SipaBoards - The World’s First Self-Inflating Stand Up Paddleboard With An Electric Jet Engine

Standup paddleboarding is already a popular and fast-growing water sport. Now an innovative paddleboard design and 3 patented solutions from Slovenia are set to take that to the next level.

SipaBoards, a new startup from Slovenia, has just launched its country’s most ambitious crowd-funding campaign to date.

A Smart Innovation from Slovenia

Standup paddleboarding already has a loyal core of followers and its popularity is growing fast. As the world’s first self-inflating standup paddleboard, SipaBoards is changing the direction of this sport for the better and making it easier and more accessible for everyone.

Its innovative design opens up paddleboarding to children, beginners, and anyone else who is curious, but still hasn’t given the sport a try. The board pumps itself up in just a few minutes, getting you on the water more quickly, and the motor helps you keep stability and direction, making it easier to paddle further and stay out on the water longer.

According to those in the know, SipaBoards have come up with the smartest innovation in paddleboarding in recent years. The “no extra parts” philosophy of SipaBoards’ founder, Sebastjan Sitar, led him to design the motor’s housing so that it seamlessly fits into a whole in the board’s center of gravity.

The second innovation, named aptly the SipaDrive, is an integrated jet propulsion system, which gives the paddler assistance up to 3 knots. Everything is “smartly” operated wirelessly by buttons built into the paddle itself, so that communication with the motor is interrupted and the motor automativelly shuts off immediately if the paddle falls into the water.

Sipaboards come equipped with an electric battery that powers both the self-inflation pump and the safely hidden jet engine. Just as a bit of speed straightens out the first shaky pedals on a bicycle, the extra push of the motor helps keep balance and direction. This makes it perfect for children and beginners. Sipaboards also make it safer to go out on longer trips, as controls built into the paddle itself give you a boost of up to 3 hours with just a simple click. 

SipaBoards are there to get you paddling as soon as possible and to keep you out there on the water longer. Our barely audible, self-inflating, electric standup paddleboards give you the extra bit of confidence and ability you need to paddle upstream, against the current, and around the bend, while enjoying the view like you never have before. Check the video below.

Electric Engine

The heart of every SipaBoard is a jet propulsion engine - SipaDrive. We opted for a jet-propulsion system so we could hide it inside the plastic housing built into the board. This virtually eliminates drag when the motor is off and you want to paddle yourself, prevents fish, rocks, or twigs - and most importantly your fingers - from getting caught in the propeller, and makes your SipaBoard safer and easier to handle on dry land.

SipaDrive with cover removed to show the propeller in action

The motor is emission-free and barely audible, so you can take it even on protected waters and you won’t ruin the peace and quiet. It has 5 settings, providing up to 3.5 knots of assistance for 1 hour for an average-sized male paddler, or 3 hours at cruising speed of 2 knots.

Wireless control in the paddle

The motor is controlled easily by wireless controls built into the handle of the paddle. 2 buttons control all the functions, for increasing and decreasing speed, as well as for fast shut-off. The motor also automatically shuts off if the paddle falls in the water, or if the paddle and motor are separated by more than a few meters.


Pumping up a SUP is arguably the worst part of your whole trip, not to mention what to do with the pump once you're done. Now the SipaDrive does the hard work for you, pumping up your board in just a matter of minutes, while you focus on the important things - like the gorgeous scenery, or the ducks swimming around in the background...

SipaBoard will fit easily into a backpack, which you can toss in your car or stow away on a boat or RV. Hard-body SUPs must be transported on a roof rack, making for worse mileage and an unpleasant ride. Even older kids can carry their deflated SipaBoard, SipaDrive, and paddle in one trip, and the compressor is so easy to use that they'll be independent and self-sufficient in getting ready for their paddling adventure.

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