The Tech Trends of 2012

We are living in modern times and as we step into the new year of 2012, things will only increase to amaze and wow us. With companies and inventors trying to push the limits and turn yesterdays inventions into something redundant we could very well have to be reaching into our pockets to keep up with the latest trends that are bound to hit soon.

Carry me where ever
Everything must be portable, something we have seen more and more of, camera’s are getting smaller yet the quality continues to grow, memory cards and sticks shrink yet out storage space continues to sky rocket. It doesn’t stop here though we all know that smartphone, tablets, laptops and portable gaming is getting smaller and smaller, the key is for everything to be portable. You don’t want have to carry around some big computer, so we could see more and more people moving to a portable form of computer system.

Talk to me
It must be said that with the advances in tech it has allowed us humans to be lazy.  A quick example can be spell check, no longer do we have to look it up, and it does it for us. Predictive text means that typing and texting becomes even faster and less effort for us, but hey I am not complaining, I am all for saving time. So now the next step is Voice, already Androids voice operation system and Apple’s Siri have made huge strides to allow us to simply voice our commands. Soon there will be no need for a mouse and keyboard for many tasks that confront us day to day; voice activated cameras as well as motor vehicles are here to witness. I see great things here I am sure that Apple and Android will be leading the way in the tech field.

Got to have it
Me, like all humans are never satisfied and let’s face it we always want more and more. This year there are things that are just waiting to excite us, the Apple iPad 3;this is one I am very happy about, with rumoured features like a high def camera. The iPhone 5 of course is also expected; we thought we were getting it last year, but instead we got the 4s, still that was pretty cool, even though at first we were all really disappointed. Now we are hoping for the real thing and I have heard that wireless charging will be a feature (really blows the mind). Other exciting gadgets the Sony Playstation 4, the Canon 5D Mark III and the Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet.

It is clear that 2012 is going to be all about the gadget accessory and who can have what, it’s human nature after all. There are some exciting times ahead it seems I am going to have to cut back so I can afford to get my hands on some of this tech, especially with everything going portable, in fact I am writing this write now from my car.

About Author:
Cale Pissarra is a budding freelance writer who harbours great passion for technology and Canon cameras.
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