Who Are The Contenders To Google's "Kings of Search" Crown?

Google’s Supremacy

As the most visited web page on the planet, it is clear that Google are the undisputed number one when it comes to search providers. The vast majority of SEO companies spend the greatest amounts of their time looking at Google’s algorithms so they can optimise your website accordingly.
Of course, a lot of Google’s web traffic comes from the fact that most people default it to their homepage. With web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox not delivering to browsers’ needs, Google are even grabbing market share of the browser market with their Chrome browser.
Critics of Google are usually turned off by what they see to be “ad spamming” by the site and their means of generating revenues by effectively selling web visibility. Ads and this sort of thing is easy to turn off even for the greenest of computer beginners, however, so who are offering the real alternatives to Google?


Yahoo! itself was once in the position Google finds itself now, however they offer a very different search proposition than Google. Yahoo! is more of an “Internet Central” sort of site, offering news and shopping, as well as chat and other social media options. Google have recently decided that they are going to be getting rid of their “iGoogle” page by the end of next year, deeming it unnecessary. Although Yahoo! provide services and functions that are probably a step forward from that, it will be interesting to see whether they are able to continue evolving and keep themselves relevant to a mainstream audience over the coming years.


If you can get over the petulant immaturity of logging onto Ask Jeeves and typing “is Jeeves gay?” then this is actually a really useful search engine to try out. The various search options are up there with the industry leaders, while the way their results are grouped and easy to read is arguably the best system available.

The Internet Archive

Looking for that news report from 10 years ago, but just cannot seem to find it as it is on page 50 of the Google search results? If this is a common frustration for you, then look at using The Internet Archive. It is definitely not a site for everyday search, but if you are looking for the more obscure stories and articles that are years old, then this is definitely a better bet than Google.

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