One dollar, Two Dollars, Three - Why is My Money Disappearing so Quickly?

Have you ever wondered where all your money is going, exactly? Sure, there are the requisite payments like rent, electricity and petrol, but how much of that hard earned cash goes towards ‘harmless’ incidentals like your daily coffee and take away lunch? In the long run, little purchases here and there can add up and the overall effect on your wallet can be far from harmless.  Read on to find out the most common reasons why your money is disappearing so quickly.

The bottomless cup of coffee – Does the mere thought of eliminating your beloved takeaway coffee give you the jitters? As difficult as it may be, try calculating how much  you spend on buying coffee each week and see for yourself what your  love affair with coffee is really costing you. On average, a $4.00 coffee (and that’s if you are lucky to get a good coffee at a decent price) can set you back $40.00 a week, adding up to a whopping $160.00 a month. If this caffeine contraband talk is just all too much for you to take in, then why not ease yourself into it. Maybe treat yourself at the end of the week with a coffee, or perhaps alternate coffee buying days with making instant brew at the office.

Eating out – It’s oh so tempting to duck into the takeaway store at lunch or after work to grab a quick meal. As convenient and easy as buying take out may be (especially after a hard day at work), those lunches and dinners can really start adding up. Instead, consider doing a little bit of meal planning and grocery shopping at the beginning of the week and organise meals and ingredients for the upcoming week. By doing a little preparation on the weekend you will find it easier to cook at home when you have an idea of what you will be preparing for the night.  Aside from saving money, you will also reap the bonus benefits of a healthier lifestyle!

Mobile phone bills – Mobile phone bills can really cause havoc on your monthly budgets. To avoid any unwanted surprises, consider switching to a pre-paid mobile account. A pre-paid account is a fantastic way to keep an accurate tab on your mobile spending habits, since you decide beforehand the exact amount you will spend for the upcoming month. Also, be sure to stretch your credit further by using mobile phone apps such as Viber and WhatsApp Messenger which allow free texting (but data usage)

Author Bio:
Max Seymour is a part-time freelance writer and full-time finance guru, with a passion for business finance.

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