LUCI Announces the Launch of the World's First Immersion-on-Demand Personal Wearable

Today, LUCI announced the Indiegogo launch of a revolutionary new lightweight wearable headset that delivers an incredible visual experience for movies, games and more. Available now on Indiegogo:

The LUCI immers portable Micro-OLED glasses are the first truly lightweight entertainment headset with a high-resolution display that provides a super-giant screen effect for video and multimedia when connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The high definition, 3840x1080 display gives the effect of a screen size of 1023" at a 20m viewing distance, similar to sitting in a theater. Native 3D effects and 3DoF (three degrees of freedom) motion, eliminates ghosting and screen door effects which are common with other displays. With LUCI, movies, games and streaming content becomes an impressively immersive experience.

Unlike other personal video headsets on the market that are bulky and expensive, LUCI is made with portability, travel, and comfort in mind. They are ergonomically designed with a curved shaped and nanotech cotton cushions. They are very lightweight at 180g and are comfortable to wear for longer viewing sessions.

"Our goal was to make the most lightweight and comfortable wearable on the market that would allow users to enjoy their multimedia with an incredible visual experience. LUCI immers combines high tech materials for comfort and a high definition display for a big-screen experience that users can take with them anywhere," says Kirin Li, CEO of LUCI.

LUCI can be worn over eyeglasses for convenience and uses a clever modular design that gives users three options for wearing glasses only, adding the headband, and adding the crown. This unique design makes the headset particularly useful for travel as the glasses only mode provides a lightweight solution for personal theatre that is not much larger than a traditional pair of sunglasses.

Designed to tether to mobile devices, LUCI uses the latest USB-C connection to connect to laptops, smartphones, and tablets and gaming devices such as PS4, Switch and others can use an HDMI cable. Apple devices can connect when using an adapter. LUCI was made to provide a better experience for streaming media and also includes an APP with exclusive content in 2D, 3D, 4K, 8K, and 360°.

The impressive LUCI immers wearables are a logical next step in immersive personal entertainment. They are the most portable and comfortable wearable on the market and deliver an unparalleled big-screen experience anytime and anywhere.

LUCI immers is available now on Indiegogo with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here:

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How To Get Your Essay Done Fast

If you are a college student, you will have most likely been asked to complete an essay on your need to have fun with your friends and peers, whilst at the same time making sure that you reach all the goals and educational requirements that are required along the way. If you are the type of student that’s got a part-time job, has a healthy social life but at the same time, wants to make sure that you meet and finish your essay requests in the given deadline, you need to make sure that you complete each task in good time. Let’s now take a look at some of the areas that you could consider when you are trying to get your article done quickly.

Plan your time

Making the best use of your time before you start to write an article or essay is very important. If you get some time in the day where you know you could fit some writing in, then it is best to use this time in a productive way. If you work in 15-minute intervals, you will find that you may write more effectively, as you will not be bogged down with writer’s fatigue.

Understanding the question

When writing an essay or an article, you need to make sure that you read any questions carefully. Understanding the question, in its entirety, is the best way of cutting down the time when you’re writing your essay. It is far easier to write anything where you have a greater depth of understanding as to what is required. If you struggle with understanding the question, it is worth contacting your college professors immediately, so that they can help you. Once you have understood the question, it’s the time to start writing your essay.


Research is a vital component when you are writing anything. If you methodically go through each point of your essay and understand each element that you need to include in your essay, you will find that this is a far better way of saving time when constructing your essay. Good and solid research will enable you to write full paragraphs about a particular subject and this will enable you to be able to shorten it if it becomes too long. It is far easier to write too much rather than having to stretch out a smaller subject, that you’re do not understand.

Time management

It is recommended that you spend about twenty percent of the time you are going to spend on your essay outlining and drafting what you are going to write about. As mentioned above, time really is a key factor in making sure that you can get through your essay as quickly as you can. One of the main reasons why it can take longer than originally intended is the lack of understanding or poor time management. You need to be able to back up each point with evidence to support your essay, so if you structure it from the offset you’ll be able to create a well-formed essay.

Existing articles

It is also advisable to look at other essay assignments that are similar to the one you have been requested to do. Background reading in this area will give you an idea as to what is expected and what to include in your essay. It is not always easy to understand what is required at first, but this is a surefire way of helping you to understand the process and how to do it in a more efficient way. It is recommended that you spend about of your time actually writing the article or essay and as mentioned previously, twenty percent of your time should be taken up by the drafting element of your essay. Using these approximate percentages should give you an idea as to how long you should spend on each section. You must make sure that you have plenty of time at the end to just review/edit what you have written.

Hiring an essay writer

As you can see from the above, we have mentioned the best way to speed up the process of writing the article is to do it yourself. However, if you’re in a situation where you could hire a writer to write on your behalf, you could find that you can free up some valuable time. There are many sites online that will offer you this kind of service. It will all depend on the type of essay that you require and how much expertise is needed in order for a price to be formulated. The disadvantage of getting someone else to write an essay for you is that you have to pay somebody else to do it. In turn, you will have the article written without it impacting on any of your time. It is advisable, however, to make sure that you fully understand the subject that your writer will write about so that you don’t have any gaps in your knowledge for not completing it yourself.

LG USA Launches 2019 LG Nanocell TVs: LG's Most Advanced 4K LED TV Lineup

LG Electronics USA officially announced the launch of its premium 2019 LG NanoCell LED 4K Ultra HD TVs with AI ThinQ® beginning with the April debut of the 55-inch and 65-inch class LG Nano 9 series (SM9500 and SM9000 models), and the 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch LG Nano 8 series (SM8670 and SM8600 models) at LG-authorized dealers nationwide. Additional models and screen sizes will follow in May and June with other LG OLED models announced later in the year.

LG's U.S. 2019 NanoCell TV lineup comprises 11 AI-enabled models, available in sizes ranging from 49 to 86 inches.1 Unveiled at CES® 2019, these new TVs leverage the power of LG NanoCell technology IPS panels and a new processor2 to deliver impressive picture enhancements, color accuracy and wide viewing angles to LED-backlit LCD TVs. Featuring LG's new α7 Gen 2 intelligent processor2, LG NanoCell TVs offer AI-enhanced picture and sound, powered by a deep learning algorithm.

LG NanoCell TV Nano 9 Series models feature Full Array Local Dimming (Full Array Local Dimming Pro in the 9500 model) while Nano 8 Series models use Local Dimming.

All 2019 LG NanoCell TVs will support Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit for easy streaming of video and audio content and connectivity to Apple's smart home products. LG NanoCell TVs will also feature Amazon Alexa support to complement the Google Assistant which is already built-in, making LG the only TV brand to provide support for both leading voice assistant platforms without the need for additional hardware.3 All 2019 LG NanoCell TVs include the LG Magic Remote which enables you to access both voice assistant platforms and control compatible smart home devices using just your voice.

LG Nano Cell TVs have the new α7 Gen 2 intelligent processor (except the SM8100 series) which uses deep learning technology to optimize the picture. AI is also utilized to enhance sound, enabling the set to provide a virtual 5.1 channel up-mix from 2-channel stereo sound. These series also support HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision for an enhanced viewing experience.

"Our 2019 Nano Cell TVs promise to once again be the best performing premium LCD sets on the market," said Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "Our proprietary NanoCell and IPS technology combine with the convenience of our AI ThinQ technology to provide a powerful combination of picture quality, ease of use and are also available in some of the ultra-large screen sizes consumers want today."

LG continues to incorporate cutting-edge artificial intelligence to all 2019 LG NanoCell TVs with LG ThinQ AI combining LG's award-winning webOS smart platform to bring new levels of convenience and control to the consumer. This enables 2019 LG TVs to create an intuitive AI experience that uses voice commands to control TV functions and seamlessly perform functions to discover and play content, control TV settings, manage schedules, access information and control compatible connected smart home devices such as lighting and home appliances.

Through the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 ports, select LG NanoCell TVs will support advanced features such as high frame rate (HFR), variable refresh rate and enhanced audio return channel.

LG NanoCell TVs with AI ThinQ®
Nano 9 Series
Nano 8 Series

SM9500 Models
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)
Model 65SM9500PUA
$2,699 (available in April)

SM9070 Models
75-inch class (74.5 inches diagonal)
Model 75SM9070PUA
$2,899 (available in May)

86-inch class (85.5 inches diagonal)
Model 86SM9070PUA
$4,299 (available in June)

SM9000 Models
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)
Model 65SM9000PUA
$1,999 (available in April)

55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)
Model 55SM9000PUA
$1,399 (available in April)

SM8670 Models
75-inch class (74.5 inches diagonal)
Model 75SM8670PUA
$2,199 (available in April)

SM8600 Models
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)
Model 65SM8600PUA
$1,499 (available in April)

55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)
Model 55SM8600PUA
$999 (available in April)

49-inch class (48.5 inches diagonal)
Model 49SM8600PUA
$799 (available in April)

SM8100 Models
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal)
Model 65SM8100AUA
$1,199 (available in June)

55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal)
Model 55SM8100AUA
$899 (available in June)

SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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2019 Apple / Mac RESCUECOM Computer Repair Report

Apple computers and the MacOS are widely thought of to cause very few problems for the millions of people who use them.

However, Apple computers suffer some of the very same problems as those with Windows, what unique issues might you potentially have to deal with at some point?

The most common problem with the MacOS and Apple computers is startup difficulty. This typically involved the computer failing to start up properly, leaving users with nothing more than a blank screen or in some cases a gray startup screen rather than their desktop. The best option in these cases is to boot up in Safe Mode. The computer will automatically start with the bare minimum software and drivers needed to run. It will then run a diagnostic check and repair any software issues causing the problem.

Apple users can sometimes face the "White Screen of Death" or the spinning beach ball when processes or apps freeze. When the computer is frozen in this white screen, it will be unusable until it is restarted. The fix for this is simple: upon restarting, open the OS X utilities menu using the option and R keys. From there, you can use disk utility ("repair disk"), and the problem is solved. For the spinning beach ball, you can use your activity monitor to force programs using too much memory to quit.

Another issue affecting Mac and Apple users is caused by apps which are incompatible with MacOS automatically opening upon startup but causing problems because of their incompatibility. This can cause your computer to fail to boot up. The only way to find out what app is causing the problem without professional tech support is to check the startup disk in utilities. Interestingly, it is not at all difficult to find the culprit, as your computer will automatically move all such software into a folder labeled "Incompatible Software" on your startup disk. You can then choose to simply delete it if it is not important to you, or you can find an updated version on the Apple store to download.

There are a few more, much smaller issues, Apple computers using the MacOS can run into as well as the larger problems above. An app may freeze, causing you to be unable to do anything include closing it. You can force the app to quit using the Command-Option-Escape key combination. A Mac may sometimes quit connecting to your regular Internet network for seemingly no reason, and you can almost always solve this by going into your network settings, forgetting your network, and then reconnecting again.

If you have an issue due to faulty hardware, Apple provides a diagnostic suite to test and fix them. This is the Apple Hardware Test for older models and Apple Diagnostics for any computers built in 2013 or later. You can access both by holding the D key after restarting.

MacOS issues and those caused by Mac apps thus far this year are the two least common issues calling for Mac computer repair.
Slow computer (5.24%)
Printer issues (4.15%)
Email problems (4.13%)
My computer won't boot / beach ball or black screen (4.02%)
Data was lost or I cannot move it (2.80%)
Internet connection / network or WiFi issues (2.42%)
Hardware difficulty (0.22%)
Concerns with Mac OS (0.03%)
Mac apps (0.00%)

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Industry's First Highly Integrated USB-C Buck Charger from Maxim Reduces Size by 30 Percent

A wide range of consumer electronic devices are migrating to USB-C interfaces to support rapidly advancing communication and battery-charging capabilities, as well as smaller design size. In current designs, the host microprocessor is needed to detect the current level and configure the charger's input current limit. While PCs, laptops and cell phones have driven early adoption, USB-C adoption rates are expected to grow at 8.5 percent a year through 2020 thanks to usage in other classes of portable devices, according to IDTechEx.

To reduce design size as well as simplify the system hardware and software design, the MAX77860 integrates USB-C configuration channel (CC) port detection and a battery charger for 15W applications. These integrated functions allow battery charging at the fastest rate possible under the USB-C specification and contribute to 30 percent smaller design size while also simplifying software development. The CC pin detection feature also shortens the design effort by eliminating the need to support end-to-end USB port connection and allowing charging to start automatically.

Key Advantages
Highly Integrated: Eliminates a separate port controller and many discrete components. Reduces the size of an inductor and a capacitor due to a high switching frequency of 2MHz/4MHz, resulting in a solution size that is 30 percent smaller than the closest competitive device. This high level of integration also reduces overall BOM costs.
High Efficiency: High-efficiency buck reduces heat dissipation with more than 93 percent efficiency and up to 3A charging capability.
Design Flexibility: Backward compatibility allows designs to work with both USB-C and legacy BC1.2 or proprietary adapters. Integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) frees up resources in the microcontroller, while providing accurate voltage and current measurements.

"The new MAX77860 from Maxim provides real advantages to design engineers working in the growing internet of things market," said Kimberly Majkowski, global product manager, Power Management ICs at Premier Farnell. "It reduces cost and design time while delivering super-fast battery-charging capabilities demanded by today's consumers."
"The MAX77860 dramatically reduces system complexity by integrating the charger, the power path, the low-dropout regulator, the ADC and the USB-C CC detection in a small 3.9mm x 4.0mm package," said Perry Tsao, executive director, Mobile Solutions Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. "This level of integration simplifies the design, enabling the delivery of more power and more functionality in minimal printed circuit board space."

Availability and Pricing
The MAX77860 is available at Maxim's website for $3.03 (1000-up, FOB USA); also available with select authorized distributors
The MAX77860EVKIT# evaluation kit is available for $70

SOURCE Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
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Turtle Beach Unveils Its All-New Recon 70 Series Gaming Headsets

Turtle Beach (NASDAQ: HEAR), a global leader in gaming audio, today unveiled the all-new Recon 70 – the Company's latest series of powerful and affordable wired gaming headsets, and the successor to the Turtle Beach's Recon 50 – the #1 selling wired gaming headset1 in North America. The Recon 70 is built to give gamers the advantage they need on any battlefield, on any platform. Available for a MSRP of $39.95, the Recon 70 delivers high-quality game audio through powerful 40mm over-ear speakers and features Turtle Beach's signature high-sensitivity flip-to-mute mic. The Recon 70's lightweight design includes a padded and adjustable headband, while synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions provide unmatched comfort so players can focus on the match and secure that win.

The Recon 70 for Nintendo Switch™, with its signature red accents, is available now at and at participating retailers in North America. Additionally, black and white models of the Recon 70 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be available in North America starting May 1, 2019, with pre-orders available now at Also available on May 1, 2019 will be a midnight red version of the Recon 70 for PS4™.

In Europe, the Recon 70 for Xbox One and PS4 is available now at Argos in the UK, with broader availability in participating European territories set for April 1, 2019. In Europe, the midnight red version of the Recon 70 will be for the Nintendo Switch and will launch at retail at the end of May 2019. Pre-orders for these models also available now on

"The Recon 50 has been the best-selling wired gaming headset in the U.S. and Canada for the past two years1, and the all-new Recon 70 builds upon its predecessor with a refined design and our great flip-to-mute mic, all for the same $39.95 price," said Juergen Stark, CEO, Turtle Beach. "The Recon 70 is also available in more color options and is compatible with all gaming systems, so we believe we'll see the Recon 70 continue the Recon 50's trend of 'best-seller' with enough time in the market."

With today's longer and longer gaming sessions becoming the new normal, the need for superior audio, crystal-clear communication, and lightweight comfort is larger than ever, and the Recon 70 delivers it all. Key features include:

A lightweight headset design ensures complete comfort during those hours-long gaming sessions featuring a padded headband and ear cushions.

Turtle Beach's renowned high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear to ensure your commands are always heard. Previously available on higher-end headset models, the mic can be flipped up out of the way to mute when not in use, and blends into the headset's design.

Superior 40mm over-ear speakers deliver amazing game sound so you hear every crisp high and thundering low.

Synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushions provide added comfort, improved bass response and better noise-isolation.

Designed for the Nintendo Switch and also works great with Xbox One, PS4 Pro & PS4, PC, and mobile devices with a 3.5mm connection.

For more information on the latest Turtle Beach products and accessories, visit

SOURCE Turtle Beach Corporation
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Whirlpool Corporation's Innovative Design Wins Big at iF Design Awards

Seventeen products across multiple Whirlpool Corporation kitchen and laundry brands globally, earned 2019 iF Design Awards, one of the world's foremost design competitions. In 2019, companies from 50 countries participated in the iF Design Award and submitted 6,400 products to be judged by an international jury of 67 design experts.

"People want inspiration from their surroundings and by the things they touch every day. They also want performance," said J Mays, chief design officer for Whirlpool Corporation. "Staying true to our purpose and infusing design and innovation into every aspect of our appliances is how our teams operate every day. We are thrilled our vision is being honored with the prestigious iF labels."

Awarded products include:
Bauknecht Built-in Collection (EMEA) - including a built-in oven, built-in microwave oven, and warming drawer, this stylish suite of premium kitchen appliances combines distinctive design, flexible features and proven performance.
KitchenAid Glassholder Dishwasher Accessory (EMEA) - this new foldable wine rack gives consumers flexibility in usage and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing in its own right, in both a functional capacity or display on tabletops as a "pride piece."
Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination (North American Region) - the newest addition to Whirlpool brand's iconic kitchen lineup, the low-profile MHC provides a solution to small-space living through 1.1 cubic feet of "purposeful capacity," which fits tall glasses, wide plates and big bowls.
Whirlpool W Collection - beneath the surface-level and sleek look, this collection integrates the brands advance 6TH SENSE technology, providing functional solutions to everyday consumer challenges. Awardees include:
4-Doors Fridge Freezer (Global)
Black Fiber Range (EMEA)
Supreme Clean Slim Size Dishwasher (EMEA)
Indesit Push & Go Dryer (EMEA) - with curved surfaces, rounded corners, and clearer interfaces, including a wider door and easy-to-understand icons, the user experience is front and center while combining form and functionality.
Whirlpool ACE XL (India) - this intuitive, twin-tub washing machine provides an affordable but sleek-looking product for many first-time customers with distinct lids, pronounced wheels and handles to promote mobility.
Whirlpool Bloomwash (India) - a top-loading washing machine with the newly designed interior Hexa Bloom Impeller.
Whirlpool Emperor Wave 1 (China) - the new washer and dryer suite is designed to deliver an intuitive, pure and leading-edge brand language to comfort families globally. The control knob with NestⓇ user interface provides an ergonomic experience in both reading the information and controlling.
Whirlpool Emperor Wave 2 (China) - this premium combo washer is the first to apply a 3D glass front cover providing the user a unique, customized aesthetic and an intuitive user interface.
Whirlpool & Maytag Front Load Washer & Dryer (North American Region) - this washer and dryer removes steps for a simpler laundry cycle through design, innovation, and smart capabilities.

The iF Design Award, established in 1953, is one of the most prestigious design awards globally, organized each year by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hanover – the oldest independent design institution in the world.

SOURCE Whirlpool Corporation
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RoboSense Provides LiDAR to GACHA - First Autonomous Driving Shuttle Bus For All Weather Conditions Co-Developed by MUJI & Sensible 4

RoboSense, a leader in LiDAR perception technology solutions and CES 2019 Innovation Award Honoree, announced today that it has provided cold-resistant all-weather LiDAR for the world's first autonomous driving shuttle bus for all weather conditions -- GACHA. GACHA is equipped with RoboSense's advanced cold-resistant 16-beam mechanical LiDAR environment perception system to operate vehicles in harsh winter and other severe weather conditions. The autonomous shuttle bus robo-taxi GACHA was designed in collaboration with Finnish autonomous driving company Sensible 4, who provided software for positioning, navigation, and obstacle detection; MUJI, who provided expertise in design and user experience; and RoboSense.

Under extreme weather conditions, the performance of critical sensors, such as LiDARs and cameras, are severely impacted. Low temperatures, such as in Finland, at -30°C (-22°F), can incapacitate semiconductor components, while snow and icy roads cripple the image algorithms' ability. Under these circumstances, RoboSense's new cold-resistant LiDAR is essential since it "sees" a 3D world through emitting and receiving lasers pulses, with point cloud algorithms that accurately recognize obstacles, even in snow and ice.

RoboSense will join Sensible 4 on their first GACHA bus fleet public road deployment in April, as well as future projects in Finland and abroad. "I'm pleased that our product has helped Sensible 4 and MUJI's jointly designed GACHA self-drivingbus solve perception problems in all weather conditions. All RoboSense multi-layer LiDAR products will soon operate in low temperatures under -40℃," said Mark Qiu, COO, RoboSense.

"The RoboSense LiDAR hardware and environment perception algorithms we use are reliable and stable, even at freezing temperatures of tens of celcius degrees below zero," said HarriSantamala, CEO of Sensible 4.

RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) is a world leading LiDAR environment perception solutions provider. Founded in 2014, with offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Germany, and U.S.,RoboSense is delivering LiDAR environment perception solutions, with innovations in FPGA, LiDAR, AI algorithms, and bespoke intelligent environment perception LiDAR systems.

RoboSenseproducts include MEMS solid-state LiDAR and Mechanical LiDAR. Customers include major autonomous companies, automotive OEMs, and Tier 1s,

SOURCE RoboSense
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NASA Television to Air Three Upcoming Spacewalks, Preview Briefing

Four astronauts are preparing for their first spacewalks outside the International Space Station, scheduled for March 22, March 29 and April 8. Experts will preview the work of the first two spacewalks during a news conference Tuesday, March 19, at 2 p.m. EDT, at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Live coverage of the briefing and spacewalks will air on NASA Television and the agency's website.

Media wishing to attend the briefing in person must request credentials from the Johnson newsroom at 281-483-5111 no later than 4 p.m. Monday, March 18. Media interested in participating by phone must contact the newsroom by 1:45 p.m.March 19.

Participants in the briefing will be:
Kenneth Todd, International Space Station manager for Operations and Integration
Mary Lawrence, spacewalk flight director
Jacklyn Kagey, lead spacewalk officer

A second briefing to cover the third spacewalk will be conducted closer to the date of that spacewalk.

Live coverage of all three spacewalks will begin at 6:30 a.m. on the respective day of the spacewalk. Designated as U.S. spacewalks 52, 53 and 54, each is expected to last about 6.5 hours. The first spacewalk is scheduled to start at 8:05 a.m., while the second is set to start at 8:20 a.m. A targeted start time for the third spacewalk will be set closer to the activity date.

Expedition 59 Flight Engineers Nick Hague and Anne McClain of NASA are set to venture outside the station's Quest airlock for the March 22 spacewalk to replace nickel-hydrogen batteries with newer, more powerful lithium-ion batteries for the power channel on one pair of the station's solar arrays. The batteries were transported to the station in September aboard the Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle. The spacewalking work continues the overall upgrade of the station's power system that began with similar battery replacement during spacewalks in January 2017.

McClain and flight engineer Christina Koch are scheduled to venture outside on the March 29 spacewalk to work on a second set of battery replacements on a different power channel in the same area of the station. This would be the first-ever spacewalk with all-female spacewalkers.

Hague and David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency are scheduled to conduct the April 8 spacewalk to lay out jumper cables between the Unity module and the S0 truss, at the midpoint of the station's backbone. This work will establish a redundant path of power to the Canadian-built robotic arm, known as Canadarm2. They also will install cables to provide for more expansive wireless communications coverage outside the orbital complex, as well as for enhanced hardwired computer network capability.

Spacewalk assignments may be adjusted if the flight operations team deems it necessary. These will be the 214th, 215th and 216th spacewalks in the history of International Space Station assembly and maintenance.

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NASA to Discuss Lunar and Planetary Science at Houston-area Conference

NASA scientists from across the agency will highlight the advances in lunar science in the last 50 years as well as findings from Mars and asteroid sample return missions during the 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 18-22.

Special session panels will feature information on how the Moon became the foundation of planetary science, results and images from the New Horizons spacecraft, NASA's InSight mission, OSIRIS-Rex and Hayabusa2.

NASA also will hold two briefings at the conference. A NASA Headquarters briefing will be held at 5:30 p.m. CDT on March 18, during which representatives from the Planetary Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate will update the community on the status of the division's fleet of missions and programs. The update will be streamed on the conference's website.

NASA also will hold a town hall meeting at noon on March 19, which will include a question and answer session.

The conference will take place at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center at 1601 Lake Robbins Drive in The Woodlands, Texas.

Media may register to attend.

The conference is presented by the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston. LPI is managed by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), a national, nonprofit consortium of 105 leading research universities chartered in 1969 by the National Academy of Sciences at the request of NASA. USRA operates programs and institutes focused on research and education in most of the disciplines engaged in space-related science and engineering.

More information about the agenda and other activities is available online at:

For information about NASA and agency programs, visit:

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Traeger Leads Industry with New Line-Up of Tech-Infused Grills

Traeger Grills, inventor of the wood pellet grill, today announced the launch of an all-new lineup of innovative grills, taking the brand to the next level and reinventing the grilling category. Each new grill has been carefully designed from the inside out, boasting patented WiFIRE® technology and D2 Direct Drive, allowing users to cook faster, smarter, and with more wood-fired flavor than any previous model.

"Traeger has been pushing the boundaries of outdoor cooking since its birth over 30 years ago, reinventing the way people around the world think about grilling through remarkable wood-fired taste and convenience," said Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills. "We're proud to take another huge leap forward today as we introduce game-changing D2 Direct Drive and WiFIRE technology that truly takes grilling to the next level, whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned pro."

D2 Direct Drive
The new D2 Direct Drive drivetrain uses an all-new variable speed fan and auger, providing optimal blue smoke production across a much wider temperature range for the finest hardwood flavor. It also features Turbotemp™ technology, allowing the grills to get hotter faster so users can get grilling quicker and enjoy more precise cooking temps. The D2 drivetrain is all powered by an industry-first brushless motor, delivering years of reliable performance.

WiFIRE® Technology
Traeger's proprietary WiFIRE technology gives users the freedom to grill on the go anytime, from anywhere. The Traeger App allows a seamless connection from grill to smartphone where users can do everything from change temperatures, to set timers and monitor food temps. Plus, with Traeger's intuitive GrillGuide®, users can master more foods by downloading hundreds of recipes directly to their grill, enjoying step-by-step guidance through the entire cook cycle. Previously only available in the Timberline, all grills in the new series will be WiFIRE-enabled.

Pro Series
Traeger's best-selling grill is now even better with the addition of WiFIRE Technology and D2 Direct Drive. Remaining at the current Pro Series price of $799 and $999, the series also now features a new Pro D2 Controller and has an increased temperature range of 165℉ to 450℉, which can be set in five-degree increments for precision temperature control.

The Pro Series is available in two models—the Pro 575 and Pro 780, with 575 and 780 square inches of grilling space, respectively—and each grill includes an 18-pound capacity hopper; meat probe; and extra grill rack.

Ironwood Series
The all-new Ironwood series also comes in two models: The Ironwood 650 and the Ironwood 885, which feature 650 and 885 inches of grilling space, respectively. The new series has an innovative pill-shaped barrel design, and features Traeger's DownDraft Exhaust and TRU Convection® Systems, to help food cook to wood-fired perfection in the shortest amount of time. The Ironwood Series also offers Super Smoke Mode, allowing users to increase the smoke and boost the flavor with the push of a button.

Priced at $1,199 and $1,399, the Ironwood Series comes equipped with the new Ironwood D2 Controller and has a temperature range of 165℉ to 500℉, which can be set in five-degree increments. In addition, the grill features the D2 Direct Drive and WiFIRE technology and has a Keep Warm mode to ensure finished dishes don't overcook or get cold before eating.

Timberline Series
The new Timberline has kept the groundbreaking features from the original model but now includes the D2 Direct Drive and the new Timberline D2 Controller. Additionally, it includes brand-new pellet sensing technology, which allows users to monitor the amount of pellets currently in the hopper, ensuring they never run too low. These additions will help make the grill's wood-pellet consumption and heating even more consistent, resulting in the highest-quality cook for whatever you're cooking. The Timberline comes in two models—the Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300, which have 850 and 1300 square inches of grilling space, respectively, and are priced at $1,799 and $1,999.

For more information about Traeger Grills' complete product line, where to buy and to learn more about the wood-fired difference, visit

SOURCE Traeger Grills
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LG USA Reveals Pricing & Availability Of Critically-Acclaimed 2019 LG OLED TVs With AI ThinQ

LG Electronics USA announced that the first of its highly-anticipated 2019 LG OLED TVs with AI ThinQ®, will debut in April with the arrival of the 65-inch E9 and C9 models at LG-authorized dealers nationwide. Additional models and screen sizes will follow in May and June with other LG OLED models announced later in the year.

The 2019 LG OLED TV lineup features screen sizes ranging from 55 to 77-inch class options consisting of the W9 series (models 77/65W9), E9 (models 65/55E9) and C9 (models 77/65/55C9)

Previewed at CES® 2019, the new LG OLED TVs elevate picture and sound quality thanks to the company's advanced Alpha (α)9 Gen 2 intelligent processor which uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology with an extensive database of visual information. This allows the processor to optimize images by recognizing source quality and implementing the best algorithm to display a stunningly real image. The processor also analyzes ambient room lighting conditions to achieve the optimal level of screen brightness.

The end result is a new generation of LG OLED TVs that set a new standard for TV performance delivering stellar picture quality, perfect black, vibrant images, accurate colors and wide viewing angles all in a sleek package with ultra-thin bezels and in more large-screen options this year than ever before.

LG OLED TVs this year will support Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit for easy streaming of video and audio content and connectivity to Apple's smart home products. New in 2019, LG OLED TVs add Amazon Alexa support to complement the Google Assistant which is already built-in, making LG the only TV brand to provide support for both leading voice assistant platforms without the need for additional hardware.* All 2019 LG OLED TVs include the LG Magic Remote which enables you to access both voice assistant platforms and control compatible smart home devices using just your voice.

LG's flagship TVs feature Dolby Vision for an outstanding HDR experience and Dolby Atmos for realistic, dimensional audio. The α9 Gen 2 also adds artificial intelligence to audio. This feature enables the TV to provide a virtual 5.1 channel up-mix to the 2 channel source material, providing an expanded sound field.

"LG OLED is already widely recognized as the best TV technology in the market. In 2019 we're building on that legacy of leadership by using cutting-edge processing technology based on Deep Learning," said Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "This will elevate picture and sound quality even further, solidifying the reputation of LG OLED as the best picture available. The addition of Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2 to our ThinQ platform combines with the built-in Google Assistant making them the easiest to use as well. It will certainly be an exciting year of amazing TV options from LG."

2019 LG OLED TVs with AI ThinQ

E9 LG OLED TVs (Glass TVs)

77-inch class (76.8 inches diagonal)OLED77C9PUB$6,999 (available in May)
65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) OLED65E9PUA$4,299 (available in April)

65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) OLED65C9PUA $3,499 (available in April)
55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal) OLED55E9PUA $3,299 (available in June)

55-inch class (54.6 inches diagonal):

$2,499 (available in April)
77-inch class (76.7 inches diagonal)

OLED77W9PUA $12,999 (available in June)

65-inch class (64.5 inches diagonal) OLED65W9PUA$6,999 (available in June)

LG OLED 2019 models support HDMI 2.1 to offer a host of advanced features such as 4K high frame rate content (4KHFR), automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and enhanced audio return channel (eARC).

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SOURCE LG Electronics USA
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