Yadea Launches KS5 Series

Yadea Launches KS5 Series

Yadea Technology Group Co. Ltd., the global leading electric two-wheel vehicle brand, announced today the launch of 2 all-new powerful electric kick scooters, KS5 and KS5 Pro on Amazon.com in the United States.

Featuring an array of cutting-edge technologies and customer-oriented functions, the KS5 series gives riders the freedom to traverse urban and natural terrain, providing a smooth and stable ride in all scenarios from leisure cruising to a delightful daily commute.

"Our flagship Yadea KS5 series comes in two flavors, with a max speed of 21.8 mph. Even at very high speeds, the Yadea KS5 series provides a safe and stable riding experience, thanks to our innovative Electric Combination Braking System(ECBS) and advanced shock absorbers," said Aska Zeng, General Manager of Yadea.

Yadea Launches KS5 Series

Safe and Comfortable Riding Experience

Yadea's precision engineering team deeply understands that riders consider safety as the prime concern.

For this reason, Yadea installed a novel triple braking system featuring a front drum brake, rear disc brake and electric brake. The Electric Combination Braking System (ECBS), enhances control and responsiveness and enables fast braking. Yadea's rider design-centric efforts have greatly increased the comfort and safety level of the KS5 electric kick scooters.

In addition, the kick scooter comes equipped with a new front shock absorber to reduce bumps and jitter when riding over obstacles like potholes and stones, or rough road conditions. This is combined with a standing deck that is big and wide enough to allow riders of all sizes to balance effortlessly with quick and flexible movement. To enhance its cruising ability , the KS5 series includes a Smart-BMS lithium battery with a long lasting charge that can automatically recycle kinetic energy into electricity while kicking, braking, and going downhill.

Easy-to-use Functions Designed for Green Travel

One of the electric kick scooter's coolest features is the dynamic Bright LED display showing speedometer, Bluetooth status, headlight, power mode and battery life. KS5 Pro uses Bluetooth to transform the unit into a connected smart-device. "YadeaScooter" APP for both iOS and Android allows riders to wirelessly lock and locate scooters, see power levels in realtime, and even view and compare riding records and stats directly on the app.

Yadea Electric Kick Scooter is framed in an exquisite and simplistic style. Outdoor aficionados regard the KS5 series as the ultimate high-tech mobile toy. For commuters, the KS5 series is a time-saving tool for their commuting, and the symbol of a comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

With a global vision, Yadea has been bringing its e-mobility solutions to 50 million users around the world with a sales network spanning over 80 countries. Expanding the company's business in the US online channel is a part of Yadea's strategy to strengthen local customers' experience. Yadea offers $60-$70 off coupons valid from May 7th to May 15th on Amazon to celebrate the launch.

For more information, please visit https://www.yadea.com/

SOURCE Yadea Technology Group Co. Ltd.

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