Mobile Apps: The Top Trends For 2013

Like the previous years, the world of telecommunication is going to dominate the marketplace with an extensive range of Smartphones and mobile applications in the offering right through the year of 2013. This has ignited the mobile app development industry to such great levels, that every new day, the android and iOS platforms are introducing umpteen numbers of apps on their stores. The flooding of mobile apps is also attributed to the research that has been put to gauge the trends prevailing in mobile apps amidst the avid users of smart phones.
Therefore, this article would shed some light on the research of the trending mobile apps in 2013;

The Rise of Tablets

In the tablet market is on a high the past year, 2013 has seen a wide array of apps that serve the tablet users with a variety of new apps. An estimated 51% Tablet v/s 29% Smartphone were activated last Christmas, and this new tablet trend is making waves in the mobile app development sector with high profitability and loyalty from its users. Consequently, development of exclusive operating models for tablets with better user interaction has been the current trend prevailing among developers.

The Advantage of Free Apps

Though paid apps have been recommended for unleashing various aspects of an application, the advantage of free apps has seen a steady loyalty for users around the globe. Some of the top earning apps are supposed to be free apps, this is an example of what free apps have done to the mobile app development industry. Thus, the tendency of introducing apps with a free subscription is said to continue this year around too.

Refining the App Search Engine

With various apps in the offering, search engines that would help you choose the best apps have become a recent hit with the users. Apps have been designed to keep track of the best apps that are in the market and are constantly updated of the new ones that are released, thereby helping the users to equip with the top apps in the store.

Connecting To the Social World

The connection with the social world has become so mandatory, that we have seen a large number of businesses making their social presence in communities like Facebook, Twitter etc. This trend has entered the mobile app industry too, with 8/10 apps integrating their presence through wall posts and tweets. This year, this integration is said to strengthen, which aside from merely connecting us to the social world, also helps in marketing the utility of these apps.

Localized Apps

From green campaigns to mobile app trends, Go Local is the current mantra. This is an apparent strategy for small business apps. It gives people a better idea whatis iLiving App for example. It is on this lifeline that new mobile developers have entered the fray with a variety of specialized apps that are localized addressing to the needs of ethnic groups of people. Few region specific retailers have started a new trend of developing mobile apps in 2013, which would suit a small faction of people whom they serve in their vicinity.

Introduction of New Operating Systems

The new operating systems like the individual Mozilla and Firefox OS, Samsung Electronics and many more have set a new platform for the development of new mobile apps in the year of 2013. Aside from running apps in the other active operating systems, a new set of apps that would become the new OS would be a welcome change to smart phone and tablet users around the globe.

These are some of prevailing top trends for 2013 in the mobile app development industry.

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Alfred K. Quinones was able to build a career out of helping businesses with their communication and marketing challenges with strategies that increase brand visibility and reduce spending.

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