The Digital World's Coolest Office Spaces

Tired of cramped desks, glaring overhead fluorescent lights and clinically white walls? Internet giants such as Google and Facebook have broken all the rules that dictate what an office space should look like. More and more companies are following suit, ditching the dreary decor in favour of funky furniture, quirky office supplies and colourful art. If you want to transform your working environment into a stimulating realm of inspiration, check out the following unique office spaces to get some ideas.

1. Google

This American multinational rules the search engine world from the eccentric surroundings of their 70 offices spread across 40 countries. If you work at Google and you happen to notice a bubble machine blowing bubbles around the room, don't be surprised because this is just another day at the office. Catch some shut eye in one of the napping pods, chill out on one of the bean bags dotted around the building, blow off some steam on the crazy-golf course, challenge yourself on an arcade game, or escape the world of computer monitors by retreating to the music practice room. Of course, when you want to go downstairs, don't wait for the elevator, just hop on the slide and slide down to the next level.

2. Facebook

Facebook make social networking magic happen from the fun-filled environments of their domestic and international offices. If you work for Facebook you can write a message on the giant 'wall', hang out in the video game room and enjoy unlimited sugar rushes with on-tap sweets and fizzy drinks. Sometimes Facebook theme their office spaces, like when they adorned one of their floors with Super Mario-inspired decorations.

3. Pixar

This playful animation studio strives to be one of the most fun environments to work in. The fun-filled atmosphere at this film studio inspires its talented staff to continue creating entertaining and endearing blockbusters. If you start working for Pixar: you will become accustomed to walking passed giant monuments and art features depicting characters from the movies; you might like to theme your office front to look like the set of a Western movie; your office supplies might include a collection of toys; and you will have access to all you can eat cereal. After work head down to the soccer field, Olympic-sized swimming pool, volleyball court or basketball court to stay fit.

4. Skype

Skype has changed the way the world communicates. They manage their global network from their spacious surrounds in London, Stockholm and California. They have divided their open-plan office space into purposeful subsections. Park yourself on one of the vibrant soft-furnishings to chill out, on one of the functional desk chairs to focus, or one of the multi-coloured dining chairs to refuel.

5. Twitter

This young information network has only been on the scene since 2006. Their San Francisco office space is simple but sleek. It promotes a creative and energetic culture. Staff can relax on the rocking chairs, admire a birds-eye (excuse the pun) view of the surrounding neighbourhood from the rooftop vegetable garden, take breaks in the games room and feast on free breakfast, lunch, dinner and beer. The office has a natural feel due to the wooden art pieces and multitude of plants. It would of course be even cooler if they had an aviary.

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