Apple watchOS 4 Announced

An update for the Apple Watch is coming which introduces new faces that display different types of informations, such as Siri reminders or more visual ones that feature Toy Story characters a la Mickey Mouse. There’s also a fitness-focused update, which includes monthly challenges to encourage the wearer to get more active and NFC-enabled data sharing where the user can tap their Apple Watch on gym equipment to pair the two, sharing the most accurate calorie burn and activity information.

There’s also a new Music app to make finding and playing music via the Apple Watch more visual — you can now use a new dock layout to scroll through recently opened apps.

New from Apple's watchOS 4: 

- More watch faces (with more Disney characters!) 
- New Siri-centric face, with smart notifications 
- New Apple Music face for your music (with AirPod integration!) 
- Achievement Progress updates for your athletic goals 
- Two-way communication with gym equipment (Life Fitness, Cybex, Schwinn, Startrac, and StairMaster) 
- Flashlight mode & emergency flasher
- Native core bluetooth support
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