Katai Announces BlueJay - A Next Generation Intelligent 360° Camera System

Katai announced today the availability of its next generation, high resolution 360° video camera named BlueJay. BlueJay features a number of industry firsts such as: a 48 Mega Pixel advanced sensor, a very wide and automatically adjustable field of view (up to 360°) with a single point of focus, built-in edge analytics and processing. The system also provides full connectivity support including USB C, ethernet (and power over ethernet), WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE support.

The BlueJay is based on Katai's highly patented technology. Katai's unique approach allows for a much higher resolution image – often 4-6x that of conventional/traditional fisheye systems. With its high resolution, widest field of view, and on-camera processing, the BlueJay is the most advanced optical IOT device in the market today.

Katai is now sampling its camera to end users and distributors in the video conferencing market, including the rapidly growing huddle room and Zoom Room markets. The BlueJay's advanced features provide a unique solution for video conferencing leaders such as Zoom, Microsoft's Skype, Blue Jeans and other systems. In addition, the system provides a platform for developing unique software features for video conferencing such as user counting, auto zoom, auto framing, auto registration, etc. Katai has already established partnerships with leading video conferencing providers and plans to add more partnerships in the near future. Katai is transforming the next generation of video conferencing.

In addition to video conferencing, Katai is already seeing demand for BlueJay in a number of other markets based on ongoing user trials. These markets include:

- Smart City: BlueJay's 360° field of view, very high resolution, and low light capability make it a uniquely capable Smart City IOT device. BlueJay's edge processing and full wireless connectivity allows images to be efficiently analyzed at the edge with minimal latency and unmatched performance.

- Smart Retail: The BlueJay system allows retailers to cover broad areas of a retail environment with fewer cameras. Built-in edge analytics provides retailers with real-time analysis of user behavior, demographics, sentiment, and activity.

Raghu Menon, CEO of Katai notes, "Katai's patented technology was perfected for military applications such as autonomous vehicle support. Based on that success, we have worked closely with our commercial development partners to make our solution price-competitive with cameras that provide a fraction of our capability. Katai's technology is a perfect solution for a number of markets such as video conferencing and is unmatched in the marketplace today."

"Katai's breakthrough approach brings optical IOT technology into this century," explains Katai's Chairman and wireless veteran, Perry LaForge. "Today's existing wide-angle systems are based on 40-year-old 'fisheye' technology, which introduces latency, artifacts, and image distortion. The patented BlueJay system provides a wide angle, high resolution image, that when coupled with Katai's on-board processing and connectivity, makes it one of the most powerful optical IOT devices in the world today."

To learn more about Katai's BlueJay and our sampling program, please visit: https://www.katai.co/

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