Video Games Through The Years

The video gaming industry, like so many others these days is ever evolving. It seems as technology changes, so do our options for video game systems and game choices.  What was once an industry ruled by simple graphics games such as Pong, now allows gamers to put themselves in a virtual reality type of situation.

The Roots of the Industry

The topic of who created the first video game is often a highly debated one. However, most will agree the creation of the first video game took place in 1958. Tennis for Two was created by William Higinbotham. Mr. Higinbotham was a nuclear physicist who had worked on the Manhattan Project, among other things.


When we think of early video games, one that probably comes to our minds quicker than most is Pong. The game was developed by Atari at a time when most Americans were just getting used to the idea of colored television. The objective seemed simple enough; avoid the ball to score a point. Anyone who has played the game knows that things aren’t always as simple as they seem.


One of the most famous brands in gaming that has adapted with time and technology is Nintendo. Originally a Japanese toy company, the gaming giant has withstood the test of time.  The original NES system was released in 1985. Since then the company has changed with demands and now offers gamers interactive systems like the Wii and Wii U. Their handheld systems have also come a long way since the first Game Boy was introduced in 1989. Now gamers can use a stylus to play games and do other activities on the 3DS which was first released in 2011.


Another industry giant that has made quite an impression is Sony. Their PlayStation console system is one of the most popular in the industry right now.  Launched in April of 1997, the first weekend saw over one million sold.  The current evolution of the PlayStation console, the PlayStation4, was introduced to the press on Wednesday, February 20th.  While nobody has seen the console itself yet, it will be on the shelves in time for the coming holiday season.

Arcade Machines

Video gamers that find themselves away from the comforts of home don’t have to fret. Thanks to arcade machines, gamers can still find themselves an outlet on the road. Like the home video gaming industry, the arcade industry has been around since Pong came on the scene in 1972. Currently, the types of games range from shooting to driving to dance themed games.

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