Scewo is creating a stair climbing wheelchair

The Scewo wheelchair uses the two big wheels to drive around. This is done with an active control to keep the chair level at every moment. The wheels allow to overcome obstacles like curbs, tram tracks, grass, mud, stones, etc. The wheelchair can turn on spot and is very agile while driving around. Stairs are climbed up sitting backward and driven down in the forward position. The tracks adapt to the angle of the stair automatically and keep the user level at all times.

Compact and agile

The self-balancing technology enables rotating on spot and driving over curbs without getting stuck. The big wheels can go over obstacles without entanglement.
It's compact size allows to fit trough all standard doors and maneuver easily indoors.

Sleek & Minimal

The user interface is kept minimal without reducing any functionality. The design is functional and allows for many adjustments in the seating position.

Safe stair climbing

The well established rubber tracks give a smooth and safe ride on the stairs. Thanks to the very wide base of the rigid tracks the chair is stable even on spiral stair cases.
Transitioning on and off the stair is automated and accomplished by the push of a button.

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