Are These The Household Gadgets Of The Future

The older individuals amongst us can probably remember our surprise when we first witnessed the introduction of automated garage doors in our homes. It was like something out of the science fiction movies we love to marvel at. In recent years, our places of residence have become more and more automated with a myriad of similar gadgets. Some of them have been fleeting glimpses of genius, whilst a few have been real ‘flash in the pans’ that only lasted a matter of weeks. Well there will soon be a new breed of gadgets that promise to capture our hearts and get our pulses racing. This article takes a look at a few of these right now, and hopefully they will be out in the shops before too long!

Wine Steward by Roman Blahnyka -

Our first home appliance gadget is a real find for those lovers of wine amongst us, and they number pretty highly I suspect! The Wine Steward is the answer to many enthusiasts out there, and especially the ones who can’t finish that bottle of wine and really don’t enjoy the stale remains the next day. Wine is a very delicate product that can be affected by the slightest change of temperature or exposure to oxygen. The Wine Steward has both bases covered in style, and it will fit neatly over your bottle, opened or otherwise, and reaches the desired temperature and keeps it stable. The design allows for the opened bottle of wine to remain fresh by employing a bespoke vacuum based environment.  We can’t wait for this product to become reality and predict a massive future for Mr Blahnyka before too long!

Memory by WenYao Cal -

Our second space age gadget is also a drinks related innovation, but the contents are far more sobering by comparison! We all love a nice cup of coffee, especially on those mornings where we can’t really hit first gear without a shot of ‘Joe’. But it can be such a bind making these beverages for a group of individuals who all have different preferences. WenYao Cal must feel our pain as this is truly a product of a lot of heartfelt invention! The ‘Memory’ is nothing short of genius and really hits the spot in style and taste. The way that this works is as follows:

- You set up a user profile based on your individual hand print.

- The machine scans your hand and then you go to work on the input details.
- Select the type of coffee and strength that you prefer.
- This is then set up into your bespoke profile
- When you want your personalised cup of coffee, simply apply your hand to the scanning device and sit back for some seriously lifting bean juice!

It is surely the way for the future and we have absolutely no idea how the technical part of this device is supposed to function. All that we know is that we are glad that people like WenYao Cal are out there working hard to make our homes and workplaces more chilled places to be! 
Whatever Is Next? 

These are two very clever ideas that will hopefully soon be a part of our homes and will definitely make chilling out a lot easier to do!
Author Bio:
This guest post is authored by Jamie Black. He is a passionate blogger who works at an interior designing company in Santa Monica. He has a creative mind and loves sharing his ideas through his blog posts. He likes to play football in his spare time.
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