Guide to launching a successful Instagram photo contest

With the daily increasing need of social media applications, people have been doing everything in their power to reach up to the expectations of their followers. Instagram photo contests are very popular among Instagramers nowadays. 

These contests help you have a better marketing strategy. Following is a guide that would help you launch a successful Instagram photo contest:

#1 Know and Plan your Goals and Objectives:

The first thing you need to do when you start something is planning. You need to plan your goals and objectives and stick to them. Your goal would help you reach your target in a much easier way, and once your objectives are clear, you can make things work in a better way.

#2 Entry Method:

To keep your audience interested in your contest, you need to think of an innovative entry method for your followers to enter to contest. For instance, you can ask your followers to upload a certain kind of photo with a specific hashtag for them to enter your contest.

#3 Find the Perfect Hashtag:

Hashtags are important for Instagrammers, which is why it's important for you to choose the right hashtag for your audience to use. Your hashtag should be small, memorable and relevant. Don’t share something that would be difficult for your followers to remember.

#4 Pick the Right Theme:

The theme you pick would represent your page so you might as well pick an effective and unique theme. Your theme should align with your product. It should be attractive and engaging. Your followers would like to enter your photo contest more if you have an interesting theme.

#5 Decide How your Winners Would be Chosen:

When you’ll be running a contest, you’ll obviously be having some winners. Now you have to decide how you will choose your winners. The best way to do that is through either hiring a jury or through public voting. Both the ways would keep your followers engaged.

#6 Choose What Your Winners Would Get:

When you have winners, you’re going to have to give them a reward to keep them interested and eager to join the next time you perform a contest. You can decide your award by analyzing your follower’s interest rates, and then you can give them something they would like.

#7 Always have Terms and Conditions:

To run a contest, you should always follow some legal guidelines that include adding some terms and conditions so that your followers won't post something illegal that can get you and your page in trouble.

#8 Promotions:

The one thing that would make your contest go viral are promotions. Promote your contest as much as possible. The more you promote, the more people would get involved into this, and the more people would get involved, the more your contest would go viral. You can use websites like Vibbi buy Instagram likes that are real and that will engage with your posts.

#9 Submissions:

When people would submit their entries, always remember to monitor them. See the number of submissions you got, how many likes you got per submission, how many participants you have, your top reach, your total likes, etc. These things are essential for you to meet your goal.

#10 Follow up accordingly:

Once you are done with your contest, you should follow up accordingly. Revise your rules, go through your submissions see who won and see what people thought of your contest. If it was successful, run another one.

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