The 5 Best Rides for Impressing Women

It is no secret that you are going to have to spend a little money if you want to impress the women in your life. Girls like a fancy car, and there is nothing wrong with spending a little bit of extra money on a car just to make sure that you are going to feel confident while you are driving around town. While most of the cars that will help you pick up chicks are going to be rather expensive, it is important to remember that there are still some cheaper options that could work in a pinch. You could always rent a car for a day or two if it comes down to it, but you can probably forget about a long term relationship if that happens. Let's take a look at the five cars that you should buy if you are going to be picking up girls for dates.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The cheapest car on this list is definitely nothing to turn your nose up at. Although it costs $22,000, which is relatively low for this particular list of cars, it still looks sleek enough to be considered a high end model. You could simply say that the car costed more than what you actually paid for it if you wanted to, but that would probably be a bad way to start off a relationship. You won't turn too many cars with this ride, but you also won't be laughed off the road if you are caught driving it.

BMW 535i

The thing about a high end BMW is that it does not really matter what you look like when you are driving the car. You could be missing an arm, a leg and a few teeth and girls would still turn their heads while you drive by. This is the perfect car to drive when you pick up a girl for dinner while wearing a suit. She'll definitely want to hang out after dinner after taking a ride in this car.

Mustang GT

Any girl will definitely be impressed when you pull up in this vehicular form of All-American muscle. The basic reason why she is going to love this car cannot really be put into words, and sometimes you have to feel the rumble of that V-8 to understand its true impact. She'll feel like she is riding a lion through the jungle when she is in the passenger's seat of this Mustang, and it would be hard to find any woman who is not instantly impressed as soon as she sees this car.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is the ultimate luxury vehicle. This is definitely one of the cars on the list that you are going to enjoy just as much as she does. You'll definitely feel like George Clooney or any other generic, good-looking celebrity when you drive this car, and you will also be able to ride around the city with an added element of sophistication and class. While air conditioning is usually not a big feature for a cars these days, it is still a pretty big deal if it is coming out of the seats! At least you know that she will be able to feel comfortable while she is riding shotgun in the summer.

Cadillac Escalade

Maybe it was all of the rap videos from the late 90s and early 00s that did the trick, but some chicks really seem to dig the Escalade. She will definitely have plenty of room to move around while you are driving in this mammoth of a vehicle, and there is nothing wrong with going big to make a splash while you are on the street. Just the fact that it is a Cadillac should send shivers down her spine.

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