How has Technology Transformed the Construction Industry?

Article exploring how technological innovation has enabled the construction industry to evolve into the forward thinking, thought leading sector it is today.

From the Ashes

It was only a few short years ago that the construction industry was a complete mess. Almost every business in the sector was still reliant on archaic practices and techniques, and this attitude was costing it dearly.
The few businesses that quickly understood the problems faced by the industry were able to adapt and capitalise on the new opportunities that were presented to them. For others, it took a little longer, although in the majority of cases they were able to act before it was too late and their businesses came crashing down around them.
During the past decade, there have been huge strides taken throughout the construction industry in order to almost reinvent itself, leave the past behind and target a bright, brave, and lucrative future.
One of the key components of this evolution from dark past to bright future has been technology, which has been used in many ways in order to drive the changes that were unquestionably needed.
We looked at the areas across which technology has had the biggest influence.


Although it could be argued that a design is a design however it is produced, there is no question that modern design software and technology allows for much more accurate and thoughtful designs. These can then also be used to ensure that a building is as energy efficient as possible. For example, many modern architects and designers now work to a specification that says a building needs to save a said amount on energy. The direction a building is facing, the number of windows in the building, and even the angle of the roof can all be crucial in making a building as environmentally friendly as possible.

Construction Materials

All of the design tools in the world are great, yet without green materials to build with, they would merely be paying lip service to the environment. There has been massive development in recent years with regards to the materials used for construction, from ETFE, texlon, and other membrane structures to relatively simple fabrics and tensiles. All have their redeeming qualities both in terms of the environment and cost, and are much more technologically advanced than traditional materials such as brick and glass.

Putting it Together

Construction equipment is the final piece of the jigsaw. Even cranes and other things widely seen on building sites have been given a touch of technology to bring them into the modern era. Buildings are now being constructed quicker and more environmentally friendly than ever before thanks to the advancements made in construction equipment.
The construction industry is the perfect example of how leaving the past behind and embracing technology can open up exciting new possibilities.

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