Changing the World with iOS

In all of human history, no invention has taken the fancy of the world’s population as has the mobile phone. Amongst these phones, the iPhone has been something truly special. With a world class operating system that is setting the standards for the mobile phone industry, the iOS is the perfect place for developers to show off their skills and creativity. With the iPad2 and the iPhone4 hitting the market with some stunning creations, here’s a look at some of design trends that have put this technology miles above the others.

The Centre Tab

For social networking applications, Apple decided to put the tab button right in the centre of the tabs of the bottom bar. Other designers are picking up this trend, something that gives people a simple way of sharing things with just one button, that too in the centre of everything. It’s the first thing to catch your eye when you start up the application, and that’s exactly what you want them to see.

Modal Views

There are plenty of places where you come across modal boxes. Your desktop and browser has plenty of these but if you are looking to gather some user information, then you need the iOS. Without opening up tonnes of windows, you can find an easy way to get all you need through simple yes or no boxes. Almost all new applications come with these boxes, making your life easier.

Linking Icons

There are always some bits that stand out of the rest and it is quite important to ensure that your layout doesn’t hide out important elements like links. The iPhone has some fantastically designed icons that are used to mark out special areas. There are plenty of freebies available over the Internet and if you can’t make your own icons, just dip into that pool and pick up some excellent options.

Give out Badges

One of the best ways to give people incentive to spend more time on your applications is to give out badges to them for achieving various things on your applications. The more they do, the more badges they get. There are plenty of badges out there that you can choose from, i.e. if you don’t want to spend time making them. This iOS innovation took the world by storm, getting everyone excited about achieving targets.

Loading animation

There was a time when the percentage counters and loading bars were the only way to indicate that things on your screen hadn’t stopped. What Apple did was introduce a whole new world where the loaders were unique to the programmes that they were made for. Every single thing was along the lines of something you would have never seen before, making your experience even better.

Cropped Images

When you create an application that dynamically changes the size of the images, it takes a lot more coding as well as processing power to do that. It takes a very patient and capable team to put something like that together. Using applications like Ballin’, you get a thumbnail and full-screen image without having to worry about putting it together yourself. While it is more difficult to create something like this, it will always pay off with a better experience in the long run.
In the world of cars, the Mercedes S-Class is the place where all the latest technologies come up first. Everything you see on the S-Class ends up in regular road cars about 10-years down the line. The iOS is something similar – they are the pioneers of the best looking technology on the planet and while it may not take as long for something to come out on the app-tech front but if you are looking for the best design ideas being put into practice, Apple is where your “I” needs to be!

Jacob Baron – author

Working in the field of logo design, in Brisbane, Jacob takes to almost every possible arena where he can get inspiration for his designs. The world of Apple has always fascinated this tech-freak as he spends his time looking for ways to take his designs to a whole new level. He spends a lot of time looking at what the world is getting at and uses them to create new ideas for his own projects.

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