Around The World in 8 Unusual Bars

You may have visited some unusual drinking places in your life, but we reckon that those mentioned here rank among some of the most extraordinary and bizarre.  Unlike the traditional pubs that you may be used to spending your evenings in, this blog is about to take you on a trip around the world like no other….

Absolut Ice Bar in Sweden

You needn’t worry about your drink getting too warm here as the whole of the interior is crafted from ice- even the glasses! Located in the chilly climate of Sweden, you’ll even be provided with a fur trimmed parka to keep you warm whilst inside. 

The Clinic in Singapore

Nobody likes visiting the hospital, but if you dare visit here, you’ll be sitting in wheelchairs at hospital beds and separated by hanging white curtains. You’ll find a calm atmosphere here with waiters that serve cocktails in blood bags and syringes. 

The Big Baobab in South Africa

A tree that is over 6,000 years old isn’t the most likely place you’d think of finding a quiet tranquil bar, but that’s exactly what you’ll find as this tree has lent itself perfectly to being a bar as it has hollowed itself out naturally over time. 

The Museum HL Giger Bar in Switzerland

Designed by renowned sculptor Hans Rudi Giger, this restaurant offers stunning historic scenery. Made nearly entirely from skeletons, it’s the perfect place for a spooky get together with friends. 

The Red Sea Star in Israel

Immerse yourself completely in the deep blue ocean at the Red Sea Star. It’s an underwater paradise, and each table is located next to a window where you can watch the natural inhabitants of the Red Sea; creating a personal paradise for each diner. 

Dans Le Noir in New York

This is an experience like no other. As a diner, you’ll be seated in a pitch black room and will have to rely on the senses you take for granted every day. Roles are reversed here as blind people become the guides to help you on this sensory sensation.

Bojangles in Australia

Right round to the other side of the world and the unusual themes continue. There’s an array of weird and wonderful items hanging from the ceilings and walls, and be warned if you’re feeling a little tipsy as the toilets will send your brain spinning- the taps turn on different sinks to the ones they’re attached too! 

Miniscule of Sound in London

Back in good old Blighty and this venue is what it says on the tin, a miniscule nightspot that started life as a changing room for an outdoor swimming pool. If you’re looking for a cosy, personal night, this is your place as it only holds up to 14 people (including the DJ!)
If there’s one journey that doesn’t end, it’s the unusual bars around the globe, as this blog has simply scratched the surface of some of the weird and wonderful places you could visit; but make sure you get there before the bell for last orders rings!

About the Author:
This post was written by Sally Powell, on behalf of Eclipse Furniture, a leading company supplying all you need to make your pub stand out from the crowd, including high quality bar furniture.

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