Top 3 Gadgets For Fitness Enthusiasts Who Prefer The Outdoors Instead Of The Gym

Healthy living isn't something that just happens. You have to make a conscious effort to remain in peak physical condition. From diet to fitness regiments, everything needs to be regulated and monitored. The easiest way to indulge in a fitness program is to hit the gym. However, not everyone likes working out in an enclosed environment, alongside fellow gym dwellers huffing and puffing away on the treadmill. Many people would rather take their fitness program outdoors and indulge in activities that allow them to enjoy nature while remaining fit. Irrespective of whether you are into running or cycling, there are a number of gadgets designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Here are three of the top gadgets for fitness enthusiasts who would rather spend time outdoors than cooped up in a gym:

Motoactv by Motorola
Over the past few years, Motorola has been in the financial news for all the wrong reasons. However, the company is once again doing well and its spate of recent successes can be attributed to some really good products that the company has developed. The Motoactv is definitely one of the best products ever to be manufactured by the Illinois-based company. The wristwatch market for fitness enthusiasts is very competitive, but it is safe to say that the Motoactv can be termed as the cream of the crop. For the price you pay the Motoactv packs in a lot of features. It is GPS-enabled and easily connects to a heart rate monitor, your phone and Bluetooth headsets, thus making it excellent value for money. The build quality is exemplary and anyone who runs to stay fit will fall in love with the Motoactv.

Skullcandy Audio Beanie + Home Brew Kit
Running in the fall and winter months can be quite challenging. The low temperatures make it hard for runners to ensure that the extremities of their bodies remain warm. Normally, keeping the head warm is not that difficult; simply putting on a lightweight beanie or took is generally good enough. However, it also means leaving behind your headphones and being denied access to music while running. Skullcandy has the ideal solution for this problem: audio beanies. The audio beanies are available in a variety of designs and colors and have inbuilt housings for your headphones. They are best paired with Skullcandy's Home Brew Kit which is specifically designed for those who engage in outdoor activities. The beanies allow you to listen to music without having to sacrifice warmth or comfort. The headphones are sturdy and are resistant to moisture surprisingly well.

iBike Dash Cycling Computer
Having an arm-strap for your iPod may be fine when you are running, but proves to be a real hindrance for cyclists. The iBike Dash Cycling Computer provides a case that firmly attaches to the handlebars and will securely hold your iPod or iPhone. The iBike software that is included features a dashboard that will keep you updated with all the vital information including speed, temperature and distance. It also integrates a map so that you always know where you are and can plan new cycling routes. Support for multiple profiles means that every member of the house can use the iBike Dash Cycling Computer without erasing someone else's stored data.
There are a number of gadgets out there for fitness enthusiasts, but few of them cater to those who prefer breaking a sweat outdoors rather than inside a gym. Invest in these three gadgets and you will have the tools essential for ensuring that you reach your fitness goals.

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