GPS Treasure Hunts In London

Street-Based Team-Building Trend Attracts Thousands GPS Treasure Hunts are an excellent chance for companies to provide technology-based team-building challenges in cities around the world.
GPS treasure hunts are the new trend in fun team-building events which are powered by technology. The idea is that groups made up from a minimum of 8 people are led around a specific city and have to answer trivia questions along the way.

Team building helps to create nurture efficient and productive employees. In a GPS Treasure Hunt there is an opportunity to compete in various challenges. Spy School gives participants the opportunity to complete secret missions and City Explorer is the perfect chance to discover a city in a totally different light. Pub Explorer provides plenty of beverage stops on route around town!

The Technology

This activity works by combining a well-designed GPS app with a Google Maps interface on platforms such as the most recent Samsung Galaxy tablet or iPad Minis. The interactive maps allow you to see the exact location of your team as well as the ability to track rival groups with drop-pin functionality. You can also monitor the success of your team and that of your competitors on the live scoreboard.

Around The World 

Currently the GPS Treasure Hunts are set up to operate in over 22 different countries at more than 100 different city locations. This means that companies and organisations around the world can benefit from the entertainment that a GPS Treasure Hunt can provide.


Many different types of groups might want to enjoy a GPS Treasure Hunt – new graduate teams, old friends on a reunion trip or even a stag and hen party would relish the opportunity to take part in this activity. It provides an excellent chance to bond with team mates whilst bringing out a competitive side and having a giggle. However, typically GPS Treasure Hunts are organised for companies with a corporate team-building exercise pursuit in mind. Over 750 companies have already taken part in the exceedingly popular event which launched in 2011.

A treasure hunt can start from anywhere in a specific city, even beginning and ending at a company office if necessary. There is no need for a venue hire. Participants will simply receive either a tablet or iPad and then be assigned an event manager who will keep in touch with them via a messaging service throughout the challenge. They might be sent encouraging messages or just a curveball challenge such as a photo or video assignment which will ignite their creative skills.

Corporate Values 

The app has a personalisation feature which allows each company to customise parts of the treasure hunt to cater to its own professional needs. These might include testing delegates on their knowledge of a company’s latest products and services, information on company vision or the inclusion of training and induction focuses. To make it more light-hearted you might even test employees on their bosses by providing questions based on staff trivia.

GPS Treasure Hunts are trusted by huge companies such as Lloyds Bank, NHS, Harrods and Sky. If you’d like to join successful organisations such as these in providing an excellent team-building activity for your company, then arrange a GPS Treasure Hunt today.

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Gary Martin is a research consultant for the UK travel site Go 2 London. A lover of both London and business, he enjoys seeking out new entertainment and team building events and activities in the capital.

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