Enjoy Truly Sublime Coffee with the JURA E4

JURA presents the new E4, an automatic coffee machine focused on the essentials of brewing to perfection. The E4 brews café quality coffee and espresso, plus it can deliver hot water on demand for Americano or tea.

Enjoy Truly Sublime Coffee with the JURA E4

JURA technology and craftsmanship make the E4 stand out. Its Professional Aroma Grinder, eighth generation brewing unit and 3D brewing process work together to enhance full-bodied aroma. The large capacity brewing unit can hold up to 16 grams of coffee, and there are three intensity levels to choose from, so users can customize their brew to taste.

Offering truly sublime coffee that is always freshly ground, not capsuled, the E4 makes it easy to experience the rich taste and aroma of coffee brewed from freshly ground beans. With just one touch, the user can select the desired option on the intuitive symbol display. The E4 offers the option of brewing two cups at once or a double shot into one cup, thanks to its dual spout and double grinding cycle. The hot water function is ideal for preparing tea or adding hot water to espresso to create an authentic Americano.

The E4 has a 64 oz. water tank and 10 oz. whole bean container, providing ample capacity for daily use or entertaining. The Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.), CLEARYL filter cartridge and integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs help ensure pure taste in the cup.

Beautiful inside and out, the E4 embodies the simplicity that is the hallmark of premium design. It is crafted with maximum precision, with minimalist lines for contemporary style.

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