Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Can you combine search engine optimization with pay per click marketing? Is it necessary to use one when the other is already in place? Will combining the two result in a duplication of efforts and redundancy or are they complementary marketing strategies?

These questions are often commonplace among small business owners and individuals with a tight advertising budget and who are looking to save some money.  In this article, we’ll be looking at the close relationship between the two and how they synergistically improve each other’s results.

Increased Brand Visibility

One of the pillars of brand success is being everywhere at the same time. Your brand has to be all over the place for it to be noticed. What the combination of SEO and PPC does is to dominate those front pages for all relevant keywords.

This way, when visitors search for multiple keywords, click through the listings and see that it’s the same website, it unconsciously reinforces the brand in their heads. Search engine optimization is meant to help you secure rankings organically. This takes time and effort.

But, when you’re able to finally secure those spots, it can do wonders for your business. Now, you combine those juicy top rankings with extra ads, your brand alone can take up as much as 4 listings on the front page. That’s what’s called first-page brand domination.

Increased Traffic Generation

With either one, you can only expect a certain traffic volume to your website or web pages. But, having those two in the same front page increases your traffic volume. The idea is that if the visitor misses the first link, he or she will get to your website on the second link. This higher clickthrough rate means more relevant website visitors for you.

Higher Conversion Rates

PPC ads often need to be highly optimized. This means that those ads are usually highly targeted and designed to increase your website’s conversion rates. Not only are the ads tailored to a specific audience or demography, the landing page, the keywords and call to action on the landing page are all targeted.

The point is this: using the data from your successful PPC campaign, you can determine which keywords are generating the most leads, sales, and revenues. With this information, you can create targeted SEO campaigns to further increase your lead generation and profits. And because these campaigns are highly targeted, your conversion rates are likely to be higher.

More Sales and Revenue

With traffic from multiple sources and funnels, you can enjoy increased exposure and more sales from the increased number of visitors. This will naturally translate into increased profits for your business.

More orders, appointments, and bookings means more money in the bank for your business. If this is what you want, you should seriously consider creating more targeted SEO and PPC campaigns to take advantage of the possible traffic you can generate.

More Robust Marketing Strategy

In marketing and business, putting all proverbial eggs in one marketing basket isn’t a good idea. For instance, a few years ago, Google released a new search engine update that de-ranked and delisted many websites.

The result was that many small businesses ended up losing their search rankings, income, and revenues. Having a multi-pronged online marketing strategy like this is a smart way to protect yourself.

That way, even if a new update results in lower organic rankings, you’ll still have the profitable PPC campaigns running and generating leads and more business for you whilst working to get your rankings back.

Creating the perfect SEO and PPC campaigns, however, requires expertise and knowledge that only seasoned marketers like the guys at Kreativa can provide. So, if you’re looking to create an awesome synergistic campaign, the Kreativa team can help you do just that.

Author bio:
Oscar King is a freelance writer and small business owner who knows the dos and don’ts of blog marketing. He enjoys sharing helpful marketing articles with is audience. If you would like to learn more bout Oscar, you can check out his Google+ profile.

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