Top Financial Planning Apps In 2013

The notion of savvy financial planning is likely a foreign concept to many people. That’s because most regular folks are too busy working hard and dealing with the responsibilities of day-to-day life to sit down and pour over statements, receipts and percentages. But in this modern and connected world there is no longer any need to sit down at the kitchen table once a month with piles of documents and a calculator. Today, the Internet and software can do most of the heavy financial-planning lifting for us – and mobile apps do the job even faster.
Because while playing games on smartphones is certainly fun, the best way to utilize these ubiquitous devices for personal gain is through apps geared towards such things as personal-finance management. And there are many of these options on the market, for both iOS and Android.

Mint -- free

This is one of the most famous finance apps out there and has been earning rave reviews from users practically since its inception (and even before that, as it is based on a popular website of the same name). Many smartphone owners may know this app from last year, but its efficient design, myriad features and general ease of use make it a top choice not just for 2013, but for next year and beyond as well.

As a money manager, Mint offers a number of features geared towards users on the go. People can view and access all of their accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.) anytime, anywhere. The app also categorizes all transactions, which frees the user from having to manually enter them. Mint even creates fully customized budgets based on each individual’s spending habits. The app does provide charts and graphs as well, but they are clear and easy to read.

Zillow’s Mortgage Calculator – free

Obviously, the cost of a person’s home makes up the bulk of his or her financial planning responsibilities. To this end, Mortgage Calculator offers various calculators that can assist with payments as well as refinancing. Those who don’t yet own a home but are thinking of making that leap will also find this option useful, as users can access real-time mortgage rates and see reviews of lenders.

Expensify – free

Those who spend a significant portion of their time up in the air or on the road traveling for business should find this option helpful. Expensify exists solely to streamline and properly manage expenses. Business travelers can use it to create expense reports, scan paper receipts and log transactions. It can even keep track of mileage.

Bloomberg -- free

There’s no need to be a hotshot Wall Street trader to find a market app useful; everyone with even a bit of free income should have a portion of it in play. But this app doesn’t just offer real-time market data and updates -- it streams Bloomberg News as well.

Debt Free – $0.99

Most people who have lived some life likely have a certain amount of debt they would be happy to adios. Everyone from kids just finished with college to those looking towards retirement can use this app’s customizable features to tailor a debt-reduction plan specific to them and their needs. The app presents data in graph form and offers multiple strategies, payment options and promo rates. Users can even export data to other programs.

While the above list may not represent every type of financial app in the category, it does give users many options to tackle a wide array of personal-finance issues. In fact, there’s little reason to download any other finance apps with these entries locked and loaded on that iPhone or Android device.

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