Four Gadgets That Make Your Home's Air Cleaner

Many people have breathing difficulties, and those that do know just how difficult it can be to make it through the day when you are suffering from asthma, allergies or other respiratory issues. Naturally, these sufferers look for solutions to their breathing problems by taking prescriptions and avoiding outdoor air when it is full of pollen or allergens. What many do not address, however, is the need for clean, indoor air – something that air purifiers seek to address. In the following article, we will discuss four of these air purifiers that are great for ridding the home of unwanted allergens, dander and other respiratory irritants.

Holmes Air Purifier

The Holmes Air Purifier is a vertical standalone air purifier that operates so quietly, you will not know it is running. The HEPA-type purifier removes up to 99% of airborne particles, leaving the resulting air clean and virtually free of contaminants. The filter is a washable, permanent solution that replaces the notion of disposable filters – which can be quite expensive. This Air Purifier is designed for use in rooms with up to 170 square feet of space and is Energy Star compliant. The Holmes unit can be picked up in select stores and online for around $110.

Odour and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier

Developed by Hammacher Schlemmer, this air purifier uses patented technology to remove noxious odours caused by pets, smoke and other materials while also eliminating the prevalence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. With more than 99% of all micron-sized particles being sucked in by the nanofiber filter, you can rest assured that the air in the room is safe and clean for you and your family. LCD screens will alert you to the amount of VOCs in the air and a LED will alert you from a distance to the overall air quality in the room. The Odour and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier is available through the Hammacher Schlemmer website for $150.

Pure-Ion Pro Air Purifier

Clean air in any room is just five minutes away, thanks to the Pure-Ion Pro Air Purifier. Its advanced system removes mould, pollen, dander, dust mites, smoke and bacteria from the air as it passes through the removable, washable filter. With five cleaning speeds available to achieve desired results, this Energy Star rated appliance still manages to only consume around ten watts of electricity per hour. Timer functions allow you to set and forget the purifier while out at work or sleeping, giving owners the opportunity to clean an air's room quickly or quietly. The Pure-Ion Pro Air Purifier is available via Brookstone for $299.

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner (120 V)

Designed as a comprehensive air purifier for the entire home, the Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner stands approximately 16” tall and 25” long. Its slim design allows for it to be placed virtually anywhere, whether that be in a hallway or near a door. The purifier captures up to 98% of all allergens, dirt and pollen and a wireless indicator is included that will alert you when the filter cells need cleaning. Costing around $700, the Honeywell 120 V Electronic Air Cleanser can be found through select industrial retailers.

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Today's guest post is contributed by Jenny Wadlow. She is divisional head at Arden, a leading firm for medicine clean room supplies. She is an avid reader and likes reading her favourite novels in her spare time.
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