Keep Your Business Connected

Where would today’s businesses across the world be without computers? It is almost impossible to imagine how businesses managed to run efficiently without them. Files can be accessed at the touch of a button, vast amounts of information can be transmitted across the world in seconds and all forms of communication from the written word to telephone calls to video conferencing are, to put it simply, easy.

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Working on the move

Some businesses require no more than a room full of desks, computers and (hopefully) talented and happy people in order to thrive. Other businesses who trade the world over require one additional facility to prosper in modern times – the ability for businessmen to take all the information and communication tools their computers provides with them wherever they are in the world. Not only does this enable them to access figures, run slick presentations and stay in complete contact with colleagues no matter which hemisphere they may be in, it also enables them to continue to work effectively wherever they are; during the otherwise lost hours sitting on a train or waiting at an airport, killing time at a café waiting for the next meeting or whilst sitting in a lonely hotel room.
The laptop or “personal computer for mobile use” as Wikipedia describes it, is therefore an essential tool for any hardworking, successful businessman. Whilst laptops for business are in essence pretty much the same as laptops for home, when choosing yours, there a few key features that must not be overlooked.

Points to Consider

    Imagine taking a ten hour flight to give the big presentation to the big client in order to clinch the big deal. Worrying whether your laptop is going to go into computer meltdown is not an extra pressure you need. Your business laptop needs to be reliable.

    Battery Life

      For travelling businessmen, the opportunities to re-charge your laptop’s battery can sometimes be few and far between. Ensure your battery can go the distances you do. Look for laptops with backlit displays which use less power, helping to conserve your battery.


        Should you require many files to be stored on your laptops, and/or the ability to run several programmes at once, ensure you have sufficient RAM. Anything from 2GB upwards should do the job.


          Its way more convenient to use one computer for everything right? Try out the laptop’s keyboard before you buy. Laptops for business are available with full size qwerty keyboards, some with extra spacing between keys to reduce typing errors. Consider a docking station for added convenience when back at the office.


            It’s a portable computer. You are tired, you leave it behind and its packed full of sensitive data – the consequences don’t bear thinking about! Choose a business laptop with integrated fingerprint reader and protect your data.

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