4 Pieces Of Technology That Your Business Needs For 2013

Businesses are by no means easy to run. As a business owner, you have a lot of stresses to deal with on a daily basis. Whether that is managing a diary of appointments, organising finances or simply dealing with a lot of incoming calls; you’ll need technology to give you a helping hand. The great thing is, as the years go by, more and more pieces of technology come into the market place. This might be a simple piece of software that helps with finances, or a device that just makes day to day business life less stressful.

Mobile Phones

A lot of business owners will be working on the move. They might have appointments with customers or they might need to cover for a delivery driver that has gone off sick. Whatever the reason for being on the move, a mobile phone is going to be essential to keep your business running. Smart phones are incredibly powerful devices. They allow a business owner to not just make and receive calls, but they can actually ensure that they answer emails and even shop online as well. Essentially, the majority of tasks that they complete in the office can be completed on the move with a mobile phone.


Sage Group is a company that develops software. One of the most important pieces of software that they develop is their accounting software. Thousands of UK businesses are using Sage accounting software, simply because it allows them to log their finances easily. This makes end of year accounting for tax and VAT much easier than it would be using a paper ledger. Alongside this, unlike a paper log, the software can backup accounts so that if a computer is lost, damaged or stolen, the data is still safe. Over 800,000 businesses on a worldwide basis are now using Sage.


Although some business owners might find that they spend a lot of time on the road using their mobile phones, when it comes to office work, a PC will be essential. A PC has a much higher storage capacity than a phone, but it will also be easier to work on. The main thing that phones lack when it comes to a business environment is a mouse, keyboard and a large screen. For this reason, they can be hard to work on, especially when a lot of writing/typing is involved.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is when information is stored on the internet, at a remote location. It reduces the huge need for hundreds of manual backups throughout the space of a year for business owners. Essentially, if a property is completely damaged in a fire or flood, data is still safe. The individual will need to log into their cloud storage account in order to recover all of the data that they need. This can save a lot of time and energy and means that standard manual backups are no longer needed by the business owner, saving them lots of time.

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Laura Ginn writes for dozens of different internet blogs. Although she writes about motoring and finance, her passion is technology. She writes about things such as why the HTC Desire C White is the best mobile phone for business owners and how technology can help save people time on a day to day basis.

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