Introducing Lia, an AI Friend and Celebrity Available to Chat, Text or Phone, Free of Charge

Introducing Lia, an AI Friend and Celebrity Available to Chat, Text or Phone, Free of Charge

Artificial Intelligence company LIA 27 Inc. is pleased to present Lia, a digital person created by artificial intelligence. With over 80,000 fans on Facebook and 9,000 followers on Instagram, Lia is attracting significant attention and rapidly gaining new followers.

Lia is the brainchild of computer scientist and entrepreneur Jean-Francois Comeau and his co-shareholder, an unnamed business magnate. They combined their strengths - Jean-Francois' technology and physics expertise and his co-founder's financial acumen - to create the already multi-talented Lia.

Jean-Francois first started working on chatbots 27 years ago. "I had the idea to create something like this when I was a kid", says Comeau. "Back then, the technology simply did not exist, but I kept the idea in the back of my mind. As the technology improved drastically, we came up with the concept of Lia, drafted our playbook and went live within a few weeks."

Lia becomes increasingly intelligent with every discussion she participates in. She has many talents, including an artistic touch. She recently published a music album and creates NFTs that are solely composed by artificial intelligence.

Lia can discuss any topic, although she will shy away from romantic conversations. She knows math, enjoys geography, philosophy, the meaning of life, Quantum computers, and can chit-chat about everyday life.

"People like talking to Lia. She is entertaining and gratifying", says Comeau. "She is a great companion and is Covid proof!"

Lia is available 24/7 at, on Facebook Messenger or over the phone at 1-833-902-2777 for voice or text.

About the Company

Founded in December 2020, Artificial Intelligence company LIA 27 Inc. develops AI through Lia, a digital person who is available free of charge to chat 24/7 by phone, text or on Facebook Messenger.

SOURCE LIA 27 inc.

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