Rear View Safety Introduces Set of Dual Purpose Flood Light & Backup Cameras

Rear View Safety, an industry leader in the sales and distribution of backup camera systems, as well as a strong and dedicated road safety advocate, recently introduced a set of vehicle flood lights with built-in backup camera.

The RVS-FLC03 Vehicle Flood Light with Backup Camera (Circle) and RVS-FLC05 Vehicle Flood Light with Backup Camera (Square) are easily mounted to the front or rear of a vehicle to boost night driving visibility. Both cameras have a wide 140° viewing angle and are completely waterproof with an IP68 rating.

"We are very proud of the dual purpose with these new cameras," said Director of Marketing, James Grossbaum. "Not only are these products excellent flood lights, they are also the high-quality backup camera you've come to expect from Rear View Safety for the last 11 years."

To find out more information about The RVS-FLC03, RVS-FLC05, or to learn more about wide range of safety solutions that Rear View Safety has released to market recently, please visit the organization's official website at or call 800-764-1028.

Rear View Safety has long been a leader in vehicle safety solutions. The commercial backup camera provider is also available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and maintains a Road Safety Resource site.

SOURCE Rear View Safety
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Glasses Free 3D Technology is Here

For nearly 100 years, 3D movies have always needed 3D glasses to be worn along with specific seating placement. TronXYZ has now developed the technology to make 3D entertainment glasses-free.

The basic idea behind how the technology works is simple: instead of a purely flat screen, TronXYZ uses a special optical device laminated on the top of the regular screen to control the light directions from the pixels on the screen so that both eyes can see different pixels. Essentially one eye sees a different picture than the other eye; this is how we currently view the real world.

The benefits to this new technology compared to the old style allow for a much more robust viewing experience. With the current design, structure, and materials, there is no loss of brightness. Historically there are other glasses-free 3D solutions, however, the user will experience a 70% brightness loss. The second issue with the old glasses-free 3D technology is that the viewer must remain in the 3D "sweet-spot." TronXYZ's technology makes it possible for the viewer to be in a large spectrum of viewing positions, distances, and angles without any drop in quality. Finally, the technology is not limited to keeping a device in only landscape mode, but also watching glasses-free 3D content in portrait mode.

Sub-Pixel Rendering and Eye Tracking Technology

Besides the device's specially designed display screen for large viewing angles, TronXYZ has also developed innovative sub-pixel rendering technology, which means every pixel can be rendered according to the operator's viewing angle, distance, and position. When 3D content is detected, the eye tracking engine inside the device tracks where a person is viewing the screen and passes that information to the sub-pixel rendering engine to make sure every pixel displayed is optimal.

With TronXYZ's 3D technology, you no longer have to hold your phone at a certain angle to be comfortable. Eye tracking technology allows you to be flexible on what angle or position you want to view your 3D content in.

Future of 3D

TronXYZ's current 3D viewing technology is already years ahead of what was thought possible; the future only seems to hold the brightest and the highest definition viewing experiences. 3D technology will be useful in the medical field, keep industrial applications safe, be popular in the education industry, and create the next blockbuster hits.

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TAG TEAM Introduces Multi-Purpose Laser TAGRider Gaming Accessory

TAG TEAM today introduced Laser TAGRider, a first-of-its-kind gaming accessory that easily mounts onto any toy blaster to repurpose it for real-world laser tag and/or compatible PC/Mac and iOS mobile games. Featuring Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that learns and understands the loading and triggering mechanisms of the blaster it is mounted on, Laser TAGRider ensures the ultimate in playability. A Kickstarter campaignlaunches today with a funding goal of $10,000 USD, and features limited Early Bird specials at $34 USD as well as several other rewards for backers to choose from - including delivery by Christmas 2018 for backers worldwide.

Laser TAGRider, which works with both battery-operated and pull/slide loaded toy blasters, does not require WiFi to play laser tag - it incorporates built-in sensors that show users when they get "hit," recording damages right on the device. For players, this means there is no longer the need to purchase additional gear such as helmets and target vests to record game activities and scores.

It also means that laser tag games using Laser TAGRider can include an unlimited number of players. And, when using Laser TAGRider to play laser tag, players can access three fun game modes: a) Basic (two modes), Professional (2 modes) and Team. In Professional and Team games, Laser TAGRider allows players to select different gun functionality, including semi-automatic handguns or rifles, a machine gun, a shotgun, and more. Each gun features different aspects that allow players to heighten their gameplay.

On top of being used to play laser tag, Laser TAGRider, when connected to WiFi, also easily converts any toy blaster into a light gun for compatible First-Person Shooter PC/Mac and iOS mobile games, including current TAG TEAM titles, TAG SHOT, TAG CODING, TAG TREASURE and TAG SPACE WAR. All 4 games are available on the Apple App Store, with TAG SHOT and TAG CODING also available on Windows PC/Mac.

Game Descriptions:
TAG SHOT: players battle against renegade soldiers and zombies in a classic single player First Person Shooter game.
TAG CODING: players learn coding and computational thinking through single player or group objectives.
TAG TREASURE: players use their hands to collect coins and potions, tapping, grabbing, and blocking with augmented reality technology.
TAG SPACE WAR: multiplayer game sees players piloting a spaceship using their iPad's accelerometer to face off and see who can hit more targets and get more points and potions.

For more information about all TAG TEAM games, visit

"Whether playing laser tag outside in the 'real world' or battling enemies on your computer screen, TAGRider delivers a unique gaming experience by adding functionality to blasters and toy guns you already have," said Tony Tan, founder, TAG TEAM. "TAGRider delivers a wide range of play options and games, while challenging players of all skill levels to take their best shot!"

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IK Multimedia Offers Free Update to the AmpliTube Slash Suite

IK Multimedia is offering a free update to the AmpliTube Slash suite of amps and presets for the Mac/PC version of AmpliTube. This update was created in collaboration with Slash to coincide with the recent launch of his latest album, Living the Dream, featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators.

The two AmpliTube Slash amp models - the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100 - have been fine-tuned using IK's latest DSP technology under Slash's direct supervision. In addition, a collection of 13 new presets designed by Slash to match the tone of his new album have been added, so that fans can replicate the sounds of each song in a realistic way when they play them.

Slash reflected on his experience with AmpliTube that led to his involvement in a signature edition, by affirming, "I have to say, it's probably the best amp modelling that I've ever worked with. I've worked with a few different ones, and this is by far superior."

Each AmpliTube edition is designed to offer all levels of musicians the tools they need for music creation, practice and live performance. Slash has used AmpliTube for a variety of projects. He shares, "I've used AmpliTube to record a whole bunch of different things as final recordings. I did the 'Angry Birds Space Theme' for that version of Angry Birds using AmpliTube through my computer. I just did a new video game with AmpliTube as well. Recently, I recorded some stuff for Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. So a bunch of the music in the theme I did for them I recorded with AmpliTube."

About AmpliTube Slash

AmpliTube Slash (Mac/PC) is the official software that lets you play, practice and record with Slash's signature pedals and amplifiers. It features models of the same gear used by Slash in the studio and for his live performances. Now users can rock with models of the legendary Marshall amplifiers used by Slash together with his signature guitar pedals. Also included is a comprehensive collection of Slash's guitar tone settings provided as starting points for tone tweaking or playing along.

Additionally, AmpliTube Slash provides a fully integrated multi-track recording studio for capturing ideas quickly and easily or producing entire songs and compositions. A robust song player section gives users the ability to play along with songs or backing tracks by importing them directly from their device library or computer.

IK worked closely with Slash to model his entire rig comprised of 2 must-have classic rock amplifiers - the Marshall JCM Slash Edition Silver Jubilee and the Marshall AFD100 - both equipped with Slash's favourite 1960 Marshall speaker cabinet. Together with these sought-after amplifiers users will be able to choose from 6 stompbox effects that includes Slash's signature Delay, Gate, Octave/Fuzz, Chorus, Booster and Wah/Distortion. The rig is fully configurable so that the signal chain can be freely customized (up to 12 stompbox effect combinations into dual amp/cab/mic/rooms on the Mac/PC).

How to Obtain

For more information, please visit:

To learn more about Slash's new album and his 2018 tour, visit

For Mac/PC users, AmpliTube Slash is available now and can be purchased as a bundle inside AmpliTube Custom Shop for $/€99.99*, or individual models can be purchased à la carte starting from $5 each*. The free AmpliTube Slash Update is included in the bundle for both new and existing users.

Why you should use a VPN

Image credit:

Are you a traveler, a journalist, an activist, a hacker, or a torrent user? Do you live in a country that doesn’t allow access to social media websites, torrent pages, or video sharing sites? Do you just want to stream Netflix, the BBC, or Hulu from abroad? Or, do you regularly use unsecured public WiFi hotspots?

If you answered any of the above questions with a “yes”, you may benefit from using a VPN service to protect your online privacy or simply to gain access to geo-blocked content.

The internet is far from the peaceful and innocent information highway it once was. Cybercriminals - hackers, stalkers, bullies, and scammers - lurk in the shadows of the digital world. They can’t wait to find their next prey.

Join us as we uncover the reasons you should be using a VPN to secure your privacy.

How a VPN works in a nutshell

Essentially, a VPN solution creates an encrypted tunnel for all your internet traffic. This means that all your online activities become unreadable and unidentifiable even to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Of course, this is only true if we assume that you’re using a leak-free, top-notch VPN service.

Most VPNs use AES-256 encryption to cipher what you’re sending over the net. This algorithm is also used by the US military and other government authorities - it can’t be decrypted. At least not in this lifetime.

There are different protocols that can be used to deliver the packets of information. Normally, you are offered a choice between OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, and IKEv2, depending on your device and your speed and security needs.

Common issues when not using a VPN

There are several reasons why it’s risky to be online without a VPN encrypting your traffic and spoofing your IP address. We’d say it’s like walking down the street wearing painted-on clothes. Simple folk might not realize you are all naked, but snoopers could easily bust you.

Believe it or not, the internet is swarming with snoopers. Your ISP, your government, big data, and cyber crooks all want to know what you are doing online and when you are doing it.

If that sounds like a breach of privacy to you, we’d be inclined to agree!

Of course, the official communication claims that “this is all for your protection.” Sure it is. However, it also ignores your basic civil right for freedom of information and privacy. Since these intrusive parties don’t seem to care, it only makes sense that you take matters into your own hands.

In a nutshell, these are the most common issues when not using a VPN:

- Prying eyes, such as your ISP, your government, and criminals can snoop on your online activities.

- Your physical location and identity can be linked to your web traffic.

- You cannot access censored or geo-blocked websites, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, YouTube, and Facebook.

- Using insecure public WiFi hotspots might expose you to online stalkers and hackers.

- Third parties can snoop on your browsing and shopping habits to target you with customized ads.

- P2P file-sharing and torrenting can result in a copyright infringement notice from your ISP or worse from law enforcement.

- In some countries, publishing and sharing your articles or research as an activist or investigative journalist can be dangerous.

- As a traveler, you may be unable to log into your bank account or work remotely.

After reading this list, you may have second thoughts about your privacy and security online. There really is no wonder why VPN services have been on the rise over the past few years.

Common risks when using the wrong VPN

Unfortunately, the VPN market can be difficult to navigate. If you don’t do your research properly, it’s possible or even likely that you’ll end up with the wrong VPN service. We don’t advise you to click on pop-up ads or fall for promotional mumbo-jumbo. The best thing you can do to find the right VPN provider for your needs is to read reviews and comparisons.

Choosing and using the wrong VPN can have serious consequences. Although a virtual private network should be all about keeping you anonymous on the web, out of 400+ VPN services there may only be a handful that offers the right level of versatility, online security, and privacy.

Here’s what might happen when you use a VPN that is not as secure as its promotional content makes you believe:

- Sensitive information leaks: a VPN without reliable security features (a kill switch, decent IP and DNS leak protection, etc) can leak information. This means that your location and online activities may be exposed. This is the worst that can happen to journalists, activists, and hackers.

- Incrimination: free VPNs, like Hola and VPN Gate, share your idle bandwidth (and thus also your IP address) with other users to spoof their location. This creates an opportunity for criminals to commit online crimes in your name.

- Getting caught unblocking: countries like China use Deep Packet Inspection and other methods to bust users who try to unblock geo-restricted content using a VPN. You could be fined when caught - or worse.

- Getting caught torrenting: certain countries don’t allow torrenting, regardless of whether you’re downloading pirated material or not. If you are caught accessing torrent sites, downloading or uploading torrent files, your IP may be banned, and you may also have to pay a fine. The worst case scenario is that you might get arrested for seeding or leeching licensed content.

- No logs policy turning against you: although most VPNs claim to keep no logs of your activities, it’s usually either fully or partially not true. So, while you may feel safe using your VPN, your provider may be logging data that can be used to identify your location and your person. There have been several cases when such logs helped authorities to convict their suspects.


Without a VPN, you are an open book. However, before you choose a VPN, you need to make sure you know exactly what you are subscribing to. If anonymity and security are what you’re looking for - take your time.Go here for more detailed information about the major benefits of using a VPN.

1000+ EVgo Fast Chargers To Be Featured On Google Maps

EVgo announced today that the exact location and availability of more than 1,000 EVgo electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers will be populated on Google Maps, adding another way EV drivers across the country can quickly and easily find an EVgo fast charging station to fuel up and get back on the road.

As of today, Google has announced the addition of EV charging stations to Google Maps, including those owned and operated by EVgo, the nation's largest public EV fast charging network. EVgo can now directly reach the more than one billion monthly active Google Maps users. In 2017, EVgo powered its customers more than 40 million miles, an annual number the company exceeded in August of 2018 as the network and usage continue to grow dramatically.

"As a market leader in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles, EVgo is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, and reliable charging to all Americans," said Jonathan Levy, EVgo's VP of Strategic Initiatives. "Adding EVgo's fast charging stations to Google Maps helps us reach more drivers as we continue to expand our evergrowing network."

EVgo is investing to expand its nation-leading public fast charging infrastructure to meet the needs of a rapidly growing EV sales market. Total U.S. EV sales have accelerated to nearly a million across the U.S., with more than 530,000 fast-charge capable vehicles on the road. Total vehicle miles traveled is increasing even more rapidly, and much of this growth is driven by rideshare drivers using electric vehicles as the total cost of ownership is lower than that of an internal combustion engine vehicle. EVgo will be supporting this growth with hundreds of new chargers in the coming year. The new chargers will include those for public use as well as for dedicated use by rideshare drivers for General Motors' Maven Gig. In addition, EVgo was recently selected to develop, own, and operate a $14 million statewide public EV charging network in Virginia as the first Volkswagen mitigation settlement Appendix D awardee.

Most EV drivers complete an 80% charge using EVgo's fast chargers in the time it takes to grab lunch, with an option to use either CCS or CHAdeMO connectors to charge any EV capable of accepting a fast charge, including all Tesla models. With more than 1,000 fast chargers in 34 states, EVgo's conveniently-located stations at malls, grocery stores, convenience stores, and downtown parking garages, make it easier – and faster – for all EV drivers to charge their cars. With the addition of EVgo's fast charging stations to Google Maps in addition to the EVgo app and our map of locations on, electric vehicle owners across the country can take advantage of the convenience and reliability EVgo offers.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Postmates Launches 134 New Cities -- Now Available To 60 Percent Of US Households

Postmates has experienced unprecedented growth in 2018. In the last few months, the company has launched 130+ cities, announced the company has raised $300M and shared how its Unlimited product has grown more than 300% since its launch in March 2016. Today, the momentum continues as Postmates has launched 134 new cities in the U.S. and is now available in 550 cities covering 60% of US households.

Starting today, customers can order from any restaurant or merchant and have it brought to their door in minutes. From trending local eateries, to a run for your favorite ice cream, Postmates helps people get whatever they need, whenever they need it. To celebrate the launch of these new cities, Postmates is giving customers in these new markets $4 off their first Chipotle order when they use the code CHIPOTLE134.

"We've seen amazing growth this year and bringing Postmates to even more people in the US is a huge step in being able to deliver anything to anyone, anywhere. Unlike other on-demand services, Postmates sees the cities we operate in as our warehouses -- by making every merchant and restaurant accessible through the Postmates app," said Bastian Lehmann, co-founder and CEO, Postmates. "Our mission is to support local communities through local people delivering goods from local merchants. In 2017, Postmates' fleet earned over $200 million in the US and merchants on the Postmates platform generally see 4x the growth in sales."

Postmates now completes millions of deliveries a month, generates over a billion dollars in gross merchandise volume annually and has achieved #1 market share in LA and other major Southwest markets.

To order, visit or download Postmates on iOS or Android. Delivery fees start at $3.99; however, customers can pay zero delivery fees when they subscribe to Postmates' subscription service, Unlimited, which is $9.99 per month or $7.99 per month when paid annually.

SOURCE Postmates
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New Power Pack For Rugo Drone Light Meets FAA Night UAV Requirements

FoxFury Lighting Solutions announces a new rechargeable Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe for the Rugo™ Drone & Camera Light. This new Power Pack is most useful for drone (UAV or sUAS) night operations as it fulfills the FAA FAR 107.29 requirements for dusk, dawn, and night flights. The Rugo™ is a rugged go-anywhere lighting tool that is primarily used for drones but can also be used as a camera or accent light in photography as well as a handheld search light.

The FAA FAR 107.29 requirement states that drones flown at night must have anti-collision lighting visible from at least three statute miles away and be able to strobe at a frequency of 40 – 100 times per minute. FoxFury's new Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe can strobe at a frequency of 90 times per minute and be seen from the required distance. The other modes on the Power Pack (low, medium, and high) can be used as a constant light source for inspection, search, and general illumination. Similar to other FoxFury products, the new Power Pack is extremely durable. It is fire and impact resistant and is waterproof up to 60 ft. For current users of the Rugo™, this Power Pack can be swapped out with the standard Power Pack and function with the existing light head. It is now available for $59.99.

"We're excited to offer a solution for nighttime UAV operations that meets the FAA requirements. Because the Rugo™ enables the UAV to see and be seen, it can safely, quickly, and effectively enhance what the UAV camera picks up and provide real-time information back to the drone pilot, command center, and more. It's a powerful lighting tool for nighttime public safety and enterprise operations," said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing at FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

FoxFury is also offering three new lighting bundles for $249.99 each that fit a variety of drones. These bundles include two Rugo™ lights, a set of drone mounts, and a Quick Swap® Power Pack with Strobe. They are ideal for the drone pilot who wants to see and be seen as the Rugo™ lights can be used for search, inspection, and general illumination, while the Power Pack with Strobe can be used as anti-collision lighting. Bundles are available for the following drones: DJI Inspire 1, DJI Inspire 2, DJI Matrice M100, DJI Matrice M200, DJI Matrice M210, DJI Matrice M600, DJI Matrice 600 Pro, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Yuneec Typhoon H, Yuneec H520, and any drone with motor arms or landing gear with at least a 15 mm diameter.

Lastly, the pricing for the Rugo™ Drone & Camera Light and standard Quick Swap® Power Pack is now reduced. The Rugo™ is now available for $99.99 (previously $129.99), and the standard Quick Swap® Power Pack is now available for $49.99 (previously $69.99). The standard Power Pack is rechargeable and features four modes (dim, low, medium, and high). It is ideal for inspections, search, and camera lighting.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions creates exceptional lighting experiences through Xtremium™ lighting tools that are premium quality and can withstand extreme environments. FoxFury's mission is to keep users safe and illuminated at all times and to build premium lighting tools that perform when seconds count.

SOURCE FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Turtle Beach Launches The Elite SuperAmp Pro Performance Gaming Audio Controller For Xbox One And PlayStation 4

On the heels of the just-launched Elite Pro™ 2 + SuperAmp™ bundle, Turtle Beach (Nasdaq: HEAR), today confirmed the Elite SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio Controller is now available as a standalone product for Xbox One and PlayStation®4. With the Elite SuperAmp, gamers will be able to connect any wired gaming headset to unlock groundbreaking mobile app-based control of their audio settings, as well as powerful and immersive amplified surround sound, plus a robust suite of additional features and functionality. The Elite SuperAmp is available exclusively at in North America for a MSRP of $149.95, with future availability across participating European territories planned for early 2019. Read below for full details. #WeAreElite

"The Elite SuperAmp is perfect for gamers looking to significantly step-up their audio experience while using their existing headset," said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. "The SuperAmp's standard 3.5mm jack is compatible with nearly all wired gaming headsets, while the intuitive mobile app makes it easy to quickly adjust and customize your settings from your phone or tablet before jumping into a game."

The Elite SuperAmp offers an entirely new way for players to control their game audio. This one-dial gaming audio controller provides powerful amplified Windows Sonic for Headphones surround sound on Xbox One and compatible Windows 10 PCs, and DTS® Headphone:X® 7.1 channel surround sound on PS4™ and PC, and connects via Bluetooth® to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub mobile app on Android or iOS devices where gamers can adjust a variety of settings. When connected to the Audio Hub app on their mobile device, players will be able to instantly control features like Game and Chat Audio Mix, Variable Mic Monitoring, Dynamic Chat Boost™, Superhuman Hearing™ and other audio EQ presets, including Bass Boost. There are also controls for the SuperAmp's LED color and lighting mode, and streaming-specific audio settings as well.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach gaming headsets and accessories, visit

SOURCE Turtle Beach
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JLab Audio Launches Over-Ear Sport Headphone

The fastest growing audio brand*, JLab Audio, has launched a new over-ear sport headphone. The Flex Sport Wireless Headphones offer a 20-hour Bluetooth playtime, a durable and flexible build, and a customizable fit. Great for the gym, running, or anything else active, Flex Sport has removable earpads that can be washed after a workout. The Flex Sport features two sound technologies: Be Aware Audio and Custom EQ3 Sound. Available at and Best Buy (M.S.R.P. for $99.99).

"Every time I go into a gym (though admittedly not as often as I would like) I see people wearing heavy over-ear headphones. I knew we could design these better," says CEO Win Cramer. "Flex Sport are so durable they twist 180 degrees; there's no other headphone that can do that. Plus, the tension headbands snap on for a firmer, more secure fit at the gym or a looser feel while at your desk without a tension band. From materials to customizable sound, Flex Sport is truly the most advanced headphone we've ever made."

The Flex Sport offer a perfect fit for everyone. Two tension headbands create a fit that is normal or tight; or wear the headphones without a band for a loose fit. An added headband padding can be clipped in place at the top of the headband for more comfort and a tighter, more secure feel. The ear pads include a moisture-wicking, sport fabric that is comfortable for long wearing. The ear pads can be removed for hand or delicate machine washing.

Designed with EQ3 Sound, the headphones have the ability to cycle through three sound options: Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost. The Flex Sport Be Aware Audio allows ambient background noise in when turned on, so surroundings can be heard for a safer exercise experience or turn it if off to stay in the zone. The universal controls make music easy to control; play, pause, change tracks, and adjust volume all with a click or two. A built-in microphone allows for taking phone calls on the go.

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MAKERphone - Educational DIY mobile phone

MAKERphone is an educational DIY mobile phone designed to bring electronics and programming to the crowd in a fun and interesting way.

MAKERphone is an educational mobile phone that you assemble and code yourself.
It’s a kit, it’s fun, it’s simple… and we need your help to make it happen.

What can I do with it?

  • fully functional mobile phone that you can code yourself
  •  Games such as space invaders, pong, or snake
  •  Apps such as a custom media player that only plays cat videos
  • Programs in Arduino 
  • Lines of code in Python 
  • Your first working piece of code in Scratch 
  • custom case 
  • What a resistor does
  • The basics of electronics 
  • How to solder 
  • How your smartphone works
  • How to code 
  • Physical computing 
  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Arduino (which is based on C/C++)

Turning consumers into creators

Mobile phones are revolutionary. They’ve changed and shaped the life of a modern man like nothing else.

Everybody has one and daily activities without this tiny black “brick” are unthinkable for most of us.

Despite their presence little does an average person know what’s inside this magical device.

With MAKERphone we’re trying to show people that every machine you see was designed by a human being not different nor smarter than themselves.

Live on Kickstarter 

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