7 Gift Ideas Dads Will Love

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all love our dads. But, sometimes shopping for them can stress us out. To a non-father, it may seem impossible to pick the right gift, but it doesn't have to be. Men often like practical gifts, anything they can use to help them with whatever they've already set out to do. Still, this article wouldn't help much if we didn't give you a few ideas.

1. A Nice Wallet

All dads appreciate a nice wallet. Really, to men, there's no ceiling on how nice a wallet can get, so never be afraid to get him a new one, even if his current wallet seems perfectly fine. Wallets are getting more fashionable and practical as technology advances. A simple, designer wallet should please him just fine.

2. Approach S1 North America

Yes, it's an odd name for a gift. The AS1NA serves as a watch and a GPS system. But why, you ask? Developers designed this gadget specifically for golfers. When wearing the watch, your dad will have access to over 14,000 golf course's information in the US and Canada, including all distances.
He can also track his play and measure the distance between areas on the golf course, all while having the same abilities as a man with a regular digital watch.

3. BlackBerry Phone

Smartphones have been a hot gift for a while, and the new BlackBerry 10 OS has only strengthened that trend. The BB10 operating system offers fantastic fluidity that will help your dad complete a lot more work just from his phone. Researching becomes a breeze with the system's excellent web browsing, and the intuitive messaging system will help you guys stay in touch.

4. The America Craft Beer Cookbook

This might make any man's mouth water. Just like it sounds, this book serves as a bible cookbook for dishes that use beer, or go incredibly well with a cold one. Just be sure your dad doesn't use the same beer for all 155 dishes, assuming he gets around to cooking them.

5. Game of Thrones Heat-Sensitive Mug

Whether or not your dad enjoys Game of Thrones, it's hard for any man not to appreciate the cool factor of this gift. The mug starts of Black, until you pour hot liquid into it, at which point it becomes white! The handle stays black though, so he'll know he won't burn his hand on it.

6. Camp Board Game

Every dad has a little nerd in him, whether it's with sports, tools, games, science, etc. The Camp board game caters to both his outdoor nerd and gaming nerd. Not only that, but the game is all-ages, so you can play along with him (and maybe the rest of your family, if you can handle it).
Camp offers trivia based questions about the outdoors, and to top it off, the entire set comes water-resistant, so he can actually bring the game camping.

7. S'well Bottle

The S'well Bottle acts as part metal water bottle, part vacuum flask. Benefits of your dad having a metal water bottle include reducing his carbon footprint, and avoiding the chemicals that come with drinking water from plastic bottles. The S'well Bottles, in particular, can keep hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours, and cold liquids chilly for 24 hours.

Now that you've gotten a good idea on how dads think, finding a gift for him should be a piece of cake!

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