The Best 5 Free Mobile Learning Apps

Well, mobile phones of today are not just used for texting or talking. They are now being used for many other purposes such as education, entertainment, finding directions, Reading news, watching sports, etc.

App makers have designed many attractive package of learning apps for the kids, which are available for free. Children love to play with gadgets, and the learning apps will help them learn a lot of new things in a fun filled way. They can learn new words, learn to do math, play around with colors, play games, and do a lot more.  

Best 5 such learning apps are discussed here:

Scribble My Story - It it is very easy to teach science. The developers who have developed this app believe is best app for toddlers between the age of 5-7 years. This is another version of Scribble Press App for kids. Time Magazine has awarded it, as the best app of the year 2012. It helps in enhancing the creativity and increases their knowledge.

Bitsboard - This app simply makes the learning process very easy for the kids. It offer free access to 10, 000 of flashcards by which the toddlers can learn languages and mathematics. All the applications are free, and developers have upgraded it with latest features.

Yabber Magazine - With this app, learning science is fun as it teaches them in an interesting manner. Thus, the little kids can enjoy the adventure by joining Yabber and Lily in their exciting adventurous journey to learn science.

Kids Own App - If you find it difficult to read and sing the rhymes for your 2-3 years kids, then this app may help you a lot. Parents record the rhymes in this app, and can make their child learn it by listening to the recorded voice. Some of the classic rhymes such as Five Little Monkeys, knees and toes, head, shoulders, The Wheels on the Bus and some traditional rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, row, row, row your boat, Incy Wincy Spider and Hey diddle, diddle, the cat & the fiddle, etc. are already existing in the app.

Fry Words - It is a perfect learning tool by which one can learn the 1000 most commonly used words for writing, reading, teaching and spelling. Thus, you can easily enhance your vocabulary with this app and without spending any money.

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This article has been written by Alexsey. I'm glad that I stumbled into the website, I can assure that they provide some of the best learning games for kids.
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