Top Five Apps for Job Hunters

In today's competitive job market, even highly skilled professionals are looking for an edge. So it just makes sense to be able to search postings, tweak your resume or prepare for an interview on your smart phone or tablet. That gives you the flexibility to hunt for that ideal gig anytime, anywhere. After all, they say looking for work is a full-time job, right?

These five apps offer unique features that will add versatility to your job hunt. They won't guarantee that dream job, but they might give you a slight advantage over the next guy or gal gunning for a similar position. And sometimes, that's all you need for success.

You gotta start somewhere. This app filters through jobs to highlight positions that do not require previous experience. Enter search criteria to find an internship in your field and in your community or forward a posting to a friend by e-mail. The app is powered by, which features a massive database of positions. And the price is perfect for recent college grads: free.

This one will cost you a few bucks, but it's a great option for people who are on the go. Resume Pro offers an array of styles and templates for resumes and provides an intuitive user interface for entering details. This app crafts simple resumes that can even be created immediately using the "on-the-go" function; a handy feature, especially if you spot a job posting while traveling and can't get to your home computer before the closing date.

Jobs (byCareerBuilder)
Search more than 2 million positions on the largest job website in the United States with this app. Use GPS to find jobs closest to you and then apply directly from your mobile device. You can even access personalized job recommendations or create resumes right from your device and apply for positions immediately.

MyJobs: Job Search Organizer
You've sent out hundreds of resumes, virtually blanketing every position available in your field. But when the time comes to follow up on all those applications, you better be prepared. This app can help you with that. My Jobs will keep track of the status of all the positions you've applied for while reminding you when it's time to take action. It can also help you search for positions online.

InterviewBuzz Lite
Once the hours spent job hunting pays off, you'll be biting your nails in anticipation of your first interview. Minimize the stress with this app. Interview Buzz Lite features more than 50 frequently asked interview questions and 80 commonly asked practice questions. Plus, it offers tips for just about every job interview scenario you could imagine, from etiquette while dining with a potential employer to what to wear. There are even tips on how to tie a tie for an interview.

About the Author:
Jeff Fields writes for Allcases, a company that sells Pelican shipping cases, including cases for iPads, laptops, and pretty much any other electronic device.  When he's not working or writing, he can be found playing guitar on his porch and hanging out with his two faithful black labs.
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