Nexar Announces New Lightweight Dash Camera For Safe Driving

Today, Nexar announced the availability of its 'Nexar Beam' dash camera, a smaller and lighter version of the 'Nexar Pro' dash camera meant for everyday drivers. Nexar Beam is the world's smartest dash cam that connects drivers to a network of others on the road to obtain real-time information.

Nexar's Beam dash cam uses the same computer-vision artificial intelligence (AI) and inter-vehicle networking software as the Nexar Pro camera but is more compact and affordable. Nexar's mission is to eliminate road collisions worldwide by alerting drivers to dangers ahead in real-time. Nexar developed the Beam camera to expand access for those that are concerned about road safety, but don't necessarily need the additional features that the Pro camera offers, like recording the interior of the vehicle. The dash cam connects to the Nexar app, which is the heart of the operation, providing free and unlimited cloud back-up. It detects incidents, and allows drivers to manage their recorded drives. An added benefit for consumers is the ability to easily report incidents to their insurance companies. Dash cams powered by Nexar are the only ones that get better with time.

"Nexar exists to make our roads safer and smarter," said Eran Shir, CEO of Nexar. "Every day, as our connected network of drivers gets larger, our vision-based technology gives us a deeper understanding of cities and the hazards on the road. We want the features and benefits of this network to be accessible to everyone. The Nexar Beam camera functionality was created with everyday drivers in mind."

Similar to the Nexar Pro, the Nexar Beam will continue to be compatible with the most popular devices: iPhone (model 7 and up), Samsung Galaxy/Note (model 8 and up), and Google Pixel. The one-time payment for the dash cam also covers the lifetime use of the Nexar app, cloud storage, and network. Consumers can purchase the Nexar Beam camera for $78 through the company's website or on Amazon.

The Nexar Beam camera is made from the same hardware as the Pro and has the same video quality and storage capacities. Nexar drivers have been able to accurately detect incidents through the app and get to their destination faster. As this community continues to grow with the introduction of the Nexar Beam design, the driving experience will only get smarter and safer for everyone.

Nexar Beam is available here:

Nexar Pro is available here:


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