Thursday, November 12, 2015

Modern smartphones have been growing in size as users require a larger screen to interact with; this is compromising the smartphones' portability. 

The DRAS phone has been designed to address this issue. Design has a flexible screen without a solid frame around it so that it can be folded to a micro-phone (70mmx35mmx33mm), a highly compact format that still allows the user to check his messages, the time, the weather, other notifications, etc. or, alternatively, it can be folded to a mini-phone (70mmx70mmx16mm) that is the perfect format for a pocket. 

The appearance of the DRAS phone is fully customizable with different colours, materials and textures such as leather, aluminium, glossy polymer, etc.; these options
transform the phone to a high-end fashion accessory.

Source Rndcore

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