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Video Marketing Is The Wise Advertising Choice For 2016 Make a huge digital impact with a video marketing strategy for 2016. Why and how video advertising has taken over from traditional written ads. 

In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying "Fast forward five years, it's going to be video.” This was stated as part a keynote speech where he talked about the changes in shared content on his platform and the takeover of videos from text links. It is easy to see why Facebook and many other digital platforms see video marketing as a central component of their models. In 2014, Facebook hosted approximately 1 billion video views per day. However, by the end of 2015, this number had grown in excess of 8 billion per day. This is an incredible number and proves that video marketing is well worth investing in.

Connect With Consumers 

Video advertising provides a unique and contemporary way of connecting with customers. If you’re able to actively engage with your target audience and hold their attention span whilst they watch a captivating video which promotes your brand, then you’ve come a long way in attracting their interest as a potential lead.

Identify Your Brand Values

Companies can use a short marketing video as a way to display their core brand values and ethos. Through the power of clever and thought-provoking storytelling, a company should be able to relay the personality of their brand as well as offering the USP of its products and services. Video is superior to the written word in this respect, as it provides the opportunity to display a quick snapshot into the culture of the company and allows customers to imagine what their experience of being involved with the brand would feel like.

As some videos are not watched in their entirety, it is of course imperative that a company pays particular attention to the opening few seconds of a video ad, in order to persuade the viewer to keep watching. If successful, the right video ad could provide engagement with a brand for as much as three minutes.

Expand Your Reach 

Whilst written advertising has worked well in the past, the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s digital users means that many site visitors don’t have the time to sit and click on every advertising link that they come across. In fact many users are now arguably blind to some types of text and banner advertising.
Video advertisers offer another method of being able to effectively connect with consumers. The modern digital landscape relies heavily on the importance of social media platforms and shared ideas. Although text links are shared, it is viral videos that have come to prominence in recent years. Sites such as Facebook make it even easier for videos to be viewed by allowing an auto-play functionality. This means that when a user scrolls down over the vid, it will start to play. The user is then forced to engage with the video by either watching it or stopping it.

Google Loves Videos 

The search engines are also aware of the power of video marketing. Google has a ‘Videos’ tab in its search results and some simple SEO techniques could ensure that your brand video is given the boost it needs in organic search.

When planning your video marketing campaign, it pays to do your research – watch plenty of other videos and work out what will appeal to your target market. With video consumption at the highest that it’s ever been, now is the time to hire some trusted corporate film makers and integrate video ads into the digital marketing campaign for your brand.

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Martin Newton is the Manager & Director of Energise Media, a video production company based in Hertfordshire. Energise Media specialises is creating engaging corporate videos.

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