Wednesday, April 22, 2015

In the world of commerce, time is money. Any interruptions to your workday not only create a backlog, but can also lead to an inability to connect with clients, lost capital, lost sales, damage to your reputation, and a blow to office morale.

Yet with modern businesses so heavily reliant on technology and the internet to power them, such an interruption is a constant fear. All that it takes is a power cut, a loss of internet connectivity, or a problem with your business server. If just one of these things goes wrong, you could find yourself without any means of communicating with your clients, processing sales, or producing the work you’ve been pre-paid to deliver.

For this reason, such interruptions are a problem that you simply can’t chance – but how can you go about preventing them?

Invest in a Backup Power Supply

One problem that’s guaranteed to send your business into meltdown is the catastrophe of a power cut. A complete loss of power means that your technology won’t work, you’ll be unable to produce any useful output, and you’ll lose out on both capital and momentum. You’ll have to be the one to tell your clients that they won’t be receiving the service or products that they’re expecting, at least not on time – unless, of course, you’ve invested in a power protection system. A simple means of guarding against disaster, they mean that you’ll never find yourself plunged into darkness again.

Choose a Reliable Broadband Provider

Modern businesses are heavily reliant on the internet, we all know that. Interfacing with clients is largely conducted via email or video conferencing, research is done online, and almost all colleague communication is sent via this vital company asset. However, some broadband providers are infamous for their unreliability. If you happen to be one of the unfortunates paying for their services, then it’s time to shop elsewhere. Although budget will always play a part, most providers today offer competitive prices, and a little research can go a long way towards helping you to achieve some real bang for your buck. John Lewis Broadband, Zen Internet, Utility Warehouse, and Plusnet all rank particularly highly in terms of reliability, so they might be options that you’d like to consider switching to.

Understand the Importance of Maintenance

Perhaps the best preventative measure of all, however, is simple maintenance. Machinery ages relatively quickly, and the older it gets the more likely it is to become problematic and unreliable. However, few businesses have the budget for constant upgrades, and there are lots of us that are guilty of trying to eke out our equipment for as long as possible. Proper maintenance is the best way to extend shelf life without jeopardising the reliability of your business, and it’s also a very good way to weed out the products that need replacing.

Follow our top tips today and you’ll never be left powerless again.

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