EMMESPHERE Sound Necklace Launches on Indiegogo -- Fashionable necklace with built-in wireless headphones for listening in style

EMMESPHERE has just announced the launch of their very first wearable collection, the Emmesphere Sound Necklaces. A usually mundane-looking but useful headphones is now transformed into an ingenuous and charming design which could be fashionably matched with an extensive spectrum in styles by interchanging jewelled pieces from the company's Qliq! Collections.

The Emmesphere Sound Necklace is unlike other wearables on the market, it is designed to offer a fashion statement piece which also functions as headphones without compromising on function and sound quality. Having the headphones embedded in the necklace allows the user to keep the headphones neatly around their neck all the time with easy access to music listening while solving the issues of headphones cables tangling with other accessories and fear of losing the headphones or ear pieces.

EMMESPHERE carefully designed the in-ear ear piece for more ergonomic fit and comfort for listening all day long. True to its name, the Sound Necklace is a harmonized amalgam of aesthetics, ergonomics and good sound. The company dedicated to achieving a high performance in both music playback and voice call quality. The meticulous choice of drive unit and tuning of the earphones ensures an immaculate sonic clarity and a balanced sound signature, catering to playback of a wide variety of music genres. While the microphone is enhanced to accentuate human voice frequency range and insulate from background and surrounding noise.

Emmesphere's Sound Necklaces are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, which allows users to easily pair various devices. The built-in microphone and remote control allows wearers to take calls, talk to Siri or prompt voice commands, play/pause music, switch songs and adjust volume without touching the phone. The products are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and most Bluetooth devices.

"Emmesphere" and "Lovesphere" are the first two products to be launched and are part of the maiden lineup of necklaces embodied with wireless headphones feature. The interchangeable "Qliq!" jewelry pieces can easily be swapped and "clicked" into place with the embedded magnetic locking mechanism.

There are three Qliq! Collections, the Filigree Qliq!, the Crystalline Qliq! and the Precious Qliq!. These options offering stunning designs adorned with elements such as enamel patterns, Swarovski crystals and masterfully handcrafted jewelled pieces to deliver versatile, fashionable centerpieces for the Emmesphere and Lovesphere Sound Necklaces. An adjustable chain allows wearers to further customize length the Sound Necklace for different.

An accessory option is also available for users who wants to wear the jewelry pieces without the headphones. The Hemisphere Necklace is a magnet-embedded semi-spheric pendant hanging from 925 Sterling Silver snake chain. The pendant is specifically designed to elegantly fit with EMMESPHERE's "Qliq!" jewelry pieces. With the pendant necklace, the "Qliq!" collection is accentuated to another level of elegance and could be worn simply as an accessory for any occasion.

EMMESPHERE products has pre-launched exclusively on Indiegogo in which backers will be able to order all EMMESPHERE products as well as special bundles and Premium Sets. The premium set features the Emmesphere Sound Necklace, with a choice from Crystalline Qliq! Collection, and the first 50 Indiegogo backers will receive the Hemisphere Pendant Necklace for FREE. More information can be found at https://igg.me/at/emmesphere.

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