Winter is Coming: Gobi Heat's Sahara 3-Zone Heated Jacket is Winter's Worst Enemy

With carbon-fiber heating elements and a slim-profile battery that lasts up to 10 hours, the Sahara 3-zone heated jacket is heating things up this winter.

In the winter time, the most important thing for people is staying warm so that they can enjoy all the great activities that the snow provides. Utah-based heated apparel company Gobi Heat helps individuals gear up for Fall and Winter with their cornerstone Sahara 3-zone heated jacket for both men and women. This jacket provides the lasting warmth that makes winter activities more enjoyable and accessible.

The most versatile jacket in the heated apparel industry, the Sahara soft-shell jacket is wind, water, and abrasion resistant and allows their customers to control their body temperature with three heat settings: Low, Medium, and High. Also, this jacket has three heat zones in the most effective locations, two zones in the chest and a large zone in the back.

Gobi Heat strives to create the ideal jacket for virtually any lifestyle. Unlike most winter jackets, the Sahara 3-zone heated jacket offers both comfort and style. Known for their wide range of sizes, Gobi Heat offers the Sahara in 5 different colors for both men and women. Included in each jacket is an ultra-slim battery pack, that last up to 10 hours for all-day comfort. The lasting warmth of this jacket lets individuals enjoy all the things that life has to offer in the winter without the added bulk that most heated jackets have.

Whether it's enjoying the upcoming holidays inside or hiking in the winter cold, heated apparel is not just for the outdoor enthusiast. Being cozy isn't just for sitting in front of the fireplace, and people do not need an oversized, puffy coat to stay warm. The cold weather is coming, get prepared with Gobi Heat.

SOURCE Gobi Heat
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