Top 3 iOS Apps For Free International Calls

While the iPhones don’t support VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as a default feature of the device, you can download a free VoIP-based application to save on both international and short-distance calls. Most of the apps are available for free download, and some require a nominal fee. There are also applications offering ‘pay-as-you-go’ option. In this article the focus will be on freemium (free+premium) iOS applications that have bought the heart and trust of millions.

#1 CFC (ex CallsFreeCalls)

CFC is one of the most popular apps for free calls out there. With this app you can make free calls and send messages to any phone number, regardless of its location. This was made possible thanks to the revolutionary VoIP technologies used for developing this piece of software. You may wonder why CFC is free. The answer is pretty simple and straightforward: there are sponsors showing their banner ads in the app - by clicking on these ads (downloading a game or completing any other offer by a sponsor) you ‘pay’ for your calls and text messages.
In CFC you get special bonuses for each offer. Since recently, you can also win these bonuses using the ‘Happy Friday’ giveaways. Therefore, all you need is a couple of minutes per day to refill your balance. Because CFC is a rapidly growing community, its developers update the app with lightning speed. Below are some of the recent updates (version 3.0):

- Custom interface: users can now change the color of the interface. You’ll be surprised to learn that this feature was suggested by a CFC user.
- Internal message protection: all messages transmitted via the system are protected with an enterprise-level encryption algorithm.
- Free internal calls (within the CFC community).

#2 iCall

Similar to CFC, iCall app also allows to make and receive free calls. With this app you can talk up to three minutes at a time before disconnecting. This product requires a stable Internet connection (either Wi-Fi or 3G). Additional features include the ability to redirect phone calls from cell to the application. iCall is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Just imagine, you can turn your iPod into a full-fledged phone!

#3 Truphone

Truphone is a fairly easy-to-use application allowing you to place calls to landlines and mobiles at ridiculous prices (you will see how much calls cost before making them, no surprises). With this application you can keep your own number - no need to send new contacts to your friends and family. The app provides different plans depending on your frequency of calls. For heavy users they have Premium plans coming at $28.99 - $49.99, and for less active users there are lighter plans ($2.99 for instance). This app rests on a sophisticated encryption methodology to protect your privacy. Many choose this product because it has no adverts at all.
Long-distance calls don’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. With any of the aforementioned apps you can save on calls and messages without sacrificing the quality of communication.

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