The Big Thief, Story by Piel Frama (Video)

Today it’s a beautiful day, the sun shines in the city. A girl is walking down the street quietly when she received a message, and pulls out her smartphone with her Piel Frama case. It’is a message from a friend who misses her. Suddenly, a young man was fast approaching from behind and with a brusque gesture takes her phone. 

The thief runs off and the girl does everything possible to achieve it. They cross the street and a car is about to run over. They get to a main road, the thief hits a pedestrian who is looking at his phone, on impact, the thief falls to the ground and the cover is thrown.
The girl comes to the place of the fall. And with sneer soil, she picks up her phone, removes the cover and throws the phone to the thief. She turns around, smiles and leaves happy to have recovered her Piel Frama case.

This video, from the Spanish company, wants to show the affection of their customers to Piel Frama cases. It's not just a cover for phone, it is elegance, quality and above all distinction.

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