Appliance Repair: Is it a Good Industry to Get Involved In?

The appliance repair industry is an extremely competitive area, but the competition now feels even stiffer because of the fact that aside from internal competition between businesses working in the field, there are also external aspects which are adversely affecting the repair industry. To understand what we are talking about and how it is still possible to get involved in the appliance repair industry today and generate a good profit, let’s discuss a few important - and relevant - details.

The Increasing Per Capita Income in the US

Thanks to a huge growth in per capita income over the last decade or so, a lot of people with disposable income would rather buy new appliances rather than getting the old ones repaired. This is not to say that everyone does this because then the repair industry would go bankrupt and stats show that it’s still a long way from that. However, the people who buy new products rather than repairing them do so because it seems a more convenient option. If an appliance repair service makes their customers feel that repairing is the more convenient and economical choice, rather than buying new appliances outright, most people will still opt to get their products repaired, especially the expensive ones. With regard to how you can do this, we come to our next point.

The Importance of Proper Customer Interaction and Support

As mentioned earlier, the key to success lies in making the customer feel that it is indeed a better option to repair the appliance in question, rather than to replace it completely. To make this happen, the customer interaction experience needs to be top notch. Some of the expected features from a modern appliance repair business that actually cares about the customers it serves and the appliances it repairs include the following.

A subscription plan that encompasses all costs and is priced competitively

Courteous behavior and timely service

Continued support in case something goes wrong with any of the repair attempts

Answering any and all questions that the customers may have

As long as the experience is good, even a comparatively new company will build a good reputation, which is just about the most useful and precious commodity in business. A good reputation takes a long time to build, while a single bad incident can severely harm years of good work, so practicing care while interacting and serving the clientele is even more essential than turning a profit, especially in the long run. Even in this time and age of the internet, a good number of people hire companies to repair their expensive appliances, based on the recommendation of others, so each time a company manages to please a customer, they are likely securing a line to the future as well.

Every Company in the Field Needs an Insurance Policy Without Exception

Insurance is a must for anyone working in the repair industry for multiple reasons, but before anything else, it shows a potential customer that the repair business in question is a serious company, with all the requisites necessary to take on any job. Next Insurance offers a contractor insurance policy for general liability that doesn’t just protect the company, but also the customers, in case of a mishap or an accident. They have specific policies designed for appliance technicians that make signing up for insurance both fast and financially flexible, due to affordable monthly payment options. In a competitive field where every business is looking for an edge, insurance coverage is a must for instilling confidence in both parties. In some states, repair and installation businesses may not even be allowed to work legally until and unless they have insurance.

Online Availability and Presence is Extremely Important

Smartphone apps are more popular than websites and websites are more popular than phone numbers, as per multiple surveys on how customers like contacting the service industry. What this means is that in order to be successful as a repair business, a company in 2019 not only needs an online presence, but that presence also needs to be mobile friendly. Launch your own app in the App Store and Play Store, which the customers can then use to check information about the company, its credentials, and book necessary services when they need to. A social media campaign is also a must when it comes to digital marketing. Given how affordable it is to market any small business on Facebook, thousands of small businesses are making use of the social media site’s many tools to brand and market every day.

There is little doubt regarding the fact that the growing income of the average American has indeed affected the service industry while boosting the manufacturing business, but that doesn’t mean that the appliance repair business is going to go away any time soon. It only means that the companies working in the field simply needs to be a lot more proactive and cater to their customers more attentively than before.

Monday, January 14, 2019

How to ensure your brand makes a big impact online

Many firms yearn to go viral on the Internet to enjoy all of the benefits that it brings. But making an impact online is the sort of task that is easier discussed than actually implemented. In the sea of content that constitutes the modern web, breaking through and reaching the sort of consumers you want to access can be difficult.

If you feel stuck in this particular rut, it’s wise to take some tips from leading digital marketing experts. Whether you choose to focus on email list techniques, building out appealing and relevant social media profiles or working to rise up the ranks of Google (or, indeed, a mixture of all three), a solution is at hand. This article will deliver some top tips which can help you to be certain that your brand can advance online, and that you can get the consumers or followers you need.

Punchy emails

Email marketing was the sort of practice that used to be considered the ultimate in digital marketing – and it was for much of the early phase of this discipline. And while it’s now been usurped to some extent by more modern forms of digital marketing such as social media, it’s still a powerful force. According to WordStream, email is the third-most powerful information provider in a business-to-business context. As a result, it’s well worth thinking about using it in your firm’s efforts to make a big impact online.

In practice, this will require a decent email newsletter distribution service – such as MailChimp – on your side. A service such as this can automate many of the most laborious email tasks, such as sending each email to each recipient, and can also provide you with analytics in order to monitor how well each campaign performs. If you can amass a decent-sized mailing list and learn the art of writing gripping subject lines, you can expect decent opening rates – and, consequently, a chance to help boost your firm’s reputation through the medium of email.

Attractive social profiles

When it comes to social media, there’s a special set of requirements for all digital marketers to comply with to some extent. Images, for example, are considered pretty much essential. Posts with images often end up being more engaging than posts without. And while social media is seen as relatively lawless compared to other modes of communication such as official websites, it’s still important to project a professionalized image. In order to make a positive impact and avoid appearing amateurish, proof-reading of content before posting is a must.

But while most marketers would agree that these things are all well and good, many of them are also sometimes seen as expensive. There are some solutions though – even for those digital marketers who need to be as careful as possible with resources. It’s possible to make Facebook cover videos using online tools. And it’s also possible to spell-check your social media content using free or cheap Internet-based services in order to give your content that added veneer of professionalism.

Mastering search engines

Search engine marketing has long since been one of the key aims of digital marketers – and with Google having over two billion users on Android devices alone and many more on other operating systems, it’s unlikely that this will be going away any time soon. The advantage of search engines is that they meet a clear need: while social media and emails are also opportunities to make an impact, they often don’t fulfill a pressing and urgent need in as precise a way as Google.

But how can your business rise through the ranks and make a clear impact in search results? A full and comprehensive answer to that question isn’t really available thanks to Google’s relative secrecy around its algorithm and search ranking practices, but there are some clues out there. Unique content appears to be well-rewarded, so investing in the creation of relevant and hitherto unused web pages is wise. And if you have a marketing budget behind you, you can also pay to appear highly in search results – and tweak it based on particular search terms.

With each passing year, it gets harder to secure an amazing impact for your brand or business on the Internet. This is down in part to increased noise and competition from other brands, but it’s also due to a lack of knowledge about the most cutting-edge and useful tips and tricks which all digital marketers need at their disposal. So whether you sign up for a top email marketing service, get ahead of the game with Google or spend time creating that all-important Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile, you’ve got lots of social media weapons in your marketing arsenal.

Acura Reveals Heritage Liveries for 2019 ARX-05 Prototypes

Unveiled today, the Acura Team Penske livery for the 2019 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship will feature the distinctive white, orange and black colors utilized by Acura's three-time consecutive championship-winning program in IMSA prototype competition from 1991-93.

The work of Acura Executive Creative Director Dave Marek – who has been responsible for the striking liveries on numerous Acura racing machines – the 2019 IMSA Acura Team Penske ARX-05 prototypes are an updated take on the iconic design first seen on the 1991-93 Camel Lights champion Comptech Racing Spice Acura NSXs.

The design also incorporates Acura Team Penske's new partnership with ELS STUDIO 3D®, the award-winning premium audio system available in the 2019 Acura RDX. The race cars will make their on-track debut at the Jan. 26-27 Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway with a stellar driver lineup including Dane Cameron, Juan Pablo Montoya and Simon Pagenaud in the #6 Acura Team Penske ARX-05; and Helio Castroneves, Ricky Taylor and Alexander Rossi in the #7 Acura ARX-05.

"This is a natural look for Acura prototypes, and a salute to our heritage as a performance brand," said Marek. "The Acura brand was founded in 1986, and its debut in motorsports soon followed. Today, we're proud to unveil a livery that accurately reflects our long, successful history in North American racing – and look forward to adding new chapters to the story of Acura Precision Crafted Performance."

Race-prepared Acura Integras won two consecutive International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) International Sedan Manufacturers' Championships and three consecutive IMSA International Sedan Drivers' Championships from 1988-90.

The famous Comptech Racing Acura-Spice GTP Lights race cars, powered by a modified first-generation NSX engine, carried driver Parker Johnstone to three consecutive Drivers' Championships and Acura to three consecutive Manufacturers' Championships in the prestigious IMSA Camel GTP Lights series from 1991-93. The Comptech Acura also captured the prestigious 12 Hours of Sebring in 1993.

In addition to Johnstone, the Comptech Acura driver lineup included Wayne Taylor, father of current Acura Team Penske driver Ricky Taylor, and Steve Cameron, uncle to ATP driver Dane Cameron.

Acura has a strong presence in the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship with Acura Team Penske's pair of ARX-05 prototypes, and a brace of Acura NSX GT3 Evo's run by Meyer Shank Racing in the GT Daytona (GTD) class.

The 2019 WeatherTech SportsCar Championship opens January 26-27 with the twice-around-the-clock Rolex 24 endurance contest at Daytona International Speedway.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

VOCIER Launches Avant With InterlinkTM -- the World's First Configurable Luggage System Utilizing Magnetic-Mechanical Latching Technology

VOCIER, creator of the world's first patented Zero CreaseTM luggage system, announced today the pre-order launch of a brand new product line just as the new year kicks off. Known as Avant, it is the world's first configurable, modular luggage system and it features revolutionary new InterlinkTM technology. Taking the next step in brand development, VOCIER pursues a sleeker, minimalist look, while continuing to offer wrinkle-free packing, premium materials, high-quality construction, and unmatched style that customers have come to expect from VOCIER.

"We may be traveling in a new direction, but VOCIER is staying true to the journey," says Vinzent Wuttke, the company's co-founder and CFO.

The new product line features a centerpiece four-wheel carry-on suitcase (complete with VOCIER's signature Zero CreaseTM luggage system), which seamlessly connects with the other new products through new InterlinkTM technology, a secure mechanical latching mechanism that also uses high-power magnets. Other new Avant pieces include a briefcase, holdall, and the world's first-ever work bag designed especially for professional women. Updated Dopp kits, travel wallets, and a passport cover round out the line.

"Our customer is a true professional who is proud to live a lifestyle that reflects their success. They love travel as much as style, and this new line reflects that," remarks Michael Kogelnik, co-founder, lead designer and CEO for VOCIER. "VOCIER is equal parts design and function, and we pursue the highest levels in both."

VOCIER's timeless, elegant design meets the needs of discerning travelers while innovative features make the whole collection as functional as it is stylish. Highlights of the collection include the patented and award-winning Zero CreaseTM and Fast PassTM systems; a full-width magnesium handlebar -- the first-ever use of magnesium in luggage; a thermoplastic hybrid shell construction offering all the protection of a hardshell with the lightweight flexibility of a softshell; a proprietary, durable ballistic nylon mesh fabric that repels both water and dust; and four 2-wheel spinner wheels with maintenance-free Inox steel bearings. Combined, the new technical advances make the Avant line the lightest, roomiest, and most innovative luggage commercially available.

As always, all VOCIER products come with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty and a 100-day return policy. Now available for pre-order on, the new Avant line will begin shipping in the late February.

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Genesis G70 Named AutoGuide "2019 Car Of The Year"; Genesis G80 Named AutoWeb "Best Luxury Car"

This week, two Genesis sedans were recognized by leading automotive industry publications as leaders in their respective classes. Toronto, Canada-based named the Genesis G70 its "2019 Car of the Year," and Irvine, Calif.-based awarded the G80 its "Best Luxury Car."

"Earning these awards confirms that our Genesis team is delivering world-class vehicles that the automotive industry's toughest critics approve of and that consumers want," said Erwin Raphael, Executive Director, Genesis Motor America.

To earn the coveted recognition from AutoGuide's editorial team, G70 defeated a slate of contenders that were newly introduced for the 2019 model year.

"The Genesis G70 is a refreshing car that raises the bar not only for its own brand but for the industry as a whole," said Jodi Lai, AutoGuide editor-in-chief. "Genesis looked beyond the spec sheet to develop a luxury sport sedan that sparkles as something unique and desirable."

To determine its winners across 17 categories, AutoWeb's editors and analysts considered "what millions of real consumers have actually chosen during an important part of their shopping process," according to Jared Rowe, President and CEO of AutoWeb.

"This year's winning manufacturers are clearly delivering products that best meet the needs of today's car buyers," Rowe said. "More than ever, consumers expect the best in buying, driving and ownership experiences."

SOURCE Genesis Motor America
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Building on the Momentum of CES 2019, Magneti Marelli to Exhibit Award-Winning Smart Corner for Autonomous Driving and Seamlessly Integrated Connected Vehicle Technology at NAIAS 2019

Magneti Marelli is demonstrating its third generation Smart Corner™ - unveiled this week at CES 2019 in Las Vegas - and connected vehicle technology at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) during AutoMobili-D in Detroit, Jan. 14-17, 2019.

Smart Corner™, named a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence & Self-Driving Technology category, integrates autonomous sensors into headlamps and tail lamps to provide automakers with the required functionality for autonomous driving, while maintaining styling aesthetics and world-class lighting performance.

Smart Corner can accommodate any sensor an automaker may choose to deploy, including LiDAR, radar, cameras or ultrasonics, as well as advanced, LED-based lighting features like adaptive driving beam (ADB) and digital light processing (DLP). Smart Corner provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle with redundancy. Because the sensors are integrated into existing headlamps and tail lamps, an automaker benefits from a fully calibrated, plug-and-play solution, resulting in a simplified manufacturing process that's lower cost and lighter weight than alternatives.

As an extension of its Smart Corner concept, Magneti Marelli has developed connectivity features that are seamlessly integrated into a test vehicle that will be on display at NAIAS. Technology includes active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays embedded in the front grille and rear applique to communicate intent to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles; autonomous signaling to communicate to others that the vehicle is in autonomous mode; an interactive exterior virtual assistant that can perform commands for the driver and passengers such as opening the trunk or unlocking the doors when approaching the vehicle; positional advertising using V2X that provides targeted advertising, projected onto the windows, to individuals based on micro-location; and high power projection and film technologies to support the exterior virtual assistant and positional advertising functionality to achieve a viewable, high quality image from outside and inside the vehicle.

Magneti Marelli designs and produces advanced systems and components for the automotive industry. With 85 production units, 15 R&D centers in 20 countries, approximately 44,000 employees and a turnover of 8.2.billion Euro in 2017, the group supplies all the major carmakers in Europe, North and South America and the Asia Pacific region. The business areas include Electronic Systems, Lighting, Powertrain, Suspension and Shock Absorbing Systems, Exhaust Systems, Aftermarket Parts & Services, Plastic Components and Modules, Motorsport.

SOURCE Magneti Marelli SpA

Lexus LC Convertible Concept Makes World Debut in Detroit

Lexus shocked the automotive world in Detroit three years ago with the debut of the LC coupe. It was a testament to the brand's new sense of creative ambition, but it was only just the beginning. Since then, the Lexus design team has been exploring the brand's evolution and the latest result of those explorations will make its debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show with the world premiere of the Lexus LC Convertible Concept.

An open-air roadster that is an artful reflection of the LC coupe, the design goal of the Convertible Concept was the expression of "ultimate beauty". From the rake of the windshield to the smooth contours of the rear decklid that houses the convertible top, every line on the LC Convertible concept was drawn to evoke an emotional response. A stunning design from every angle, the LC Convertible concept stands as an aspirational halo vehicle for the entire Lexus lineup.

"This concept takes the unmistakable design of the LC coupe and reimagines it as a future convertible," said Tadao Mori, Chief Designer of the LC Convertible concept. "It blends all the best aspects of the original coupe with the dynamic design of an open-air convertible."

Long, low and lean, the LC Convertible concept retains the athletic proportions of the LC coupe. It's a shape that evolved naturally from the original LC design, yet still manages to stand on its own with a unique identity. It blends uniquely Japanese aesthetics with the promise of sensory satisfaction that only a convertible can provide.

In addition to the visual appeal of the exterior sheetmetal, the LC Convertible concept attracts drivers and passengers alike with an allure of a cabin that caters to every need. From the comfort of its tailored seats to the feel of every switch and button, everything about this LC is designed to make even the most common trip feel like an occasion. Crisp white leather trim abounds while yellow accent stitching adds a pop of color without distracting from the subtle elegance of the overall design.

More than just a grand tourer, the strong exterior lines of the LC Convertible concept reinforce its performance pedigree. Its short overhangs, 22-inch wheels and wide stance are all reminders of this car's performance potential.

"A production version of this concept would be exhilarating in many different ways. You would see its dynamic lines as you approach, hear its engine when you started it up and feel everything around you once on the road. It would engage the senses in a way that is unique and exciting every time you got behind the wheel," said Mori-san.

Lexus LC Convertible concept specifications



QYSEA Announced 3 Underwater AI Systems at CES 2019

Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. (QYSEA), a leading company in underwater drone industry, announced 3 new underwater systems at CES 2019. These technologies will be integrated into all-new FIFISH V6.

These 3 groundbreaking technologies are Space-M, A+ image, and i-Call.

Space-M, the first multi-directional control system. Space-M is specially designed for FIFISH V6. This system will guarantee non-blurred zero-gravity vision in water. It allows FIFISH V6 to move in all directions like a space shuttle, which has 6 degrees of freedom. With the implementation of Space-M, FIFISH V6 can shoot from any angle and any direction. Mind-blowing clips shoot by V6 catch sight of the creators.

A+ image, the smartest underwater AI image identification algorithm.It is a key application field for DeepMind, which is based on underwater big data and training technique developed by QYSEA. A+ image extends FIFISH's core functionality, such as aquatic life identification, and surrounding territory recognition. A+ image is deployed additionally for obstacles avoidance, object following, and color tuning. Also, A+ image incorporates an image denoising feature. A+ image brings the vivid underwater world, and details of aquatic life to the audience. Such features have drawn the attention of underwater photographers and film makers.

i-Call, the first underwater wireless system in the consumer market.i-Call is the most advanced underwater acoustics system to handle the complicated environment. In contrast to the traditional ROV, i-Call controls FIFISH V6 without a tether. Traditional tether systems consumed large amount of time on deployment and retrieval. For abetter experience, QYSEA invented i-Call to permanently liberate FIFISH from any issue related to tether entanglement. i-Call utilizes underwater acoustic techniques for communication and recognition, which features locating, positioning, and following objects functions.

FIFISH V6 is the first multi-directional and free-angle underwater drone. V6 is portable, and its size is 1/3 of previous FIFISH. The retail price is more competitive. FIFISH V6 is upgraded in all aspects. FIFISH V6 will be launched in March 2019.

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Friday, January 11, 2019

"Hyundai Showroom Live," an Interactive Video Experience, Now Available on HyundaiUSA

In a first-of-its-kind application from an automaker in the U.S., Hyundai has introduced "Hyundai Showroom Live," a new live video chat platform on that provides an engaging and informative experience for customers. The video chat service allows users to dynamically interact in real time with a product specialist, who will answer their questions live as if both the user and specialist were in a showroom together. As car shoppers today want a more personalized and transparent car buying experience, this feature allows them to conveniently learn more about Hyundai vehicles.

"Hyundai strives to improve the car buying experience, and the new 'Hyundai Showroom Live' feature leverages new technology for a more engaging, personal and interactive experience with our products," said Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America. "Customers are shopping fewer brands and completing most of their research online, so this tool is an opportunity for them to learn more about our vehicles from the comfort of their home. And when they decide to move forward in the buying process, a simpler and more modern car buying experience will be waiting for them through Shopper Assurance."

The video chat live feed occurs three days a week—Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays—from 8 a.m. to noon, Pacific Time. Each session will last 1 hour, with a 30-minute break in between. During the hour-long session, a Hyundai product specialist will provide a detailed exterior and interior walk around of a Hyundai vehicle and will respond to specific questions submitted by customers. A different Hyundai model will be rotated in the studio each day.

At the scheduled times, the interactive chat platform, "Hyundai Showroom Live," will automatically launch on the Hyundai website homepage and prompt interested consumers to enter. Users can ask a question of the presenter at any time through the video chat window. The product specialists see questions on their iPad screens, which also contain quick reference information about each vehicle to answer more technical user questions. Customers can easily click to the other sections of Hyundai's website to learn more about the vehicle or to find a dealer near them. They can also continue the buying process and take advantage of Hyundai's Shopper Assurance conveniences, which include transparent pricing, flexible test drives, a streamlined purchase and a three-day worry-free exchange. When the service is offline, customers get a message about the times when the sessions will be hosted.

"Hyundai Showroom Live" is powered by Whisbi, a video chat provider that INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai's agency of record, identified as a unique new way to engage consumers. INNOCEAN worked with Whisbi to bring the program to life and is managing the on-set production.

SOURCE Hyundai Motor America
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Beverage Technology Startup Secures Series-A Funding at CES

LifeFuels, the creator of the world's first portable beverage maker, will be attending CES 2019 with a success story that has been three years in the making.

The Reston, VA-based startup attended CES in 2016 where they first pitched LifeFuels. Self-funded at the time, the small team came eager to validate the concept of its product and meet potential partners.

The beverage technology pitch included three components - a sleek technology-packed smart bottle, multi-serve beverage concentrates called FuelPods, and an app that tracks both hydration and nutrition. All three components integrate to empower consumers to create personalized drinks that enhance their health and wellness goals.

While exhibiting in 2016, LifeFuels successfully validated their product concept by being named an Innovation Award honoree and a "Best of CES" Finalist by Engadget. The startup also found its industrial design partner, DCA Design, and began a redesign of the bottle.

During CES 2017, the LifeFuels team shared the redesigned bottle with industry partners and other attendees.

In 2018, LifeFuels was back on the CES show floor with a team of 15, showcasing the portable beverage maker to an excited audience. Another Innovation Award Honoree win helped set LifeFuels apart and increased their visibility.

Most importantly, during CES 2018, LifeFuels drew the attention of Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) executives on the show floor. The companies built a strategic relationship, culminating in Keurig Dr Pepper investing in LifeFuels, closing out their Series-A round. The partnership will accelerate commercialization and growth of the LifeFuels patented, award-winning, portable beverage maker.

Bob Gamgort, Chief Executive Officer of KDP, stated, "LifeFuels has created a leading edge, technology-forward drink system that meets an important on-the-go consumer need – staying on track with hydration and nutritional goals. We're excited to partner with them on their growth plans for 2019 and beyond."

LifeFuels FuelPods deliver up to 15 concentrated servings of great-tasting, all natural beverages in a variety of flavors, tailored to an activity or lifestyle. From Pre-workout to Recovery and Energy to Sleep FuelPods – LifeFuels offers consumers a healthy choice for most occasions throughout the day.

Consumers will be able to mix-and-match flavors and nutritional boosts to craft their own custom drinks in the portable beverage maker directly from the app. The integrated app tracks consumption, nutrition, and hydration while providing consumers with actionable insights to take control of their health and wellness.

LifeFuels received a patent on its portable beverage maker in 2018 and will be on the market in 2019. "I've been to a lot of trade shows over the course of my career, but I've never experienced anything that was as successful and as productive as the two times we've exhibited at CES," says LifeFuels CEO and Founder, Jonathon Perrelli. "We're ready to disrupt the beverage industry with technology that provides the drink options of a grocery store aisle in one very smart bottle."

Perrelli and his team will be attending CES again this year to meet with distribution, retail, industry, and media partners.

"After closing our Series-A round, we're looking forward to attending CES 2019 focused on growing our distribution and reach," says Rob Lawson-Shanks, LifeFuels CTO and Founder. "Consumers were initially interested in LifeFuels based on the design of our bottle, but we expect that they will also enjoy the flavor and functionality of our beverages, while utilizing the actionable insights provided by our app."

SOURCE LifeFuels
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LiveXLive Showcases The Power Of Its Music Streaming Platform At CES Las Vegas

On Tuesday night, an invite-only LiveXLive Media, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVX) event, packed with media, tech, investor VIPs and industry insiders, was transformed into a surprise livestreamed original "LiveXLive Presents" event. Held during CES at CATCH Las Vegas, inside the ARIA Hotel, the event featured performances from Chromeo, Tierra Whack, O.T. Genasis, Cousin Stizz, Tabi and J Hype. The previously unannounced livestream generated over one million views across LiveXLive's music platform.

"We wanted to use CES to demonstrate the power of our music platform to thought leaders across the media, tech and investment communities," said Robert Ellin, Chairman and CEO of LiveXLive. "When we looked at the lineup of stars and breaking talent we put together, it became clear that we had to share the night with our fans and subscribers. With almost no notice, we saw more than 1 million streams on Tuesday night."

With a lineup carefully selected by LiveXLive, the event expanded LiveXLive from a leading festival broadcaster to a creator of artist-breaking opportunities. The concert was the fourth original live music event curated by LiveXLive, with previous "LiveXLive Presents" events featuring notable artists such as Playboi Carti and Nas.

LiveXLive plans to stream more than 27 music festivals, concerts and other live music events across the globe featuring over 400 hours of live content during its 2019 fiscal year. The company continues to expand its offering, with original series programming, single artist concerts, and award show content.

Iimages from the 2019 CES LiveXLive Presents event can be found at

SOURCE LiveXLive Media, Inc.
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Huion exhibits Kamvas Pro pen displays at CES Las Vegas 2019

As the global stage for innovation, CES is also served as the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. As a technology innovator as well as a creative thinker, Huion also attended the event to usher in the arrival of 2019.

"Customer feedback does not just give us direction for development, but also should be considered as part of our product standard," said Henry Xu, CEO of HUION Animation Technology, "which will be the road taken by Huion in the years to come." Therefore, the latest products brought to CES by Huion are sure to attract the CG community's attention as well as creative workers.

Kamvas Pro 13 Pen Display

Kamvas Pro 13, has been one of the most popular graphic input devices on the global market in 2018 since it was released. Apart from the full-laminated screen, which helps to terminate visual disparity between the cursor and pen nib, Kamvas Pro 13 also boasts several excellent technical specifications. For instance, the industry leading report rate 266PPS does not just save users from lagging feedback and broken lines, but also gives a full play to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, enabling users to express themselves freely and accurately. Owing to 120% sRGB color gamut, works created become more true to life, and therefore the essence of works are better delivered via richer color presentation.

In addition the digital pen designed by Huion is exclusively developed with a flexible nib for better rendering of lines input with different levels of pressure and +60 degree titling brush. Two buttons on the pen are programmed as eraser and mouse right-click equivalents by default respectively, with a convex feature to prevent unintended clicking.

Kamvas Pro 22 Pen Display

The battery free electromagnetic resonance technology applied by Huion enables users to create with more flexibility. There are no more wires with the pen while working, and no more low batteries when inspiration occurs. Kamvas Pro 22 pen display developed with EMR technology, is created to better facilitate users in designing. Anti-glare glass with afrosted surface applied to Kamvas Pro 22 protects users' eyes from harmful glare, and at the same time provides them real life experience of drawing on paper.

Product display

More new products created by Huion will arrive in 2019. To learn more about the products, please visit

If you have any questions on products, please feel free to contact the manager at +86-182-1916-9409 or email

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