Essential Apps to Get the Best Deal on a Car

The process of shopping around for a new or used car can be daunting, to say the least. Although ultimately you'll be driving away in a slick new ride, you may have to test drive a few lemons to find the right fit. One of the best ways to make sure you not only find a car that's a good fit for your lifestyle, but also avoid getting ripped off in the meantime, is to download the following car buying apps to your Android or iPhone. Their services range from helping you compare car reviews to learning more about local dealers. On the car lot, knowledge is power. 

Long before you start even looking at used car ads, you can keep up with the latest car news and reviews on the CarBuzz app, downloadable for Android and iPhone. It provides rumours, spy shots of upcoming cars, and comprehensive statistics about all of the latest models. For those thinking about buying a new car, this can keep you in the loop.

Kelley Blue Book
Another useful tool is the Kelley Blue Book app, which shows you the specific value of new and used cars, even those that have been long discontinued. This is a great way to see what used cars should theoretically cost with a baseline value before you start looking at real ads. You can also see more video reviews, statistics, and other useful information as part of the app.

Credit Karma
It's best to get your financing in order before you start shopping around for a car, particularly if you plan to take out an auto loan. You can monitor your credit score by signing up for the free Credit Karma app, which explains your current credit score and alerts you when there are any changes to your history.

eBay Motors
Even if you don't plan on buying a car through eBay, the eBay Motors App is another useful tool that can help you get a leg up on the competition. You can use it to sell your current vehicle, look for spare parts, or research options before you jump into the market. Naturally, you can also use the app to purchase a car, with a user-friendly interface that lets you sift through a slick slideshow of various makes and models.

Similarly to Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds is an authority on fair auto pricing. If you have it in your mind that you want a used Renault, for example, you can bring up all used Renaults in your area within seconds, read reviews, or look up the fair price for a certain model and year. You can even find out what the estimated running price of each model will be in the long run. Although you can connect to local dealers through this app, you could also simply use the pricing information as a guide and use it to leverage a better deal on the original Renault at that piqued your interest.
Look for cars already in stock at local dealers, searching by make and model. You can then compare three possible cars side by side on your iPhone, to see how their prices and stats measure up. Use the app to search for new or used cars and read reviews from a variety of sources.

Don't get conned into buying the first car you see. Do your research first using apps like these, which can give you the leverage you need to snag a better deal.

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