Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Custom wooden USB flash drive from Fox Brothers is a 32 gigabyte USB flash drive ideal for storing, transporting, or backing up files and would make an excellent gift for a photographer, computer enthusiast, or as backup in case your PC, laptop, etc. crashes or is damaged.

You can customize the woods used. If you would like a different storage capacity, they also make custom 64 GB drives in their shop, and if this isn't the right capacity either, you can send the request so they can work with you on a custom order. If you would like a different wood type, they can accommodate this as well. You can also put a name, company name, etc. on it using woodburning. 



FoxBrothersWood began as a way for me, Shane Fox, and my brother Clayton, to make a little money on the woodworking projects we made on the scroll saw and lathe and also to pay for wood and other materials to keep us working. We saw Etsy as a good option due to its low cost and easy maintenance and set up our shop in October 2015.

Looking for a project that would be interesting and relevant in today’s digital world, I decided to try making wooden flash drives. After a few experiments, I found that we could allow the customer to choose what woods and what capacity flash drive would be used, as well as giving them the option to have it personalized with a name or text. Therefore, it would make a great gift for a photographer, computer enthusiast, or just someone who wants to store files or back up their computer.

Customer service is a priority at FoxBrothersWood, so if you have a unique or different idea, let us know and we will do our best to try and accommodate that.

You can find the product here

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