Google Glass - More Than Just For Recording Your Showers

If this sounds like an ad slogan, it's purely unintentional. Word has it that Google Glass is more than just useful for “documenting your trips to the shower” as stated on Wired. In fact, now this new device has “Glassware,” which is a new app store made especially for it.
This news has been presented mainly to prove that this item is functional—more than just some novelty toy. However, in these mid stages of production preparation, convincing the public of its usefulness may not be easy.

“It All Depends On the Price”

“It all Depends On the Price” is part of a quote from a user who gave Google Glass a two-week review. Robert Scoble shares on his Google Plus profile that he gave five speeches while wearing it, and passed through an airport a total of six times (two more within a couple of hours per his post). He says, “I have barely taken it off since getting it other than to sleep.”
Scoble's review also says that he even let hundreds of other people try it. As far as how useful it is, this may not be yet enough proof, though. You probably need to hear from other users as well.

Thankfully, Scoble has provided a summary of what other consumers would pay for the Glass. He would ask people during a presentation if they would pay a certain price, and then worked downward to a minimum price. The lower he went with his price the more hands went up, and literally everyone's hands went up when he reached the $200 point. Although some people would be willing to pay more, it seems that the majority of the public thinks $200 is a fair price.

Upcoming Glass Apps

This new eyeglass computer will have a breaking news CNN alert app as well as Elle featured fashion app. Also included in Glassware are the following: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and more. In other words, your computer glasses will look very much like the screen of your iPhone, tablet, or tablet PC.

Customization Alert Options

Each app provided by Glassware will be customizable. For instance, you can choose what topics of alerts you want. You also can set the time of day that you want the alerts to show up. These setting features are already announced as available for the CNN, Elle, but these customizable options are more than likely going to be offered on “Maps,” “Search,” and “Notifications.”

Other Google Glass Features

Once you get your hands on a Google Glass device, most of the features you use will be fairly standard. For instance, you will also be able to snap photos, record video, and replay phone messages. You will also be able to Tweet messages by voice and send photos to Facebook.
However, you also might possibly involve yourself in a bit of a more “nerdy pursuit, which would be to use the incredibly awkward “Ice Breaker” app. It involves receiving notifications of nearby 

Glass wearers so you can introduce yourselves. This is quite the way to make new friends, isn't it?

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