Just How Big Is Apple? [Infographic]

Apple, a company started by a group of three friends forced to scrounge for the money required for their first Apple I computers, has grown into a multi-billion dollar corporation that has become a household name in many countries. Since its beginnings, Apple has made the long, arduous journey and has cultivated a hold on several of the world's largest markets.

Apple didn't succeed just by sticking to making home computers. Since then they've introduced the first usable mouse pointer to home consumers, programmed one of the most secure and usable operating systems, and they have become an indisputable success when it comes to consumer electronics.

But there's more to the story of apple's success than just their history. Their success wasn't founded on just one particular point but has been earned as the cumulative result of many smart business decisions. If you take a look at this infographic about how large Apple really is, you may have some idea of just what drives the $508 billion-dollar corporation in this current day and age.

Source: Best Computer Science Degrees
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