on February 2019. To learn more watch this video.

SOURCE Beurer North America
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Majority of American Consumers Feel Comfortable With Smart Home

Internet connected homes have gone beyond niche early adopters, with the majority (56%) Americans feeling comfortable with IoT technology. In TraQline's inaugural Smart Home survey, 69% of household reported owning a smart product. Further, 35% of consumers reported having bought a smart product within the past six months. TraQline's Smart Home survey covers not only penetration and purchase of smart home products, but the usage and attitudes of consumers—including who's using the products and how often.

"Of the 2,045 households surveyed, nearly 70% owned a smart home product. For those smart products owned, over 60% of the time consumers are extremely interested or very interested in buying another," says Brennan Callahan, a director of National Accounts for TraQline, "This shows the value consumers place on the convenience of smart home products."

Other takeaways from this recent survey include:
The top three factors that influence a consumer's smart product purchase are Price (68%), Ease of Use (50%), and Security concerns (37%)
39% of consumers surveyed indicate that they plan to purchase a smart thermostat within the next six months (44% intend to purchase a smart home security camera)
40% of smart products are used two or more times a day.

TraQline Smarthome provides additional usage and attitudes for 27 different categories, measuring attributes such as: why people purchase, who in household uses smart functions, type of devices controlled by Alexa and Google, importance of smart home features, features desired, and more.

Smarthome Infographic

SOURCE TraQline - Stevenson Company
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UniFirst Unveils No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Race Car for the 2019 NASCAR Season

UniFirst Corporation (NYSE: UNF), a North American leader in providing customized work uniform programs, corporate attire, and facility service products, in partnership with 12-time NASCAR Cup Series champions Hendrick Motorsports, is gearing up for the 2019 racing season with the unveiling of an updated paint scheme for the No. 24 UniFirst Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 driven by 2018 Cup rookie of the year and 2019 DAYTONA 500 pole winner William Byron.

UniFirst will be the primary sponsor of the Hendrick Motorsports No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with driver William Byronfor three races in the 2019 NASCAR season. The refreshed paint scheme for the UniFirst Chevy racecar features innovative graphic designs with the company's signature green and white colors, black accenting, and UniFirst's corporate logo. The car will make its debut at Kansas Speedway on Saturday, May 11, at 7:30 p.m. ET, televised on FOX Sports 1 (FS1). The next race for UniFirst will take place at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday, Sept. 29, at 2:30 p.m. ET, televised on NBC. The third race will be at Kansas on Sunday, Oct. 20, at 2:30 p.m. ET, televised on NBC.

The 2019 NASCAR season begins Sunday, Feb. 17 with the 61st running of the prestigious Daytona 500 (2:30 p.m. ET on FOX) at Daytona International Speedway, where Byron will start from the pole position. At 21 years old, he is the second-youngest driver in history to earn the pole for "The Great American Race."

In 2016, UniFirst and Hendrick Motorsports announced an eight-year partnership that runs through the 2023 NASCAR season. UniFirst is also the official workwear provider of Hendrick Motorsports, supplying work clothing and uniforms to the team, and its sister company, Hendrick Automotive Group, which is the largest privately held retail automotive organization in the United States.

"UniFirst and our thousands of employee Team Partners around the world are ready for another great season of NASCAR with William Byron and our No. 24 car, which has a slightly different look than last season. Our race car is looking better than ever," says Adam Soreff, director of marketing and communications for UniFirst. "We're also very proud of our driver, William Byron, who claimed the 2018 rookie of the year title and will start from the coveted pole position on Sunday at Daytona. All of his UniFirst fans are excited to cheer him on as he enters his sophomore year of racing in the Cup Series."

"I'm excited to have UniFirst back on our No. 24 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1," Byron said. "It's a really clean paint scheme with colors that always stand out on track. It's definitely a great-looking race car. Last year we had UniFirst on the car for a couple of our best runs, and I'm excited to see what we can do this year when they're onboard."

In 2018, Byron became only the second driver to win rookie of the year honors in each of NASCAR's three national series in consecutive years – winning titles in the Cup Series in 2018, the Xfinity Series in 2017 and the Gander Outdoor Truck Series in 2016. Byron was named the driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet in August 2017.

SOURCE UniFirst Corporation
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