UVify wins Silver in the 2019 National AI Challenge

The Korean National AI Research and Development Challenge has awarded UVify the Silver Prize at the competition which was held on July 12, 2019.

UVify was among only three organizations to achieve this prestigious benchmark. The competition had teams from 121 organizations and included some of the world's most prestigious researchers from the private sector, universities, and other organizations.

The Challenge was initiated in 2018 and each team was required to develop its own software for the Challenge. The categories for the Challenge included speech recognition, optical character recognition, video analysis, and intelligent autonomous drones.

For the intelligent autonomous drone competition, UVify used its Draco-R drone which defeated teams from teams from several of the Korea's most prestigious organizations. Of the 17 teams to qualify in the competition, only UVify and KAIST successfully completed the course, taking the silver and gold categories, respectively.

"UVify is committed to pushing the limits of aerial robotics and artificial intelligence technologies to redefine what's possible with these technologies. This victory is a testament to the UVify vision," says UVify COO Robb Cheek. "Our Draco-R is the world's leading platform for next-generation aerial robotics development projects and is used extensively by the world's most prestigious organizations to rapidly develop cutting-edge applications."

The UVify Draco-R is available from www.UVify.com as well as through authorized UVify distributors. In addition to the Draco-R, UVify offers the award-winning IFO for drone lightshows, and its swarm drone the IFO-S, which feature a tightly integrated Nvidia Jetson Nano, all of which can be customized to specific customer requirements.

Draco-R includes the following features:
Modular parts
Easy-to-replace powertrain.
Fully assembled and ready-to-fly
Integrated Jetson TX2 (or Nano) with UVify Core autopilot system (PX4 supported)
Powerful powertrain
Smart battery
Payload mount bay
RTK-GNSS ready
Computer vision ready
Hot swap between desktop and field

About UVify

UVify creates aerial robots that simplify difficult and costly tasks. UVify is the winner of multiple awards including: The 2019 National AI Challenge / Intelligent Autonomous Drone Silver for its Draco-R, Drone Rush Best Commercial Drone (CES 2019), Drone Rush Best Racing Drone (CES 2019), Best Racing Drone (DroneDJ), Digital Trends Top Tech (CES 2018), Best Mini Drone / Best Beginner's Drone award from Drone Rush (CES 2018), Best Drone (CES 2017), Best Drone/Robot by Engadget (CES 2017), Best Danger by the Verge (CES 2017), and Best Drone by Robotics Trends (CES 2017).

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