Technological Impacts that will Continue to Innovate PCB Manufacturing in 2020

It has been a century or more since the first PCB design in its crudest form made an appearance, and throughout the years, printed circuit boards have seen innumerable improvements from that original model.

Right now, PCB designers are routing traces that are nearly microscopic in size, while large boards are being divided into multiple smaller PCBs to make them more serviceable. More changes are yet to come, although some of them have already started changing the industry significantly.

Biodegradable PCBs

In an ideal world, every electronic device would be biodegradable, and we wouldn’t have to worry about serious environmental dangers posed by electronic waste. But, in this world, it’s a very real problem. Although mass-produced biodegradable PCBs are still probably a long way off, some progress has already been made on that front.

A group of researchers has discovered and even implemented a method where some of the hard metallic parts on a printed circuit board can be replaced with parts made from a water-soluble metallic paste (zinc + tungsten).

Even more promisingly, in July 2016, an official research report came out that shows that it is possible to manufacture printed circuit boards from agricultural waste, such as banana stems and wheat gluten. It remains to be seen how well this can be implemented in mass-production, but there’s definitely great promise here.

Designing Without an Electrical Engineering Degree

Digital PCB designing tools have already made everything so much easier, as engineers can run simulations, autogenerate traces and so much more with the help of these tools, cutting out any chances of faulty designs before sending the blueprints to the manufacturing unit. However, modern PCB designing tools have made it even easier.

By using the Geppetto Board Builder tool, even people without intricate knowledge of electrical engineering can now design and order the PCBs they need from in minutes. This has shifted the paradigm in the PCB industry, as almost anyone with even a decent understanding about PCB design can now start their own business, become a supplier or simply put their personal, creative ideas into motion.


Modularity as a concept has been around for a long time, but recently, the concept has been put into more effective use. There are two main advantages of using a modular design on PCBs.

First and foremost, it allows for easy serviceability and replaceability. When a part of the board short-circuits or begins to show wear and tear down the line, a modular design makes it easier to remove that particular part and repair or even replace it if required. Essentially, each of the parts are separate PCBs but only function when put into place with the others.

Secondly, it makes designing and building bigger printed circuit boards so much easier. Modularity is, by definition, an evolving concept that allows manufacturers to keep updating their designs without having to start from the beginning.

There will be more innovations as we head further in the future, of course, but from how things are looking right now, these will make up the main areas in which the PCB industry will look to improve in 2020.

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels
Friday, September 20, 2019

How to Build A ChatBot and Make Serious Money

A chatbot is a software with artificial intelligence that can mimic a natural language discussion with a customer through text apps, blogs, mobile apps, or the phone. A chatbot will typically interact with a true individual, but apps are being created to interact with two chatbots.

Most of the business integrated the chatbot with the facebook messenger. Chatbots are used in applications such as customer service for eCommerce, call centers, and Internet gaming. Typically, chatbots used for these purposes are limited to conversations about a special purpose and not about the entire range of human communication.

Creating A Chatbot

Chatbots have become more popular, so have the number of instruments to construct and execute them. To use many of them, you don't need to be a super-powered designer. More information on creating chatbots lies on to know various chatbot tools that enables you to create and develop your chatbots

Understanding Customers

The first thing to consider as you set out to monetize your chatbot is to understand the psychology of your customer. You have to use it for your benefit. When a customer clicks on a chat, you need to deliver what the customer wants. Only then can your worth be generated by a client.

Utilizing Bots As A Service

By handling difficult tasks, Bots can empower B2B businesses, thereby boosting their productivity. It can replace the business software based on the cloud and SaaS that most B2B organizations are using.

Most of this revenue will be spilled into chatbots by their replacement by bots. Hence, BaaS (bots as a service) has a high potential to be a business model for B2B companies. It will be a smooth transition to the bot version as most of these companies are already familiar with the SaaS model.

Best Strategies To Make Money From Chatbots

Chatbots are fresh and hot, but how are you going to help them create cash for your business? Can chatbots be leveraged to create revenues? Most significantly, did you create a chatbot, but struggle to monetize it? Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business, you need to keep monetization at the heart of your effort.

Chatbots ' performance has boosted the chatbot marketing competition. Interestingly, thanks to chatbot instruments, the method of creating chatbots is becoming ever easier. With VIPs like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook declaring their intention to enter the chatbot bandwagon, they stay one of the most discussed and fastest subjects.

Using Chatbots On Landing Pages

In essence, a chatbot landing page is a page containing only a chatbot. The chatbot is not just sitting in the corner of a webpage, instead, the chatbot takes the spotlight. And adding a full-screen landing page for chatbots helps grasp the visitor’s attention, forces them to engage in a conversation, and delivers information instead of making them search for it.

Making Money From Native Or Sponsored Content

With the introduction of VICE and BuzzFeed, the pattern of indigenous material has grown dramatically over the past few years. Native material is a model in which companies spend cash to get news companies to immediately spread their material on their stations.

Facebook E-Commerce Site

The best thing about chatbots is that they offer you an integrated, cost-effective manner to interact more directly and personally than ever before with your clients. It's something that you can readily contribute to your marketing strategy for Facebook.

Money Through Partnership

By joining forces with other businesses, you can also make money from the chatbots. Suppose you've got a chatbot, but you can't monetize it. Then you can partner with other companies. They will use your chatbot as a marketing strategy to monetize it with their funds and they will share each other's profits. So for both, it's a win-win situation.

Affiliate Marketing

For chatbots and AI, affiliate marketing is a simple industry. If a particular issue is solved by your chatbot, you can attach affiliate connections to it. In the next five years, the affiliate marketing sector is anticipated to increase to 6.8 billion dollars. It's the moment to leap into this concept for all the bot-loving designers.


Because of the capability to mimic human speech very carefully, chatbots will quickly profit from advertising. They provide an enormous benefit to advertisers and marketers. There are several studies showing customers relying more on word-of-mouth suggestions than on radio, television or web advertisements.


The chatbot is very useful for business interaction. There are many pre-built platforms on the market that make creating a chatbot very easy for us. This has increased the competition for chatbot marketing. Most small businesses have chatbots, but they can't find monetizing strategies.

But business owners can do some other creativities for monetizing chatbots if they stick to the core monetizing strategies, improvement of strategies, and integrating it with the business model. All of these would broaden the horizon on monetizing chatbots efficiently.

Huawei Rethinks the Smartphone with its Ground-Breaking HUAWEI Mate 30 Series

Huawei today unveiled its ground-breaking HUAWEI Mate 30 Series at an exclusive launch event in Munich. Setting new standards in every area from aesthetic design through to hardware engineering and software innovation, the HUAWEI Mate 30 Series is the world's first second generation 5G smartphone and the pinnacle of mobile technological development.

With an ultra-narrow notch design and the thinnest of bezels, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro features the HUAWEI Horizon Display, which curves at an angle of 88 degrees to maximise the display area to provide an unparalleled, edge-to-edge immersive viewing experience. Turn the device over and the iconic ring design of the quad-camera system immediately stands out, surrounded by a metallic 'halo'.

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series is powered by the Kirin 990 series chipset, Huawei's most sophisticated smartphone chipset launched to date. Manufactured with the cutting-edge 7nm+ EUV process, the disruptive Kirin 990 5G SoC version supports 2G/3G/4G network and 5G Non-StandAlone (NSA) and StandAlone (SA) modes, along with Dual SIM, Dual Standby and FDD+TDD full frequency bands to deliver seamless connectivity.

The HUAWEI Mate 30 is equipped with a SuperSensing Triple Camera, comprising a 40MP SuperSensing Camera, 16MP Ultra Wide-angle Camera and an 8MP Telephoto Camera. Coupled with an ISP 5.0 Image Signal Processor, the HUAWEI Mate 30 enables users to capture high quality photographs and videos.

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro sports a revolutionary quad camera system with the 40MP Cine Camera, 40MP SuperSensing Camera, an 8MP Telephoto Camera and a 3D Depth Sensing Camera, while the HUAWEI SuperCharge and EMUI10 offer long-lasting battery for heavy mobile users and enhanced user experience.

The HUAWEI Mate 30 sports a large battery of 4200mAh, while HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro has an even bigger battery of 4500mAh. 27W Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge and 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge provide users safe and fast charging, while wired and wireless in-car charging and a wired powerbank ensure a seamless experience across all scenarios.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said: "The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series unleashes the full potential of the smartphone. Designed to stand out, it challenges convention while delivering an unrivalled user experience. The era of 5G is an opportunity to rethink smartphone technology and the HUAWEI Mate 30 series is the ultimate expression of what's possible."

The HUAWEI Mate 30 Series features a range of new features that deliver an amazingly smooth and engaging user experience including; EMUI10 operating system for a more modern look and superior user interaction, Innovative Side-Touch Interaction to replace the physical volume, AI gesture control for contactless screen interaction and control of compatible smart devices to name but a few.

Additionally, EMUI10 has obtained the industry's highest security standard, the CC EAL5+ certification, the world's first commercialised and aviation-level of security and TEE protection for Microkernel in the operating system.


Huawei also launched its much-anticipated HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 range of wearables. Equipped with the self-developed Kirin AI chip, the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 range offers class-leading battery life and a host of new wellness features and functions.

Additionally, Huawei also announces the availability of its HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 true wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Colours, Pricing and Availability
The 6.53-inch HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro and 6.62-inch HUAWEI Mate 30 come in various colour variants and materials. They are available with pricing information as follows:

Price (Tax Included)
HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro (5G)
EUR 1199
HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro (4G)
EUR 1099
HUAWEI Mate 30 (4G)
EUR 799

For more information please visit:

SOURCE Huawei Consumer BG

Puro Sound Labs Brings Healthy Hearing to Gaming Market

Puro Sound Labs, the world's leading manufacturer of premium, safe-listening headphones today introduced the PuroGamer—featuring studio-grade audio, and volume-limiting—for a safe, immersive gaming experience. The new headphones employ many of the outstanding features that earned Puro Sound Labs numerous awards for their original BT-2200 kid's volume-limited headphones, including high-quality, light weight, construction, plush and comfortable noise-isolating ear-pads, the outstanding clarity of their Puro Balanced Response Curve, and a 85dB volume-limiting filter to prevent hearing damaging volume levels. In addition to the sleek design, the PuroGamer headphones add a high-quality 50mm graphene driver, an omni-directional, detachable boom microphone, with noise canceling and anti-interference features for a competitive gaming edge. The new PuroGamer headphones will be on sale starting mid-September at, Amazon.ca1 and for only $79.99.

To meet Puro's meticulous audio standards and to implement their Puro Balanced Response Curve, they invested in the development of premium 50mm graphene drivers that are capable of high-quality audio at lower volume levels, providing incredible clarity, depth and dynamic range. With the increased capabilities of the driver, added to the neutral tonal balance of the Puro Balanced Response curve, along with the noise isolation provided by the plush ear pads and solid headphone construction, the headphones are able to offer better audio performance, making it easier to hear gaming elements without the need to increase the volume. This allowed Puro to integrate a virtually undetectable, high-quality volume-limiting filter in line with the cable connection to prevent the volume from exceeding 85dB, which is considered a safe level for up to 8 hours of listening.

"Studies show that listening to audio, like games, above 85dB for extended periods of time can cause permanent hearing damage, and the louder the volume, the quicker the damage can occur," notes Puro Sound Labs founder and CEO, Dave Russell. He comments that, "Puro Sound Labs was created to address the world health epidemic of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss after my wife and I became aware that our daughter had hearing damage at a young age, likely as a result of listening with her headphones too loud. We want everyone to enjoy great-sounding music and games, but we also want to be sure that they are listening at safe levels. We're excited to extend our Healthy Ears products for even greater gaming excitement and improved sound quality with safe entertainment levels."

PuroGamer Features

PuroGamer is designed for use with PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox gaming consoles, and mobile devices.
Volume Limiting to 85 dB: considered the maximum safe listening level for up to eight hours, as recommended by numerous health organizations (Hearing Health Foundation, OSHA, World Health Organization, American Speech Pathology Association, etc.).
Studio grade audio quality with our patent-pending Puro Balanced Response® curve; 50 mm Graphene speaker for perfect clarity and stable sound quality. Genuine studio grade audio, engineered to deliver an amazing listening experience with clear, crisp vocals and full, dynamic bass all within our 85dB volume limit.
Omnidirectional, detachable boom microphone, with noise cancelling, and anti-interference features, that filters ambient noise and provides clear sound from virtually any direction.
Comfortable ear cups with 75% Ambient Noise Isolation
Light weight (12 oz) & durable construction

In the Box
PuroGamer Headphones w/ In-Line Control Box & 3.5mm Split Plug Connection
Detachable Boom Microphone
Soft Travel Bag
Quick Start Guide pricing $119.99 Canadian

SOURCE Puro Sound Labs
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Lexus Premieres New Luxury Yacht

In its continuing challenge to deliver innovative and amazing experiences to its customers, Lexus held the world premiere of its first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650, today in Boca Raton.

The LY 650 is a new embodiment of Lexus' challenge to go beyond the automobile to deliver innovative and amazing experiences. Based on the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept first shown in January 2017, the LY 650 features unique styling and superb cruising performance. Lexus – which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand – has fused advanced technology and craftsmanship to provide an irreplaceable experience that stimulates the senses and exceeds owner expectations, even at sea. This LY 650 flagship yacht is the new embodiment of the Lexus "CRAFTED" philosophy, to which exquisite attention to detail and anticipatory hospitality are applied in every possible aspect.

The shape of the hull, the abundant volume of the stern, and other elements, in addition to beautiful curved lines, give the LY 650 unprecedented and distinctive exterior styling. Collaboration with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard*1 has resulted in an advanced design and a comfortable interior living space that exemplifies high quality in every detail. Furthermore, in pursuit of cruising that achieves the exhilarating performance of a Lexus, the yacht rides on a light and highly rigid composite hull that combines CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) and GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic), and was jointly developed with Marquis Yachts LLC*2. Additionally, the LY 650 is equipped with LY-Link, an advanced connectivity technology for boating that shares timely information and provides control of various yacht functions.

The LY 650 is built in collaboration with the craftspeople of Marquis Yachts in Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA. With the start of LY 650 manufacturing, Marquis Yachts has applied the famous Toyota Production System in its production processes to improve production efficiencies and quality. The new yacht will appear at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 2019.

President Akio Toyoda commented: "The LY 650 symbolizes the challenge taken by Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile. A collaborative team between Toyota and Marquis Yachts introduced the Toyota Production System to the boat manufacturing facility to improve productivity and quality. This allowed the Lexus "CRAFTED" philosophy of anticipatory hospitality and meticulous attention to detail to become a reality in the form of a luxury yacht. I am truly looking forward to seeing the advanced, high quality LY650 display its beauty on the oceans across the globe. As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for mobility even on the sea."

LY 650 highlights

Expressing the Lexus design language anew in the form of a 65‑foot yacht
The LY 650 flybridge cruiser retains the vibrant form and beautiful curved lines of the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept and is both elegant and sporty. Its strong and pronounced bow, and dynamic hull boasting one of the widest beams in its class, swiftly reveal the presence of a LY 650, while its coupe-like roofline and accentuated aft hips stress the high level of its cruising performance.
The premiere yacht features an optional two-tone color scheme that highlights its one-of-a-kind form and captures the image of the Lexus Sports Yacht Concept from 2017. Metallic accents on the bow, side windows, and the vessel's L-shaped air intakes create the iconic image of a Lexus yacht.
The interior fuses advanced design and omotenashi (Japanese hospitality that sincerely and warmheartedly anticipates and fulfills people's needs) in pursuit of high quality that is distinctively Lexus and features a bright, white-themed interior space for a sense of openness, while the use of curving lines and creative lighting provide a comfortable sense of envelopment.
The salon's efficient layout features dual captain's seats and sofas set forward and a galley set aft. Below the salon are three elegant berths with 6 feet and 6 inches (more than two meters) of headroom, each with a private head with shower.

Exceptional performance and quietness befitting a maritime flagship

To achieve the exhilarating performance of a Lexus, the LY 650 was meticulously designed and engineered to provide both cruising comfort and dynamic response to the helm in any yachting situation.
The powertrain features twin Volvo Penta® IPS*3 engines (1350/1200/1050). By integrating these with a unique underwater-hull shape achieved through the application of computational fluid dynamics modeling, Lexus was able to achieve not only high output and low fuel consumption, but also exceptional cruising stability and maneuverability. The LY 650 also boasts an array of piloting-support functions, including joystick control, fixed-point position-holding at sea, and an auto-flap function.
The underwater hull and the upper part of the hull are constructed of CFRP for lightness and high rigidity, contributing to remarkable high-speed performance and a comfortable cruising experience. Sandwich panels with excellent soundproofing qualities are used in the main walls to help ensure exceptional quietness for uninterrupted conversation.

An extraordinary user experience created by advanced technology

LY-Link, an advanced technology for boat connectivity, shares and provides various information in a timely manner. The technology can be used to monitor the vessel and have notifications sent via text message should an abnormality be detected. It also enhances convenience by enabling users to remotely turn on and turn off such components as the yacht's air conditioning system and lights via a smartphone.
From the captain's seat, both style and high operability come into play, thanks to a stylish instrument panel with touchscreen operation.
An available custom Mark Levinson® Surround Sound System with a subwoofer system creates an immersive concert hall-like acoustic space in the salon.

High-quality craftsmanship and Toyota Production System built-in quality

Production of the LY 650 is by Marquis Yachts' superbly skilled craftspeople in Wisconsin. Their extensive marine experience and takumi craftsmanship are evident in each hand-molded, custom-painted hull, which is created with exacting precision that is also applied to the machining and welding processes. Finely crafted details are evident in the stainless-steel deck fittings custom-made for each vessel by in-house fabricating and welding takumi, the extensive custom-fitted and custom-finished real wood trim and fabricated furniture components, and the hand-sewn seat surface materials.
With the start of LY 650 manufacturing, Marquis Yachts has adopted the famous Toyota Production System, centered on rigging processes, and constant continuous improvement activities are being conducted to build efficiency and further raise quality.

Sales outline
Sales launch: October 30, 2019

LY 650 main specifications
Overall length
65 feet 5 inches (19.94 meters)
Beam (width)
18 feet 11 inches (5.76 meters)
Engine Options
Two Volvo Penta® IPS
producing 1350, 1200 or 1050 HP (each)
Fuel capacity
1,060 gallons (4,012 liters)
Water capacity
225 gallons (852 liters)
Sleeping quarters
3 staterooms (sleeping for 6 people)

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. For many people it’s the heart of the home, and where they spend the most time. As with other rooms in the home, the advancements in technology have meant kitchens are now becoming smart! To highlight some of the most interesting and useful tech products, which can transform your kitchen into a smart kitchen, we have teamed up with Bespoke Interiors who are kitchen specialists to give you some tips.

Smart fridges

One of the most significant developments in smart kitchen tech in recent years has been with fridges. There are two distinct options available here depending on budgets and needs. The first is a dedicated smart fridge, which depending on the make and model can be packed with features. Top of the range models come with the ability to see what’s inside while out of the house, add notes remotely to the display screen for your family to see and alert you to when the door has been left open. However, smart fridges can be very expensive, so be prepared to spend more than usual if you do want one.

The second is a less expensive option, and which essentially does the same main job, a ‘fridge-cam’. These are cameras which you can install on the inside of your fridge which allow you to view the contents of your fridge wirelessly. Some cameras even claim to recognise use-by dates on food in our fridge and send you notifications when you’re close to the date. Fridge-cams, while still expensive offer a good alternative to the high costs of a smart refrigerator. They also allow you to see if this is something you think it useful and would use before going all out and buying a smart fridge.

Adjustable smart lighting

Popular in many rooms in the house but something which works well in the kitchen is adjustable smart lighting. The most common version of smart lighting comes in the form of individual bulbs which can be installed in any room and the controlled with an app from your smartphone. The app can change the brightness of the light but also the colour.

This can make for some really creative uses and based on the colour scheme of the room could create some stunning lighting options. As the kitchen is a room often used for entertaining, having the ability to control the colour of the lights can really enhance the atmosphere during parties or special occasions and help set the mood.

Smart assistants

This is perhaps an obvious one, but having a smart assistant in the kitchen can be very useful! There are so many options available now, so it really comes down to your brand preference and budget. However, how you use a smart assistant in the kitchen can be really interesting.

There are two key areas where they are particularly useful. Firstly, the kitchen can often be a busy place for families in the morning. Everyone trying to have breakfast, sort out lunches, finishing last-minute homework, it can get crazy. Having a smart assistant can allow you to check things such as the weather forecast much quicker than searching manually on your phone or waiting for the information from the TV or radio. When you’re rushed off your feet in the morning, every little bit of time you can save can help. The second area where smart assistants can be beneficial is during cooking. Following a recipe can be challenging, particularly if you have your hands full. Having a smart assistant that can read the recipe out for you can be really helpful, particularly when making something like bread where your hands may be covered in flower. Not being able to scroll down on a tablet or turn the page in a recipe book without spending time washing your hands can be really irritating. Simply asking your smart assistant to read you the next step can be a real help.

Air monitors

We should all have smoke alarms in our house and particularly in the kitchen. However, there are now monitors which track so much more than just smoke. Some monitors will track carbon monoxide, pollen, particulates, humidity and the temperature of the room. The systems will then alert you should any of the levels get too high. The alerts will come to your smartphone so even if you are out of the house, you can know if something is wrong and do something about it quickly.

How technology is improving trucking and fleet management

Operating a commercial fleet poses a considerable number of challenges for any organisation. It takes a significant amount of planning and understanding to keep track of all the vehicle needs and scheduling throughout the day.

These tasks are usually carried out by a fleet manager, who traditionally had to rely on a series of manual processes like calling drivers to find out where they were. But over the last couple of decades, improved technology has made these tasks significantly easier, taking some of the pressure off fleet managers.

Vehicle tracking technology, or telematics, is allowing fleet managers to gain far greater insight into the activity of their fleet. The impact of telematics is significantly improving key areas relating to commercial fleet operations, which not only benefits customers but businesses as well.

The first area that’s seeing a significant benefit is driver safety. Long working hours and busy or difficult roads can pose a danger to commercial fleet drivers. Improving driver safety should be a key goal for any fleet manager, and telematics provides the ability to do so.

In-cab coaching devices leverage telematics data to provide feedback to commercial drivers based on their driving behaviour. Audio and visual feedback allows drivers to self-correct any behaviour which is deemed dangerous. This behaviour includes speeding, harsh braking and cornering. By alerting drivers to this behaviour, it not only improves their own safety on the road but also helps other road users.

Improving the efficiency of a commercial fleet is the second area that telematics impacts. Through in-cab coaching, fuel efficiency is also improved. Along with alerting drivers to dangerous actions, the in-cab systems also highlights wasteful actions such as harsh acceleration and engine idling. By reducing these actions, the fuel efficiency of commercial vehicles improves. This can then have a significant impact on the operational costs of a commercial fleet. By saving money in areas such as fuel costs, businesses could have additional finances available to invest in other areas that could help advance the business.

Furthermore, by reducing the amount of fuel being used, companies can reduce their environmental impact, as less CO2 is being released into the atmosphere from their fleet. Telematics also allows companies to collect the data produced from their vehicles and use this data to plan sustainability goals for the business. In the short term, this can generate fuel usage goals for a commercial fleet. In the long term, it could provide the data needed to analyse which vehicles could be replaced with more efficient and environmentally friendly options such as electric vehicles.

Efficiency is also improved through the ability to view the live locations of vehicles throughout a commercial fleet. By installing vehicle tracking technology, fleet managers have access to live location data at any time during the day. This allows them to better analyse the routes taken by their drivers by viewing aggregated historical data alongside live data. By doing this, fleet managers can identify drivers consistently taking less efficient routes, or routes which have been planned poorly and encounter heavy traffic regularly. Better planning of routes and better communication to drivers about specific areas to avoid can help improve the efficiency of a commercial fleet and increase productivity as well.

This leads to one of the main areas where customers can benefit from commercial fleets using telematics. As the productivity of a fleet improves, customers can be served quicker, which leads to improved customer satisfaction. In specific industries, this can be extremely beneficial. One such example is the construction industry. If a customer is waiting for some building materials to arrive on site, it could reduce the overall project costs if that material arrived quickly. Delays or slow deliveries of materials could increase the project costs due to having to pay for other parts of the project while waiting for specific materials to arrive. If fleet productivity is improved, more customers can be served in a day which would allow a business to fulfil more orders and increase revenue. Having a commercial fleet which operates efficiently and productively can be extremely useful in combatting driver shortages, which has become an issue for some companies operating fleets.

Similarly, vehicle tracking can improve the customer service of a company by allowing for estimated delivery times to be communicated accurately. For delivery companies or companies requiring on-site customer visits in particular, this can be crucial to ensuring good customer service. By using telematics to view live locations, significantly more accurate arrival times can be calculated and that information can be passed on to customers.

Overall, there are many significant benefits that vehicle tracking can bring to a commercial fleet. The improvements to safety, efficiency and customer service are key areas which a business operating a commercial fleet should be looking to excel.

Photo by Quintin Gellar from Pexels

Class-defining Nokia 7.2 arrives in the United States with a powerful 48 MP triple camera with ZEISS Optics and state-of-the-art PureDisplay screen

HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today announces the Nokia 7.2, the first Nokia smartphone to combine a triple camera and PureDisplay. Nokia 7.2 features a powerful 48MP triple camera with Quad Pixel technology and ZEISS Optics. Nokia 7.2 also premiers a range of ZEISS bokeh styles, exclusive to Nokia smartphones, that recreate the way legendary ZEISS lenses produce high visual impact and signature blur. Alongside even more AI-powered features such as night mode, fans can get even more creative with their stories. Building on the strengths of its predecessor, Nokia 7.2 combines stunning PureDisplay technology and always-on HDR, with timeless Nordic design to redefine what fans should expect from this smartphone segment.

Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer, HMD Global:
"With the Nokia 7.2 we aim to push the limits on what fans can get from one of our popular Nokia 7 series smartphones. The Nokia 7.2 offers fans advanced tools to express their creativity. Everything from the ZEISS Optics, exclusive ZEISS bokeh modes and powerful AI imaging, to its breath-taking PureDisplay technology, makes the Nokia 7.2 a device that truly stands out. In combination with the beautifully patterned satin glass back, Nokia 7.2 packs design innovation and stunning imaging performance, with a two-dayi batteryii life, into a smartphone for aspiring creators across the world at a truly incredible price."

Get creative with ZEISS Optics and powerful AI
Nokia 7.2 is the first in the Nokia smartphone portfolio to feature a triple camera set up, which combines a highly sensitive 48MP sensor with Quad Pixel technology main camera with ZEISS Optics, ultrawide camera, and depth camera to achieve stunning image capture results. The Quad Pixel technology combines four pixels into one to create stunning images in all conditions.

Nokia 7.2 introduces three new and exclusive ZEISS bokeh styles. Portrait mode combines powerful imaging experiences that recreate the way legendary ZEISS lenses produce high visual impact and signature blur with the ZEISS Modern, ZEISS Swirl and ZEISS Smooth modes. Add beautification to perfect your skin tones for instantly shareable portraits. AI-powered night mode allows you to snap the perfect moment in low light, combining image fusion and explosion stacking to deliver stellar low light performance.

Whether you want to get all your friends in one shot or capture immersive scenery Nokia 7.2 comes with an ultrawide camera which has a 118-degree field of view and ZEISS Optics that means you can fit a lot more in one shot. Up your selfie game with the sophisticated AI-powered front camera setup, consisting of a 20MP camera with ZEISS optics.

Breath-taking PureDisplay with always-on HDR
Featuring the innovative PureDisplay technology, Nokia 7.2 delivers an immersive entertainment experience for unmatched mobile viewing on the go. With a dedicated Pixelworks visual processor, Nokia 7.2 upscales video content to HDR quality in real time, with up to a billion shades of colour, higher contrast and expanded dynamic range. This means you can enjoy more contrast and deeper colours watching popular shows on your favourite streaming platforms.

Nokia 7.2's display technology brings your content to life with wide colour reproduction, high dynamic contrast ratio for video and high brightness at 500 nits. Combined with local contrast enhancement the screen is easy to view even in brighter conditions.

Timeless Nordic design heritage meets engineering excellence

Crafted from polymer composite that is twice as strong as polycarbonate and half the weight of aluminium, Nokia 7.2 is light, super strong and rigid. Nokia 7.2 features a gently curved design, with tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass protecting both the front and the back. Combined with its precision manufactured frame, Nokia 7.2 features a solid and seamless finish true to its Nordic design heritage.

Nokia 7.2's light diffusing satin glass back honours the Finnish glass making heritage and results in a premium finish. Using a multilayer coating system with vacuum metallisation, the stunning result delivers bright colours, a smooth finish and offers durability. With its signature colour, Cyan Green, Nokia 7.2 is inspired by premium Nordic design heritage that turns to nature as its muse, delivering simplicity and beauty.

Powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 Mobile Platform, Nokia 7.2 offers balanced performance on the go, making sure your phone is ready when you need it the most. The Nokia 7.2 also comes with the signature two-day battery life promise.

An experience that just keeps getting better, Android™ Q ready with Android One
As part of the Android One partnership, Nokia 7.2 is Android Q ready and will receive guaranteed monthly security updates for three years and OS updates for two years, so your smartphone will get better over time. Enjoy the latest features such as AI assisted adaptive battery, App actions and many more with Android 9 Pie.

To be more helpful throughout your day, the Nokia 7.2 comes with a dedicated Google Assistantiii Button that you can press to quickly access your favourite assistant. You can also enjoy the Google Assistant's new Ambient Modeiv, which provides an always-on-display when your device is charging. This allows you to view upcoming calendar entries, commute times and other contextual information without needing to pick up your device. Google Assistant Ambient Mode can even transform your phone into a digital photo frame while charging.

In addition, Nokia 7.2 users will receive a 3-month membership trial to Google One at no extra cost. With Google Onev membership, you get the peace of mind that your photos, videos, messages and more are safely and automatically backed up in the cloud. With Nokia 7.2, Google One members will get 100GB of cloud storage across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos and access to premium support from Google experience – all in one shareable family plan.

Pricing and availability
The Nokia 7.2 comes with 4GB RAM/128GB of ROM and will be available in Charcoal for $349 at Amazon, Best Buy and B&H beginning September 30, 2019.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

Today, nearly everything is being taken over by technology. In every house, you’ll find a mobile phone, laptop, television, washing machine, and microwave to name just a few. Technology has certainly helped us to make our world come closer and our lives a lot easier. What was originally created to serve mankind has gradually become the axis on which the lives of human beings have started to revolve. But, technology is not going anywhere. We have to think of ways to reduce the negative effects that can arise from it. Read on as we discuss the positive and negative effects of technology in a more detailed manner below.

The Positive Effects of Technology

1. Technology Has Strengthened Relationships
For a long time, people would grow apart simply due to the expanding distance between them, which varied from situation to situation. Be it old friends, colleagues, or family members, distance drifted everyone apart. Also, with busy and tight schedules, it wasn’t possible for everyone to travel from one place to another to remain in touch.

2. This gap has been greatly bridged by technology.

With the advent of the Internet, people are now aware of every event, big or small, in their close ones' lives. We can send each other messages, video chat, and share memes using the different social media applications available. Let’s also not forget that the availability of various means of transportation, such as airplanes, trains, and more, has also made traveling a lot easier. Furthermore, it has made visiting others more comfortable at this point.

3. Technology Has Made Life Comfortable

With the variety of electronic devices available in the market, life has suddenly become so much more convenient and comfortable. If you are feeling hot, you can switch on the fan or the air-conditioner. If you want to talk to somebody long-distance, you can call them from your cell phones. If you don’t feel like washing the dishes, you can load them into the best dishwashers. If you want to stay healthy, you can run on the treadmill. There are just so many ways in which technology makes our lives easier.

4. Technology Has Made Education More Efficient

One of the biggest pluses of technology is that information is now readily available throughout the world. With the Internet having so many sites covering different niches, students have, most certainly, benefitted a lot. There is absolutely nothing that Google cannot tell you when it comes to making projects, writing a thesis, and completing other research-heavy assignments. Students can also find various educational courses that can help them attain the necessary skills and knowledge to help further their careers. This facility isn't exclusive to the students only, as every person can take advantage of it.

5. Technology Has Made Healthcare Readily Available

With the help of technology, patients are able to connect with healthcare providers situated halfway across the globe. A piece of research found out that more than 70% of healthcare providers were making use of telehealth and telemedicine solutions to connect with patients.
Also, many advanced devices are available that facilitate easy monitoring of health conditions. People can now count their steps and measure their sugar levels and blood pressure.

The Negative Effects of Technology

1. Technology is Adversely Affecting the Physical Health of Users

With technology being so prominent, many people are wasting their time mindlessly their idiot box. This is negatively impacting their health. The cases of obesity, bad posture, and chronic pain have become increasingly common. Bad eyesight, hearing loss, curved backbones, and so on are the other issues that are on a steep rise.

2. Technology Can Have a Negative Impact on Mental Health

Many people keep track of their lives on social media, as a result of which a state of constant competition is being created. People are trying to put up a false image of themselves which, in turn, is putting a lot of pressure on their mental health. Then, of course, is the prevalence of negative emotions such as jealousy, low confidence, and low self-esteem.

There is also the growing cases of online bullying which is driving people, especially younger teenagers, to commit suicide. People can sometimes be extremely mean on social media, not realizing the effect it can have on a person mentally.

3. Technology Can be Used to Breach Privacy

A lot of people are uploading their private details along with their photographs on social media platforms. Even online banking has become the norm. Hackers can take undue advantage of this information robbing people of money, creating false identities and committing other cybercrime. Young adults may sometimes share intimate photographs via these platforms not realizing its danger. Undeniably, privacy and security can become a problem in this technologically advanced world.

4. Technology Can Result in a Poor Social Life

Online communication is taking over real-life interaction. Teenagers nowadays are lacking social skills to carry on basic conversations. Instead of meeting people in your life, they prefer texting over their phones. Even business meetings are being conducted over Skype or other apps. As a result, real relationships are not being developed which can make a person feel lonely and depressed.

Technology will have both good and bad qualities in the long run. We can't stop using technology, as our lives will come to a complete standstill. However, in order to curb the negative effects of it, we need to be careful and plan our time using it. All of us have to keep ourselves in check and make informed decisions when it comes to putting ourselves out in the world. All in all, human beings do have the power to make technology bend both ways; positively and negatively. To make it positive is wholly our responsibility in the end.

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COROS Introduces New APEX Pro and Touch Screen Technology

COROS Wearables Inc., makers of endurance sports wearables, announced today the expansion of their award-winning APEX series with the more advanced APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch. According to COROS, APEX Pro provides longer battery life, enhanced durability and new altitude focused features to the APEX series, offering even greater power and efficiency to outdoor enthusiasts.

Exciting features of the new premium GPS watch, include:

Extended 40 hours of battery life in full GPS mode – 14% longer than the original APEX 46mm.
Touch Screen Technology – Optional Touch Screen interface, allows for easier to use navigation.
Innovative Altitude Mode – meant for the mountains – with 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring, altitude performance assessment and built-in alert system to notify the user when they are safe to resume climbing.
Premium Materials – The APEX Pro features a Titanium Bezel and Sapphire Glass screen standard; weighing in at just 59g including the watchband.

APEX Pro has been tested by runners and outdoor explorers on trails, roads and in the mountains – it is truly the most versatile watch in its class. The APEX Pro will be available for purchase on and at select running and outdoor specialty retailers.

Additional VERTIX features and specs:

100-meter waterproof – more durable to a greater depth than the competition
100 hours of battery life in UltraMax GPS mode
30 days of battery life in regular use
Navigation with interactive touch screen for easy viewing
Detailed training metrics and performance evaluations
Barometric Altimeter for precise altitude readings
Oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels

"We knew we had a winner in the COROS APEX, a watch that really changed the game for all outdoor enthusiasts, so in designing the APEX Pro we wanted to enhance the features without straying far from what our users have loved in the original APEX," said Lewis Wu, CEO of COROS. "APEX Pro is longer lasting, adds altitude based functions and even offers COROS' first ever Touch Screen capabilities. This watch is perfect for every outdoor enthusiast, regardless of where they play."

Shipping will begin on Thursday September 26th with a suggested retail price starting at $499.

The COROS VERTIX which was launched on May 14, 2019 will also see a significant upgrade with the addition of Touch Screen Technology. This new feature will enhance the user interface and will be available via firmware update in the COROS App.

SOURCE COROS Wearables Inc.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Experience True Wireless Freedom With JAM Audio Live Free Earbuds

JAM Audio announced today the release of the Live Free true wireless earbuds, for those looking to live life without wires, bulk or limits. Designed as the next evolution of true wireless freedom, Live Free is the third true wireless from the lifestyle audio maker.

"We have taken all the popular features of the Live True earbuds that our customers loved and upgraded them to offer longer listening, better comfort and more portability, truly designed for those looking to live freely," states JAM Audio Director of Product Development, Aaron Fournier. "We're excited to offer a budget-friendly true wireless earbuds option that doesn't compromise quality or style."

More compact than the JAM Live True with twice the battery life within each charge, Live Free feature up to 6 hours on-board battery life and 54+ hours with the case. JAM's Live Free extend the listening experience with an ultra light design and customized options to ensure a comfortable fit for hours. The earbuds offer 3 sizes of ear tips and 4 sizes of fins, designed for every ear shape. Hands-free calling serves for seamless answering without disconnecting from the earbuds and simple button controls on each earbud allow for play, pause, track skipping, and activation of Siri or Google Assistant.

Following the anticipated unveiling at CES earlier this year, Live Free are bringing premium features and performance to the under USD100 category for true wireless earbuds. Designed to keep up, Live Free offers workout-ready IPX4 sweat resistance with an ergonomic silicone design to stay in place without the need for painful ear hooks or bulky fit pieces.

Live Free is available now at for $79.99 and at select retailers in signature black and gray colorways.

Live Free Features:
Playtime / Listen Looooonger. Up to 6 hours of playtime and 54+ with the case? Yes, please.
True Wireless Freedom / True Wireless Freedom means no wires. Anywhere. Ever. Whether you're working, working out or taking calls with the integrated microphone. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and Siri.
Comfortable / Ultra light and ergonomic silicone design engineered to sit comfortably in your ears for hours.
Hands-Free Calling / Control the Convo. Hands free calling is the new black. When friends call to interrupt your party, you can answer the phone without disconnecting from your earbuds.
Workout-Ready Earphones / Go All Out. Sweat resistant material are designed to keep up. Special ergonomic design fits in the ear so they won't fall out without the need for complicated fit pieces or painful ear hooks.
Customize Your Earphones / With 3 sizes of ear tips and 4 sizes of fins, Live Free is designed for every ear shape

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AUKEY's New Dynamic Detect Chargers Are Ideal For Both Laptops and Phones

This year AUKEY has introduced a brand new series of Dynamic Detect chargers, providing a powerful and adaptable charging solution for those who need to charge a high-powered device like a laptop, whilst also having the ability to fast charge their phone using the same charger.

The key advantage of Dynamic Detect compared to traditional USB Power Delivery (PD) chargers is that the PD port is able to adjust its output depending on the number of ports in use, rather than simply providing a fixed output. As an example, a traditional 60W PD charger with two PD ports could only output 30W to a single device (with the total power divided between the two ports). With Dynamic Detect, the same charger could output all 60W from a single port when required, and split the power only when both ports are in use.

This means such a charger is capable of charging larger devices like a MacBook Pro, while still being able to fast charge two smartphones at the same time when necessary.

There are currently 5 chargers in this series (PA-D1 to PA-D5) with further variations planned, including a hugely powerful 4-port model with a total output of over 100W. The most recent model to be released, the 63W PA-D5, also incorporates gallium nitride (GaN) technology, allowing for an impressively light weight for such a powerful charger.


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