My Fishing Advisor App - If You Want To Catch More Fish Then Use Your Smartphone As Bait

Many of us enjoy fishing as a hobby, but as with most pastimes it can also be extremely frustrating if you don't know what you're doing. However, the Fishing Advisor app can help you to learn where, when and how to catch fish. Typically, being successful at freshwater fishing will involve having a good mix of experience, trusting your instincts and knowing exactly where to go in order to hook the catch of the day.

The Fishing Advisor app is available to both Android and Apple markets and uses artificial intelligence to ensure you have a great day out. The app will determine the most likely location for you to find fish and will even guide you through the best lures and baits that you should be using.

The main advantages of the Fishing Advisor app

- The tool will help you find the best spots for freshwater fishing. This is typically done through high-tech analysis of the weather, which includes both the position of the sun and the moon, as well as the specific moon phase. For those of you who weren't aware, this procedure will help you find the best locations.

- You will also be told how active fish will be in a certain area, as well as being guided through the most appropriate lures and baits. This will also include not only the type of lure and bait you should use, but more specifically the size and the colour as well.

- You will even be guided through the finer details of fishing, such as the type of line you should be using, as well the sinker weights and even the size of hook. Basically nothing will be left to chance and the use of technology should see you being more successful than ever.

How does the app work?

Once you've downloaded the app you simply tap to start and then accept the terms and conditions. You will be greeted by the main menu and a number of option tabs to choose from. You then simply select when you will be fishing and find the location either on the map or through the use of GPS. You will need to specify the type of water, e.g. lake, river, sea, etc. and also the water conditions.

Finally type in the species of fish you are after and confirm the water temperature that will be provided on the weather report. From the information you have provided you will receive advice about fishing in that location at that time and you can decide whether this is the best area for you or whether you should move on to another spot.

The app supports many different species of fish and particularly some of the most common, including several varieties of bass, catfish and trout. If you are fairly new to fishing finding new places to go can be somewhat overwhelming. With that being said, even experienced anglers will struggle occasionally to find the perfect location. However, you needn't worry about this anymore, as the Fishing Advisor has got you covered.

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