Top 3 Crime Prevention Devices

Anyone who has ever been the victim of any kind of crime will be familiar with the feelings of frustration, violation, anger, pain, pity and sadness that is associated with the event. After being victimised many people resolve to never have a repeat of the experience and with all of the technologies and gadgets available, you can give yourself every opportunity to make that desire a reality.

Anti-Assault Devices: Being personally assaulted is definitely the worse form of crime to suffer as it produces strong emotional feelings of fear and helplessness that some people never fully recover from. Rape and assault alarms have been available for a long time, but huge strides have been taken to increase their sound output and to increase the subtly – now you can buy a disguised key-ring  alarm with near window shattering capacity. Some Rape alarms also have an additional strobe lighting option. Likewise Mace is also a classic defence mechanism that has made leaps and bounds in terms of its discretion and effectively (it now emits its spray further). Furthermore, the Mace spray has now been augmented with a thick, UV traceable goo which can be tracked days after it is applied.

Anti-Theft Devices: Theft can be a real annoyance – it is time consuming to replace phone numbers and cards, not to mention the financial cost of the theft. Antitheft devices that link your possessions to you prevent snatch and runs have become much more discreet and sturdy. Property marking kits have also come along way, they can now be invisible (UV marking) and practically irremovable – meaning anyone that tries to sells your goods will have to come up with a good excuse as to why your name is plastered all over it.

Property Security: Having a break in at home can leave you feeling permanently unsafe; furthermore the financial cost is the most due to the increased value of items in your home. As you would have guessed CCTV systems have become more reliable and affordable, but they are still expensive – luckily dummy cameras can now give your property the illusion of surveillance. Security alarms have undergone a similar upgrading process and are available for doors, windows, garages, sheds. Furthermore, security alarms can now be set to activate when somebody approaches your property after a certain time. The development of disguised safes has yielded armoured baked bean tins and low energy light emitting devices have been designed to give your house the appearance of being occupied.

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