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If one was to look around in the world today versus even only ten years ago, they would see a dramatically different world. Advertising, user interfaces, the internet, books, shopping… there is rarely an aspect of life that has not been influenced in very noticeable ways by evolving technology. It is not uncommon to see smart phones, touch screens, and people interacting with their devices in ever more intuitive ways. However, unless these two time periods were observed side by side it becomes very easy to take all of these developments for granted. Technology, by nature of the purpose for its evolution, on every front, strives to be more user friendly than the predecessors of each component respectively. How much have things actually changed though? A glimpse into what is typical of the technology of today will quickly shed some light on this.

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What are specific instance of technological influences on the world? Well consider that in the 90s, the average person was doing well to have a cell phone at all, let alone the sought after flip phones of the day. Now cell phones have cameras that capture video and pictures instantly which can connect to and immediately be uploaded to the web. Where only the fortunate few could afford to and make use of laptops for work or school before, average people now actively make use iPads and notebooks that are dramatically more powerful than anything available just a matter of a few years ago. Also, through that these devices process faster and are just generally capable of more functions, they can be used to do things that were not feasible until more recently.
Things like using a smart phone to identify a plant or tree while hiking, pushing buttons on the dash of a car to get instantaneous traffic reports, basic tips on 
surgery, or even helping children learn the alphabet on platforms so instinctive a three-year-old can use it properly are just a few amazing examples of the options now available to the world. Shoppers have more selection and can browse products on websites specifically tailored to certain lifestyles or ideas, making it easier than ever to find want you want. Bookworms can now find their favorite books and download them to their Kindles, Nooks, and iPads without ever leaving home. Sports fanatics often get continuous updates on their phones for followed teams during sporting events even while they are at work with no access to a television or radio. Such connectivity as this is another aspect often taken for granted.


Not only sports, but every social event / interaction is easier than ever. Families can now connect with relatives on the opposite side of the world in real time video. Businesses have the option to grow in new ways with faster communication. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest are forerunners of companies that make active use of handheld devices allowing for almost constant connection with contacts if so desired. Examples like these demonstrate that computers and devices are such an interconnected part of life today. But where might technology go from here?
So with so much stuff, what more could anyone ever want? Well that very thought has led to people of the past falsely assuming that everything that could be invented already had. Needless to say, such people were proven wrong again and again. A more insightful take would to realize that development may go through lulls, but that around every corner there will be a never before imagined device or gadget. With this in mind, a simple glance to the future reveals that travel, communication, and productivity will continue to evolve and grow as does the ever improving technology of the world.

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