magniX Powers Eviation's All-Electric Alice Aircraft for Historic First Flight

magniX, a manufacturer of electric propulsion solutions for aviation, today announced it has powered Eviation Aircraft's historic first flight of its zero-emission Alice technical demonstrator aircraft. The aircraft is powered by two magniX magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs), the only flight-proven electric propulsion systems at this scale.

magniX Powers Eviation's All-Electric Alice Aircraft for Historic First Flight

In a historic day for aviation, Alice lifted off at 7:10 a.m. from Grant County International Airport (MWH), Moses Lake, Washington, east of Seattle. Lasting 8 minutes, the maiden flight of this revolutionary all-electric aircraft is a significant milestone on the path to environmentally sustainable air travel. The Alice marks a new generation of aircraft, as the world's first "clean-sheet design" all-electric passenger plane, built from the ground up around the electric propulsion system.

magniX is the global leader in electric propulsion for aircraft, having already proven its EPUs with flights of an electrified (retrofitted) De Havilland Beaver seaplane (2019) a Cessna Grand Caravan (2020) and a Robinson 44 helicopter (2022).

The successful deployment of Electrified Aircraft Propulsion (EAP) enables the Eviation Alice to produce zero carbon emissions, significantly reduces noise, and substantially reduces maintenance and operating costs.

"The first flight of Alice represents the new dawn of electric flight, and underpins magniX's industry leadership in electric propulsion. We are proud of our partnership with Eviation, and that together we can take this step toward revolutionizing the way the world travels," said Nuno Taborda, CEO of magniX.

magniX is on the path to FAA Part 33 certification, working hand in hand with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has granted magniX the first, and currently only, Special Conditions for establishing full certification of electric propulsion for aircraft.

In 2021, magniX was awarded funding from NASA to demonstrate the technology for its Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration program – a four-year venture accelerating the commercialization of electric aviation.

Electric flight will connect regional communities in ways previously not possible, and marks a technological leap that promises to redefine the transportation of people and goods for future generations.

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