10 Best Tech Blogs On The Internet Right Now

The internet can be a great place for news and information on any subject, but the gems are often buried among the clutter. That’s especially true of technology-related sites: the internet as a medium fits within the subject, and makes it a natural publishing platform for a lot of writers. But there are plenty of outstanding outlets, if you know where to look.

Engadget (engadget.com)

Covering much of the business side of the industry, Engadget is known for providing quality editorials and news on the companies responsible for smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming consoles, and internet-based services.

One of the most popular and comprehensive gaming websites in the world, Kotaku brings attention not only to the games themselves, but to those making them, the industry behind them, and the community who enjoy them.

The Cult of Mac (cultofmac.com)

Apple is a huge driving force in technology, and The Cult of Mac specialises in news about the company and reviews of its diverse line of products. Many Apple stories break here first before being picked up by other outlets.

Bloomberg Tech Blog (go.bloomberg.com/tech-blog)

Bloomberg is one of the most respected sources for news regarding business, economics and industry. The Tech Blog section of the site provides a deeper look into the business side of technology.

Rock Paper Shotgun (rockpapershotgun.com)

According to their tagline, Rock Paper Shotgun have been covering “PC Gaming Since 1873”, more than a century before the advent of PC gaming. The joke is indicative of the blog’s entertaining writing style, which isn’t light on information, but doesn’t take itself too seriously either.

CNET (cnet.com)

CNET’s accessible writing style is supported with a strong international presence. Local teams are situated in the USA, UK, Australia, Asia, France, Germany, Japan and China, and while all report on global events in technology, each will dedicate space to more local news and products.

Tech Radar (techradar.com)

Keeping an eye on interesting, upcoming technology can be difficult, so Tech Radar focuses much of their time and energy on informing readers of what they should be looking forward to. Interviews and previews seem to be their specialty, and they pride themselves on reviewing gadgets “more thoroughly and carefully than anyone else.”

Gizmodo (gizmodo.com.au)

Under the same umbrella as Kotaku, Gizmodo applies many of the same values and style to technology. Its scope is broader than many, covering standard topics like gaming, computers, and smartphones, while also providing insight into science, cars and tech culture. Like Kotaku, it has a tendency to publish personal experiences based on the subject matter.

PC Mag (pcmag.com)

While it does branch out a little from its titular technology, PC information is PC Mag’s strong point. The whole site demonstrates an unparalleled level of expertise, and presents itself quite clearly, although readers will need to bring some prior knowledge with them. Their hardware reviews are particularly comprehensive, comparing similar devices and weighing up the suitability of each for different types of users. It should be the first port of call for anyone considering desktop or laptop rentals or purchases.

New York Times – Technology (nytimes.com/pages/technology)

One of the world’s longest-running newspapers, The New York Times has a strong reputation for quality and thoughtful reporting, and those values carry across to its Technology pages. Expect a detailed analysis of the news surrounding technology companies.

Author Bio:
Michael Irvingis a freelance writer and blogger, who scoured the net for tech blogs while looking into laptop rentals. PC Mag led him to the perfect device for his needs.

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