Thursday, July 21, 2016

Smartphone Supercharger

Tesla Supercharger for Phones

- A must-have for every TESLA Enthusiast
- Charging cable for your Smartphone that looks like the original Tesla Supercharger
- Ready-to-charge with Micro-USB / Apple Lightning cable
- 3D-printed and very realistic


A friend of mine showed us his new Model S in 2014. He took us for a ride to the next supercharger station and explained how the supercharger network is working. It was stunning to see, how Tesla solved the long charging time problem of electric vehicles.
I spent almost all my free-time of researching Tesla Motors and the Model S - this is the future!
Visiting the supercharger station again, the idea came into my mind:
the supercharger network is the key to success for Tesla - so every Tesla owner would love to have an own supercharger at home.
So I developed the smartphone desk supercharger. Loving the whole Tesla story I am happy to share all the details and files of my work.

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